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  • Eleanor
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    Given the heavy frost this morning I was a bit concerned about the roads – but Kev and I decided to get down to the meeting point and assess the situation from there. We were surprised to see a good turnout of 20+ or so: clearly everyone was feeling optimistic that the bright sunshine would melt the ice. I went with the long run which was led by Jim, who sensibly decided to stick to main roads to Holt, so we rode out via Frodsham then along the A56 to Chester and on to Holt – with no problems from ice at all, even though it was evident in some of the gutters, so we were all vigilant.

    The ride out was brisk but steady and without mechanical or incident, and we arrived at Hildegaard’s cafe where the redoubtable Hildegaard greeted us all with a handshake and a “Happy New Year”, then provided excellent food and free top ups of tea and coffee.

    Alan K then suggested a route home via Bangor on Dee and we enjoyed quieter roads, (again no problem with ice) and beautiful sunshine and views of hills and countryside, and rode back via Beeston (but kept to the main road avoiding the castle) and Eaton. With Kev and I were Jim D, Alan K, two Geoffs, Phil B, Ewart, and youngsters Matt Nowell and new lad Chris who’s just moved to Northwich and who looked very strong. Craig started with us but disappeared somewhere along the way out. I was too far off the back to clock the result but I gather Matt, Chris, Phil and Geoff M held it together on the front up the last hill up from Whitegate to the top of Hartford, with Matt just holding the others off at the top.

    A good ride in lovely weather, I didn’t have my computer with me but reckon we did c 65 miles and we didn’t hang around, I was struggling to keep up on the last couple of hills (Jim says they’re not hills they’re false flats, ha ha).

    Andy Wood
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    Nice report El. 20 riders who felt the bitter chill to arrive at the clubhouse to warmth of their comrades. I lead the short run to the Mills, again following Jim up through Kingsley to Frodsham, the roads shiny with frozen puddles to the edge of the road as mentioned by Eleanor but we kept it steady and safe. The climb in and out of Frodsham was most welcome to warm us up, much shaking of hands and feet was being done to waken the senses.

    Seemingly every club in the area had the same idea as us. I’ve never seen the Mills so busy. Some exchanges of banter later & having been joined by Iain Young, who experienced a mechanical on the way to the club, we ventured home. The beautiful winter sun much welcomed. Subsequently we all got our arse kicked through Delamere by Iain & we got home with just shy of 60 on the clock. Cheers to Ady for helping out two newbies home.

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