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    I did intend to put it on here at the same time as FB, however places are going really fast, so if you interested then email of message me.
    20/21 Feb 2016 cost Circa £70
    Thats bags transported, 2 van support, food at Ruthin both days, evening meal, bed and breakfast at Llanberis.. great value..

    I will be looking for at least a £40 deposit or full payment [to show your commitment and cover the hotel charges] by end of November

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    Llanberis List, To save all the enquiries, Here is a list to date of those who have expressed interest.. [W] are WVCC members , {O} are others [these places will be confirmed before month end] if your name is not on this list and you want it to be.. email , PM ,FB or call me 07891555048, make it clear that you want to go…. I will be looking for you to commit by sending me a £40 deposit, this will cover the cost of the hotel room, if you cancel for any reason and I can’t get someone else to go then the deposit is non refundable.. note there are only 7 places left.
    1 Graham Gregory [W]
    2 Anne Gregory [W]
    3 Jim Williams [W]
    4 Alan Silver [W] Driver
    5 Syd Rimmer [W] Driver
    6 Ewart Howkins [W]
    7 Trevor Horton {O} Warrington
    8 Glen Longland {O} Warrington
    9 Iain Young [W]
    10 Phil Booth [W]
    11 Dane Walker [W]
    12 Steve Freer {O}
    13 Jack Campbell [W]
    14 Kev Campbell [W]
    15 Rich Munro [W]
    16 Dave Fearon [W]
    17 Caroline Fearon [W]
    18 Steve Lucas [W]
    19 Paddy Lucas [W]
    20 Emily Martin [W]
    21 Alan Kemp [W]
    22 Jim Duffy [W]
    23 Chris Gilberson [W]
    24 Nick Butterworh [W]
    25 Lee Suthard [W]
    26 Steve Thomas [W]
    27 Julian Perret [W]
    28 Elaine Mossman [W]
    29 Heather Bamforth {O}
    30 Fred Bamforth {O}
    31 Kris Zentek {O}
    32 Craig Lee [W]
    33 Matt Buckley [W]
    34 Carl Ruebotham [W]
    35 Andrew Risk [W]
    36 Eleanor Underhill [W]
    37 Kev Underhill [W]
    38 Neil Drummond[W]
    39 Rob Dacey [W]
    40 Malkin Steve [W]
    41 Ady Japp [W]
    42 Andy Wooley [W]
    43 Andy Wood [W}
    44 Colin Carthy [W]
    45 Rory Crone {O} Warrington
    46 Ian Ralphs {O} Warrington
    47 Ian Haddock {O} Warrington
    48 Simon Boone {O}
    49 John Hassell [W]
    50 Stu Ward [W]
    51 Geoff Mullett [W]
    52 Paul McGowan {O} Warrington
    53 Mark Gavin [W]

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