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    I was the only rider to face the timekeeper of the 3 WVCC entrants, with Alistair Stanway and Billy Redline not Starting..

    Off just after 8am, I was rueing the clocks changing, meaning I was up and out for 6 [it’s ok for Jim Duffy.. but for us lesser mortals its a bit of a shock]

    Though overcast, the rain held off for me..but the wind [oh the wind]
    I was riding the course for the 1st time and asked a local lad how it shapes up, “make the most of the first 2.5 miles, the wind is right behind you,, but you’ll grovel after that” he wasn’t wrong.

    It’s amazing the the really fast blokes don’t seam to be affected as much as me, 55:17 was leading when I left.

    I stopped the clock at 1:03:54..well please with my effort after a really heavy week topping out at 420 miles..time for a rest and an Easter Egg..well it’d be rude not to..

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