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  • Alan Kemp
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    Just having a low key season but could not resist entering the Pinvin road race near Pershore to see where I am at and in the knowledge that I will not race again till the end of April after my holiday in Majorca !

    After a restless nights sleep which always happens when I have to be up early , i was up at 6am ,kettle on , quick bit of breakfast , oops !!! where is my LVRC licence ? It was ready in my wallet yesterday .

    Instead of a leisurely coffee I spent 45 minutes tipping everything out of my bag several times to no avail in finding the licence . As a last resort before I gave up and contemplated how to spend the day with a return to bed top of the list , I decided to text the organiser , who luckily for me promtly replied and that yes I could come without the licence . Right , so close to going back to bed !

    Having wasted so much time looking for my licence there was no time for finishing my breakfast or having a coffee as I jumped in the car and was on my way to Pinvin .

    6 degrees C when I got there so on with the long training bottoms , 2 vests , racing top and gilet I was ready . After a warm up also resorted to overshoes ! Going soft .

    10 am and we were off for 5 x 8 mile laps on a basically flat circuit with a couple of minor drags but a very long finishing straight into a slight head wind .

    From the off and even in the bunch I was gasping for breathe and heart rate well above an easy level . Several skirmishes resulted in everyone being brought to heel . A feature of the older vets racing is that most of the riders are very experienced and have a great turn of speed , enough to deter all but the most persistant triers although Don Parry did manage to hold a slender lead for about 3 miles before being reeled in .

    After letting a group of 3 form up the road ,I jumped across with everything I had but unfortunately with 3 others on my wheel who were the incentive for the rest to give it everything to latch on to . A bit of a breather , took my gilet off , and with 2 laps to go , 16 miles ,did a couple of weakening attacks which were chased down but as the chasers caught me and eased off I just gave it everything again and for the next mile and a half was on the absolute limit thinking what the heck have I done this for !

    Luckily my greatest arch rival Don Parry ( the LVRC chairman ) from Northampton, with another rider had let the gap open then given it everything to bridge the gap to me which happened to be as I crested the slight rise which now felt like a hill ! On maximum heart rate and thought my lungs were going to explode .

    For about 3 miles the three of us rode to our max to establish a gap on the bunch breathing down our necks when suddenly the third rider in the group sat up and said ” I cant do it ” and he rapidly seemed to go backwards . Once the bunch were out of sight , Don , who was out of action last year due to breaking his leg in a racing crash , eased to an ever so slightly easier pace with each of us taking longer turns on the front and going through as smoothly as possible so as not to send the other into the red .

    We continued like this until 1 kilometer to go flag ( seemed more like 2 k from the finish ) when Don decided to sit on me . My response is always to ease off a touch and keep something in hand for when he jumps me , but to keep things moving well in case the bunch gets ideas !

    Headwind finish , must not lead out for the line too soon , dont know my form , can see the finish line and the crowd and woosh , Don came flying by me . Straight on his wheel , just waiting , then 100 to go and for once I came off someones wheel instead of leading out . Don then sat up and game over . First win of the year !!!

    Great respect for Don Parry . Over the 8 years I have been back racing I have had so many battles with him and on every occasion I have had to ride to my limit .

    Glad I contacted the organiser this morning now or I could have spent the morning in bed !


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    Well done Alan. An excellent and exciting write up too. Enjoy your ‘holiday’ and come back refreshed. I know you’re planning a much lighter season this year which means you can pick and choose your races. I hope you’ll furnish us with reports as thorough and as interesting as this one.

    Alan Kemp
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    Thanks Jed .

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    Another great result Alan, inspirational as always.

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    Sounds like you had a bit of fun in that race Alan, but obviously you’ve not lost any racing form from
    Last season! Great result! to go with a good report! And no doubt a long day for you!

    Bet you had a few cans or a nice glass of vino when you got home?


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    Nice ride Alan and good to sharpen your legs up every now and then even if you are having an easy Year. Can’t wait for Majorca, 12 days of the 3 S’s …… sun, sangria and sycling. 😕

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    Great ride Al, not quite sure about this “quite season” ❗ 😉

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    Fantastic read Al, top job again! 🙂

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    Fantastic start to the season Alan and an excellent write-up.
    Look forward to reading some more over the coming months

    Andy Wood
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    Ha ha love this report! Keep them coming Kempy! It never surprises me how athletes are able to reply pretty much every instant of their battles. Must be some connection with psychology and performance. Well done on the first win!!

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