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    Churnet Valley Veterinary Road Race 27/09/2015 cat 2/3/4. Coates Heath 65miles

    Decided to do this road race this morning to see how my shoulder holds up (as I still have some issues with it)
    on some medium size hills and to improve my cornering skills in readiness for our race.

    Anyway the race which riders must of thought! was the last one on planet earth! Set off at a crazy
    Stupendous pace! It had Andy Princes (Stafford RC) and many others heart rates going off the scale!

    A number of riders got dropped on the second lap (me included) and as Star Trek scotty said “i just didnt have
    the power!” Anyway I said “we can still catch them” what fool said that! let’s do a through and off! What fool said that!
    a few minutes later another rider in a graham Weigh top tags onto the back end!

    Anyway, after a about 5 miles I hear an almighty altercation between another rider and this rider
    In a graham weigh top! (Keep with it!!) This rider who has been taging on the back end of us for
    the last 5 miles doing speeds of up to 35mph on flats and who hasn’t done single tap of work isn’t actually in our RACE!
    Not only that he starts to weave in and out! By this point am thinking (get me out of here) other choice words
    we’re mentioned! anyway as we went up to the hill finish on the 3rd lap we couldn’t see him!
    So we breathed a sigh of relief that he’d gone! But as we went past Coates Heath HQ road entrance on the other side of
    the course He appeared again on our tail end! He’d only taken a bloody shortcut! (excuse my French) he was like a bad penny!
    and this Was how it was for the next 15miles. Now there’s only a few things which would make me want to go
    faster when I don’t really want too! They are 1) Some crazy mad guy on your wheel at 35mph who thinks he can ride! 2) a blow torch on my back side! or 3) Jimmy Williams on the verge of passing me on a very hot day! going up hill! Shaking his head like Pamela Anderson from a scene from baywatch! and saying “Who put this here!” Ps (respect for your Jimmy)

    Anyway to cut a long story short this guy apparently comes out like a ghost now and again on race days
    So beware Mr kemp and others of the phantom rider who strangely has the same rights on the road as us
    even on race days!

    I decided to call it a day on 59miles as I was laughing in disbelief at what had just happened I didn’t have any energy left!
    Well thats my excuse anyway! And am sticking to it!

    The race was excellently run by Newcastle RC 2001/Vekta Velosport. and some of the cakes were extra special too!
    I would recomend this road race next year for your road racing diary 2016

    Note! Am sure the rider had no affiliation with graham weigh and am pretty sure he must of got the top from eBay
    or something! As I know graham weigh have very high standards of road racing!

    Cheers Tony

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