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  • johnk
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    Thank you to everone involved in the organisation and running of the Oulton Park Series. The best organisation is organisation you don’t notice and this was a seamless series of events. I had a fab time!

    Thanks again,


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    Hear hear – the organisation is excellent, and there seem to be WVCC people everywhere, at registration, at the start, judging, spectating, supporting – even Steve Thomas on the far side of the track at one stage (without his dog this time!). It’s a brilliant event and a great atmosphere.
    I enjoyed it too tonight and managed to finish safely in the bunch. Great to see Kev C and Alan Silver out for their first races and I’m still working on Andrew Risk and Woody for next year!! Also great to see Chas out and about.

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    Yes, a great event no question. A class field in our race as usual last night, I think I need a slightly faster bike, or one that doesn’t hit a wall after about 20 seconds of hard effort! Really encouraging to see so many of the WVCC youngsters getting involved and a special mention to Kev C in our race, his first for many years, getting involved in the action.

    Good to see Kev U racing, hope your bike can be repaired, and El and Alan S finishing in the bunch after lots of others had been blown out! Nearly mowed down one of these fellas on the far side of the circuit.

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    Couldn’t agree more with all the comments. Really enjoyed the racing apart from the falling off bit 🙁 Hasn’t put me off just need to let the road rash go first!!!

    Did Kev U come off last night??

    Thanks again to all those who played there part. Just proves what a great club we are in 😀

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    I think the guy behind Kev came down and dragged Kev with him, falling onto his back wheel and frame. No harm to Kev but his frame appears to be bent.

    Andy Wood
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    Loved coming down on Tuesday nights, great banter at the side of the circuit and the racing has been spot on. I’m sure I’ll be in the mix next year! (I think Dave Hinde enjoyed this series too, I think he has 3 frames coming back for repairs!)

    For me, I’m with Nick, it’s been great watching the youngsters. James and Matt have done amazing and it’s always been fun listening to Dylan talk it up before the start of each race and it was good to see that it nearly came into place for him in that last race!

    Cheers to the organisers for a great few weeks!

    Kevin C
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    I was tryin to think of the last time I raced before Tuesday. I was actually due to race at Oulton Park in 1971 but the school I went to forced me to play Rugby instead. I was not a happy bunny 🙁 My last race was actually on New Brighton prom a year later. Now who remembers those criteriums. In fact, I believe Tom Simpson actually raced them at some stage in his career.

    Well, its still a lot of fun, and can concur with all the other comments about the organisation, tremendous. Maybe have a bit of a “dabble” next year as well, as long as I can remember to get some bike insurance…

    Rich M
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    I agree with all the comments about the organisation – it was excellent. It was also great to see so many WVCC members out in support of the riders, especially as it was quite cold on Tuesday.

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