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    Season opener for myself and Andy Poole – In my race National B. E/1/2/3 Most of the the 80 riders endured throughout the 50 mile race freezing conditions (to put it nicely) in conjunction with driving rain. There was a small breakaway with some of the top riders! followed by the main bunch in tow – the bell went on the final lap when the pace increased to a level that after the last bend there was a crash! and the main bunch split in two. I managed to get past the crash with I think Michael Rawson of Kuota – Spinergy at this point we were both about 25 yards off the front bunch! we managed to bridge the gap! but in the the finishing straight the front bunch kicked again and we could not make any impression!

    Jacob Booth, Steve Fidler of DHR finished in the top 20 with both constantly attacking! Matthew Nowell Hallam Cycling and Kristian Zentek Team Chronomaster, Giles Bett DHR and myself all finished! On what can only be described as a treacherous 2 hours riding.

    The winner was Pete Williams One Pro Cycling
    2nd Brad Morgan Raleigh
    3rd Dillon Byrne Champion System VCUK Racing Team

    I stayed behind to watch Andy Poole WV, Mark Hassall DHR, Ben Palmer DHR (Bens first competitive race) and Mark Astles In the 3/4 race. All were riding well! but as with the first race there was a crash with 2 laps to go! (Nearly in the same spot as ours) By this time the main bunch had totally split up into small bunches with some riders coming worse off than others (Position wise) through no fault of there own! But Ben Palmer DHR managed to get near the front and finished a credible 15th in his first race and would of been higher up the order! but he was cut up in the finishing straight.

    Ps picture of the day would of been! watching kris Zentek coming back from the tea hut with tea and food for his marshalling duties. He was shaking that much I think there was more tea on the tarmac than in his cup!


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