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    Yesterday team Fearon rode the super fast V718 near Hull where the competition record of 17:57 is held by Michael Hutchinson. It’s the first time we have ridden this course and the event was the Yorkshire Velo 10.

    According to the locals it was an average day, but not fast by the standards of this course, as there was a strong wind that was mainly across the course, but was angled slightly behind for the 4.5 miles to the turn, slightly against for the next 4.5 miles and directly against for the very tough last 1 mile on a very exposed stretch of road. This meant that you never had the strong tail wind to pay back for the tough headwind finish and this slowed things down quite a bit.

    Now the excuses are out of the way I’ll move to the good news. Caroline beat her lifetime personal best by approximately 30 seconds and recorded a superb 26:08. She set her previous PB aged 18. For about 15 minutes she was actually 1 second quicker than Connors PB until he came in with an equally impressive 25:54 on 84″ fixed, knocking 15 seconds off his previous PB set a few weeks ago at Levens.

    20 minutes or so later dad was nervously wondering if this would be the day that Jack would beat him. Jack was first to finish, starting just 3 minutes in front of Dave. Jack rode well and dug deep into that final mile of agony against a cruel headwind and recorded his second best ever ride on a 94″ fixed gear to record 22:35, just 15 seconds short of his PB.

    Dave selected to ride a 99″ fixed gear and it flowed nicely to the turn, getting to the 4.5 mile turn in exactly 9 minutes. On the return leg, the gear still felt OK into the cross headwind, but then the road turned and the cutting that had been sheltering the wind from the left suddenly disappeared. That last mile into the headwind felt like 3 miles plus the 50 on Cheshire the day before and the 12 hour 6 days before started kicking in as the quads were burning (I’m just squeezing out the last of the excuses as always). Dave hit the line in a 21:51, second best ride ever and a painful 5 seconds short of a PB set 2 years ago at Levens. Bugger!!!!

    So the 220 mile round trip was worthwhile and next week we’re back there for the final fast 10 of the year. No pressure, but each rider has an objective next week (If we can get a good day on that course). Caroline is looking to achieve a club Ladies Silver standard so she needs to beat 26:00 & 25:50 to beat her club Vets Gold Standard. Connor is looking for a Club Youth Silver so he needs to beat a 25:30. Jack and Dave need to beat there PB’s of 22:20 & 21:46. Of course an added bonus for Jack would be to beat dad……one day I’m sure it will happen!



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    Huge respect to all of the Fearons on the PB’s and on going so well!!

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    Brilliant Dave – great write up as well. Like you said to me a couple of weeks ago, you’re always thinking about the few seconds that you lose!

    Well done to all the team

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    Skills to the pay the bills!

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    Well done team Fearon 🙂

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