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    History will be made this Saturday when our very own Alan Shuttleworth takes on Sir Bradley Wiggins in the City RC Hull 10 at South Cave in Humberside. Bizarrely this event is restricted to riders who have not beaten 22 minutes in the last 3 seasons, so the World Time-trial champion failed to get in to the accompanying event containing many of the fastest time-trialists in the UK as he doesn’t have a qualifying time. As the event is on the ridiculously fast V718 course it is quite possible that the famous Mod rocker will beat competition record in a limit event! 😯

    I don’t want to apply too much pressure on Alan but he starts 6 minutes in front of Wiggo so it would take the ride of his life to stop the 2012 TdF champion from catching him. Rumour has it that Alan has been seen practicing his sprint efforts between lamp-posts, to give him a chance of getting on his back wheel when he rockets past. Best of luck Alan and enjoy the occasion. Time trailing gets a lot of stick from many people but one of it’s attractions is that ordinary cyclists can take on legends in the same race and they can actually compare themselves on the day (thinking about it this may not be such a good thing 😕 ).

    So whatever happens Alan will have a great story for years to come, “I remember the time that I was racing against Bradley Wiggins …..”. Personally I remember catching Reg Harris in a 25 mile TT in the 80’s when he was in his 60’s and I also beat Chris Boardman in 3 open time trails when he was 13 years old. Can anybody else post their name dropping stories as there must be a few out there? over to you readers….

    This is not a one off by the way as apparently Wiggo is riding the 5 race Team Swift 10’s on the same course this Summer plus at least two open 25’s so the record books look like they may be re-written this Season.



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    …not by beating anyone, but only by Ian Stannard starting off about 20 minutes behind me (or more, will have to check), and catching me at 16 miles coming up to Badger Bank on J2/9.
    I was emptying myself at around 21mph, and he made me look like i was standing still. That was the day he got course record.

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    That made me chuckle Dave, good luck Alan, you’re gonna need it!
    I think reg Harris’s widow lives next door but one to me. I beat her by 6 seconds putting the wheelie bin out last week.

    Also I beat Russell Hampton in the 50 last Saturday, despite him catching me for 2 mins at just 10 miles. He was a DNF! 😉

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    Ha ha! Good luck Al! Great story to tell the kids though! I remember Ali Rutherford passing me on the turn at Knutsford roundabout on a 10. Strange feeling of “wanker” but “respect” at the same time. Different league!

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    Even though Wiggo went a round a minute slower than he had hoped, finishing with 17:58, it appears that it wasn’t enough for Alan, who finished with 26:00, 8 mins 2 seconds slower than Wiggins 😮

    Well done Alan anyway

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