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    Yesterday Caroline and I took Connor to the final Newcastle track league meet of the 2014 season. Newcastle is a great outdoor track made of asphalt and 400m long with reasonably steep banking. The racing is really great and very different to racing at Manchester as the track is slower but much longer so tactics and wind direction play a part in the way people ride.

    Connor and Phil & Jacob Booth have ridden most weeks with Jacob in the A’s and the other 2 in the B’s. All 3 riders have had some great placings and several wins between them and in fact Jacob was a regular winner and he came 2nd overall in the season long league table for the A Endurance riders. Jacob cemented his 2nd place by taking a win in the scratch race yesterday evening against stiff opposition and a large field. The A league was won by Joe Swinnerton of Lyme RC.

    Connor has improved greatly in recent weeks as he won the 10 miler a couple of weeks ago and last night he continued his close rivalry with senior rider Joshua Spenlow as they were attacking each other all night. Spenlow took the scratch raced with Connor pipped to the line and taking third place. In the “Win & out” race you have to be brave to win as there is a sprint after the 4th lap so if you go for it and win then you win overall, but if you fail you’ve blown it and it is very hard to take second place by winning the sprint 2 laps later and even harder to take 3rd place by winning the sprint for the 8th and final lap (confused? … you will be)! 😕 . Anyway Connor battered it with half a lap to go and snatched victory in the 4th lap sprint, thus winning the race overall. The final race of the season was the Roy Swinnerton memorial 10 miler with cash prizes to spur the riders on. After lap 10 the race referee announced a prime next lap so 2 riders instantly attacked. Connor saw the move and chased and like a man possessed he flew past the other two on the home straight to easily take the prime. He continued to put in some hard grind in the 40 lap race but with about 8 laps to go he was starting to crack after a lot of effort and then somebody else’s mis-fortune gave him a break. There was a 3 rider pile-up and the race was suspended giving Connor chance to recover. It re-started and he contested the final sprint just missing 2nd place on the line but taking a well deserved 3rd place in the final race of the season. He took £10 for his 3rd place and the for the prime he won a bottle of wine which was duly claimed by Mrs Fearon as Connor doesn’t drink wine! He admitted afterwards that he had no idea why he was sprinting at the end of lap 10 as he hadn’t heard the prime announcement and even if he had, he had no clue what a prime was! 😆

    Phil put in several attacks in every race but as is often the case he just missed out on the placings. He did take 4th place in the 10 miler behind Connor though and loved the thrills of racing in a brakes and gears free bunch. For his efforts Phil took 6th place overall out of 49 riders in the season long league table with 27 points from 9 placings (top 3 is a placing). Connor was 1 point behind Phil in 7th place with 26 points from 9 placings. The B league was won by Andrew Jackson of Team Moda.

    All 3 riders have already commenced with the Winter track leagues at Manchester as Phil and Connor rode on Monday and Jacob will be riding the Friday night league. I wish them every success this Winter and I will enjoy watching the racing on a Monday night.



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