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    Given the amount of time you have to read the post, you may or may not be pleased to see that i have written it 😉 , this is due Dave going straight to his Daughters new house (in coventry i think) straight fromthe TT so wont have time to do it himself(he had a pair of step ladder in the car. :-)).

    We had 7 entrants from WVCC and 6 starts as Alistair must still be suffering from his man flu. This event is held on the J5/8 from Blythebridge down the A50 to Doveridge and back. It is the fastest local course and it is only run twice a year (also September). There was a strong 19mph WSW wind, which meant a block tail wind out until the turn at 14miles, then block head wind back 🙁 .

    Caroline was off first, it is fair to say, she was always going to go slower today than when i saw here last week on bloody big motor bike. She managed a respectable 1:10:31 on what proved to be a tough day.

    Last off, making his J5/8 debut was Colin Carthy, he finished with a 1:05:18 in what would have been a baptism of fire with a head wind up concrete mountain!.

    Next was Neil Drummond, he rode this event last year and was please to beat that time with a 1:04:23, must has been than skin suit Caroline lent him. 😉 great effort Neil.

    Then the Illusive Bill (Mr Benn) Campbell, who bizarrely, i still don’t know! just missed out on the sub hour stopped the clock on 1:00:54

    i was off at 3:07, hoping for a new PB (57:09). As expected, i got off to an absolute flyer, coasting for long periods at 37/38 mph and by the halfway point my average was 30.7 mph and 30.5 mph at the turn (14 miles), however as soon as i started going back up the slip road back on the A50, the head wind was evident. I decide to change my screen on my Garmin to take off the average MPH so as not to depress me while it drops like a stone for the next 11 miles. The problem with riding with a Garmin, you find yourself constantly doing the maths to work out your likely finish time if you ride a a certain speed, it drives me mad!!
    The last 5 miles you hit concrete mountain, which can be deprressing, and it certainly was today., especially miles 22-24 🙁 Anyway, i finished with 58:16 which was disappointing, so just over a minute slower than last year, but ok really given the conditions, the event winner was over 1 minute quicker last year.

    That brings me to Mr Fearon, who still had his jeans on about 40 mins before his off. He again rode without a Garmin for the reason i mentioned earlier, Dave, who as we know, is having an easy season after his 24hr exploits last year so is nowhere near the level of fitness he was last year, finished with a 58:05 (just 11 seconds faster than me, if i had just tried that bit harder!)

    Winner was Charles Taylor with a rapid 51:13, he came second last year and was down around by a minute.

    Thanks to a trim looking Jimmy Williams who was on time keeper duties, keep it up mate, you are looking really well.

    Thats me done on TTs until the club 50 champs on 20th June

    Colin Carthy
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    Imagine times if we carried on with that tail wind 😮 .

    Great afternoon and cheers for the garmin tips.

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    Sounds like a tough day! Super quick on the way out I’ll bet! Well done everyone.

    I am still getting over this flu I’ve had. Yesterday was the first time I’ve ventured out on the bike for an easy spin for 12 days. Next ride is the Stretford Wheelers on the 30th May.

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    Hi Jim,

    Back from Coventry now and all of the carpets are now at the tip and Katie has a long “to do” list that I am sure I will be ticking off with her over the coming months, so clearly a good idea of mine to have a year of easy’ish bike riding. Having said that I plan to ride 100 mile to her house and the same back again a few times so maybe this will stop me from getting so unfit that you leave me behind as you continue with your meteoric rise to the Elite ranks! 😯

    Thanks for producing such a high quality and dare I say it lengthy report. I seem to recall you giving me a lot of stick in the past for my novels, but this “short story” is definitely as wordy as many of my humble essays. Next time I see you and Bill on the start sheet I’ll make a point of introducing you to him as he’s a really nice guy and he isn’t that fussy who he talks to! 😉



    Andy Wood
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    Top times guys, nasty wind out there this weekend!

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