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  • Derek .H
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    Thanks again to Graham, Ann, the van/car drivers for their support over the weekend and Emily for the cake. A good job well done

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    I second that as it was a classic Llanberis weekend with an angry sportsman pass and a wild Llanberis on Saturday and a cracking tail wind return today with a some cold rain to finish off anybody who thought it was too easy! Thanks to all who helped along the way.

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    Great weekend and as always a massive thanks to the Gregory’s. Even when the going got tough for the riders everyone had a smile on their faces(well I think it was smiles) The members of our club never fail to put a smile on my face and make me feel proud of what we have got.

    Great club with great members and friends 😀

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    Big thanks to the helpers. Positive comments from first time riders about Al’s energy drinks!
    The problem is, no-one knows what was in them…

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    Many thanks from me too, to the organisers, to Graham and Ann specifically for the many trips they’ve organised over the years, and to everyone out on the road who kept me cheerful in the face of endless hills (yes even Jim Duffy will agree these were not just “false flats”). I’ve been loving every moment of it in the re-living even if I didn’t appreciate it all at the time. Best bit for me was the descent into Ruthin on Sunday…my bike had wings..

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    While riding from capel curig, grinding between 6 & 7 mph, i am thinking what on earth makes us enjoy this, then you get to the hotel, dump your bike and have a few beers with some great friends and it all seems to make it worthwhile and i am already looking forward to next year, As jules has said, it is a fantastic club and we should be proud to be part of it.

    Thanks to all the support crew that make it all possible and thanks and well done to Anne and Graham for organising for the last 25 years. Also a big thank you to everyone who put into the collection for Ann & Graham, we raised around £200 in total so leaves Graham circa £160 for his bike refurb for LEJOG after Purchasing Ann’s flowers 😀

    Alison also had a really good time and would like to thank everyone for making her feel welcome.

    Yes Els, i would agree, they weren’t false flats, maybe slight rises 😆

    For those that have not seen the flyby on Faceache

    Out Leg,i3uOD7uRjg9IDo8PlUWPD5vllg+eF5cP2T+XDzlBlw/2WpcPmnWXD/GElw/Tn5cP8KSXD0u/lw+AxJcP8dyXD4AwmA8NxJgPsgyZD9MwmQ/NMpkPCEaZD+bumQ9eB5wP
    Return leg,JGyWD1F9lg8f6JYP6yKXD+ozlw8tQZcPPUGXD7xXlw8Yf5cP/4CXD0SSlw/tpJcPKL+XD/PGlw/X3JcPITCYD9F0mA8pxpgPAQ2ZD70wmQ/OMpkPQ0OZDzz0mQ8TB5wP

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