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    I am sure that Dave Fearon will do a comprehensive report on the event, but I wanted to be first to congratulate Lee Suthard in setting a new club 25 record [which belonged to Ewart Howkins and was set in 1973] Lee stormed around and did a 50:33 , I think the club team record will have gone as well, With Dave’s 55, and Alistair’s 57, Dave needs to do the maths to confirm this …
    So well done Lee..[ a 50 next year?]

    On a personal note, I also rode and beat the hour for the first time since 1989! I did 59:17 [and lost 15 secs getting off for a unshipped chain] so I’m well pleased as well.. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Jim got it in a nutshell but as usual I will elaborate just to satisfy my OCD. ๐Ÿ™„

    J5/8 at Blythe Bridge can be a fast course if the conditions are right and today they were spot on. There was a strong cross tail wind to the turn at 13.5 miles with a largely sheltered cross headwind back so there were just a few exposed stretches on the return leg to make it hard but believe me they were hard so it was far from easy to produce a fast time, you had to work for it. I’ll cut to the chase as there is a lot to report on this momentous day.

    Caroline was up against a top class ladies field as many of the best in the country were hoping for this fast course to give them their counter for the British Best All Rounder competition. She gritted her teeth though for the hard last 5 miles, particularly up the dreaded concrete mountain with 2 miles to go and she stopped the clock with a solid 1:07:45 (22.14 mph) and 124th overall from an entry of 150 riders. The event was oversubscribe so this was a great result and a big seasons best.

    Colin McCarthy has done some decent rides this season in the club 10’s and this training paid off today with a big PB by a few minutes, recording 1:01:46 (24.29 mph) and 108th overall. I think Colin will be going under the hour next season if he sticks at it. Well done Colin.

    The next ride is worth a special mention as Jimmy Williams ended an incredible come back season by smashing through the hour barrier with a blistering 59:17 (25.30 mph) and 91st overall! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ This was only 1 minute behind his 30 odd year old PB and was his first time under since 1989. Just imagine what he could have done on fixed. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Incredibly he had to stop to put his chain back on, (wouldn’t have happened on fixed), and his estimate of 15 seconds lost is more like 30 seconds I recon. I can’t wait to feed jimmy in the 24 hour next Year as I think he is going to do something special as he knows how to suffer.

    Alistair wasn’t a happy chappy today as he looked decidedly green around the gills in the HQ after the event and said he felt sick all the way around. This showed in his time of 57:23 (26.14 mph) and 76th overall. This is a good time but Al should have done a 55 today based on usual form. However there were consolations that will become apparent later so thanks for having the guts to ride Al.

    I have now resumed training about 2 weeks ago after 11 months of taking it easy, but just 4 sessions so far. I’ve stuck with the massive 59 x 14 |(111″ fixed gear) as my last 2 rides at 10 miles on this gear have shown promise. It paid off today again as I was cruising with the tail wind to the turn, beating 20 minute at 10 miles and hitting 40 mph down concrete mountain. The gear was heavy coming back but I just focussed, sat still and rolled the gear into the wind and up the hills. I stopped the clock with a massive season best of 55:26 (27.06 mph) and 47th overall so I finished the flat season with a satisfying result and food for thought on my training / racing strategy for 2016.

    Saving the best for last we come to Lee Suthard. I’m running out of superlatives for Lee as he has re-written our short distance club records this season and dragged them well and truly into the 21st Century. Ewart Howkins has held the 25 record for an incredible 41 years but I don’t think there was ever any doubt that Lee would demolish it today and he didn’t disappoint. He mauled that monster gear around the course in a mind blowing time of 50:33 (29.67 mph) taking 2nd overall in a star studded entry. This was not only his PB by about 90 seconds and nearly 3 minutes quicker than the old club record of 53:21 but he also lead me and Al to a new team record of 2:43:22 taking 3:39 off the old record set 3 years ago by Nick Riding and Alistair and me. Lee also took my club vets record of 53:27 so well done Lee for a fruitful day out.

    Winner was the very talented Alex Royle of Army CU who was head and shoulders above everybody else with a 48:17 (31.07 mph). Alex did a 46:50 last weekend winning in South Wales so this young man is destined for greater things.

    Sorry for the length of this post but this really was a day to remember and for a change there were a lot of smiling faces at the result board. I should add that Alex Royle told me that he wasn’t happy with his ride as he hoped to beat competition record ……. I really feel for him (not), don’t you. ๐Ÿ˜•



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    Well done all.
    One word for lee – unbelievable!
    Great rides by Colin and Jimmy too.
    Al’s never happy, lol.

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    Great times today! I stayed for a celebration cup of tea with Jim then needed to get back….so missed you all with my reserve placed start of 32. Very pleased with my time today as I get used to the tt bike. It’s Alastairs old steed so no excuses for getting under the hour Dave! I somehow managed at the finish ending up in the gutter with a flat front!! Number 59 stopped to help as it would have been a long walk back to the car! So many records and pbs today….fantastic day!

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    Well done to you all ๐Ÿ™‚

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