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  • kris
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    Hi folks.

    I have never raced before, and I am planning to dip my toe in the water this season.

    I have just applied for my British Cycling license – I just want for a bronze membership which gives me a free provisional license, which I think is sufficient for all non-national events. Is this correct?

    What other organisations do I need to be affiliated with? TLI?

    Where do I find the list of events I can compete in next season? Does anyone have a list of useful links for club racing?

    Help much appreciated!


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    The advice I’ve got is to race TLI lots of racing in the North West. WVCC run three races for TLI in June at Oulton Park Race track. You have to join TLi which is £15 then it’s around £6 a race. I think a lot of the races are in the evening in the summer. The British Cycling races are hard work I believe, I don’t fancy chewing on my bars just to keep up 😯

    Kev Underhill is someone that can offer loads of advise as well as lots of the other members. There is no shortage of advice and I could do with some as well 😀

    I’m sure we won’t be short of races to do. Hang on the back at first to see what it’s all about.

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    A provisional licence is not much use if you plan to race regularly in BC events because it is only for use in closed circuit events. Unless the rules have changed since I last road raced a few years ago. Get a full licence and Gold Membership would be my advice – the more comprehensive insurance cover it gives you is worth the extra cost I think.

    Alan Kemp
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    Hi Kris ,

    Great to hear that you want to take the first steps into road racing as do one or two other club members.

    For riders under the age of 40 wanting to race at weekends on a regular basis you will need to ride British Cycling road races on the open road or short circuit races.Provided you are prepared to travel around the North West you will be able to compete most weekends from end of February until September. I would advise you take out British Cycling Silver membership, plus a full racing licence and purchase a handbook at the same time .This will have all race rules and a list of events so you can plan your season. This can be done now. If you can persuade someone else to start racing with you it will be even better as you can share travel expenses and experiences. You will be a 4th category licence holder and this group will contain a wide range of ages and abilities. Some potential stars will rapidly gain points and move on into a higher category and some riders may never progress beyond this group.

    The League International (TLI) as Jules referred to , is open to all age groups .The TLI is age related racing which is what is needed as riders get older . If 60 year olds had to ride against 20 year olds there would be very few older riders racing. Riders are grouped in 5 year age bands, very often with prizes for each age group. Locally we have a great opportunity to try road racing in these TLI races, with a number of races throughout the season , usually on evenings during the week.Compared To British Cycling , membership and entry fees are much cheaper at about £16 membership and £6 to £8 entry fee. The TLI website ( Northwest Mainland) has a provisional list of races for the coming season.

    For riders over 40 who fancy road racing but do not want to get their heads kicked in by riders half their age, and want to have a full season of racing,then the LVRC is the answer. An excellent organisation which categorizes riders in 5 year age bands similar to the TLI. In most races two age categories will usually compete together as one race, with separate prizes for each age group. In these races you can compete against riders of about the same age as yourself and still get your head kicked in! 140 races were promoted last year under LVRC rules and is another great example of the success of age related sport. These races can sometimes require a fair amount of travelling but for the serious and not so serious rider these are THE races for the over 40s. The LVRC also promote the season long Percy Stallard Road Race Series based on points gained in a selection of races during the season and the LVRC has now taken over from British Cycling as the main source of road racing for veteran cyclists. Each of the three cycling organisations has it`s own National road race championships , both the BC and LVRC have a track championships and all three have a cyclo cross championship, so plenty to target! As with TLI, in LVRC races if you are not confident or fit enough to compete amongst your own age group you can always ride with an older age group! Hope this has given you a bit of an insight.Riders over 40 years of age can still ride British Cycling races if they wish to. Many riders affilliate to all three organisations.

    Plan your season well in advance .Set yourself realistic short and longer term targets or aims. Join the BC, TLI or LVRC as required , this month, and download race entry forms from the relevant websites and take note of the closing dates for entries in order to get your entry in with plenty of time to spare.

    I know from experience that particularly in road racing whether it is training or tactics , gearing , positioning, timing ,it can take a long time to get the hang of things without a bit of help, so below I have included a link to some training pages written quite some time ago by former international Ray Minovi but which I think are still excellent advice and particularly if new to racing. ,

    Just in the hope that it may wet your appetite, I have included a link to a report (hopefully not too biased) which I did on the LVRC National Road Race Championships of 2010

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    Thanks for the tips Jules and Paul, and Alan, this is perfect! I appreciate you taking time to provide me great information!

    I’ll see if I get get my BC membership changed, and get myself registered with TLI. The BC handbook sounds like just what I need to plan the next few months, and to forewarn the missus hehe!

    Sorry I couldn’t say hello properly in sandyway, Alan – I was turning off just at the road you caught me up, my legs were about to fall off, and both arse cheeks were cramping :). Thats what you get for taking 5 weeks off. I literally had no strength to unclip when I got home!

    Still, Llanberis is in 8 weeks…


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    Hi Kris

    TLI races are great for beginners. There are usually about 5 Tuesday night races at Lower Withington in the spring (you have to marshal one though, to get an entry to the others) and WVCC members Martin Whyard and Mark Thompson are on the organising team so I’m sure they’ll advise you if you make contact with them. Your first priority is to learn to ride safely in a bunch at speed – the other riders get very twitchy about new riders (and don’t be surprised if you get shouted at to start with) because inexperienced riders changing their line suddenly or touching wheels can cause pile ups. That said, everyone is very friendly and encouraging. Have a look at the cycle blog (spring and summer 2009) for various reports of TLI Lower Withington and Oulton Park races which will give you some idea of what happens. Here’s an extract from one…

    It’s difficult to describe how exhilarating it is for a relative beginner like me to join a race – the pre-match nerves, apprehension at the line up, relief when the pace is OK and all out concentration when it picks up, the focus on staying on the right wheel and trying not to get told off by the old hands in the pack, the turns through-and-offing on the front, the feeling that you’re flying in your big ring, the amazing tow you get when you’re in the right place in the pack, the fast sprints out of the corners, the desperation when you’re trying to help bridge a gap, the excitement of the final sprint – and then the elation of finishing! And then the best bit, a well deserved cup of tea and FANTASTIC home-made cake.

    Andy Wood
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    Wow some great bits of info on here, thanks to Al as I’ve always wondered (not that I’ll be partaking in any racing in the near future).

    I rode out and watched quite a few of the TLI races last year on those glorious summer evenings! They also do one near me in Wincham if you’d like me to show you the course Kris, would be a good starter one to be honest as it’s pretty flat.

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