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    Thanks to those of you on the clubrun for your cheers and shouts of encouragement at the race today. It was pretty fast and furious on that flat circuit – just over 25mph for the 57 miles. A beautiful day to be out though and I was only slightly envious of you all cruising along rather than battering it.

    The only hill is too short for any real sortout, but a 4 man break went with 2 laps to go. I almost got across, but not quite. Then, on the final lap, however hard I tried to work my way up towards the front for the sprint I just kept getting passed and ended up at the back with 1km to go. Whatever Mark Cavendish has, I need some of that attitude! I’ve just not done enough bunch racing to be confident I guess. All the track sessions I do are in single file which doesn’t help much. Still, it’s good training for the club RR next month.

    Race was won by Steve Lloyd of Deeside Olympic. As usual, John Eddols of BNECC (promoting club) was in this race winning (and every other) break.

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