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    Hi folks just come back from the Isle of Man End to End – 47 miles from the northern tip to the southern tip. First 10 miles was on road, the rest was much harder than we expected, there were no flat bits! Lovely scenery though, great tracks, a really good atmosphere, friendly marshals etc. 1000 riders finished out of 1400 entered (don’t know how many DNFs)- so it was a bit congested in my part of the race (at least that was my excuse for pushing my bike up some of the hills!) though Kev up ahead had a fairly clear run at everything. I had a bit of a problem half way round – the hydraulic fluid had leaked out of my front brake so I was relying on my back brake and ended up skidding on a steep technical bit and went over my handle bars – I split my lip but was otherwise unhurt, more embarrassed than anything – anyway I tried really hard not to cry and pedalled a bit harder to take my mind off my poor face. Anyway the winner Nick Craig rode it in an incredible 2 hours 57 mins, Kevan came 114th and did 4 hours 8 mins (12th in his age group), and I came 563rd in 5 hours 31 mins (1st in my age group which meant a nice envelope and trophy at the presentation that night!)
    An excellent event, it would be good fun if we could get a WVCC contingent out there next year – a commitment in terms of travelling but a nice excuse for a mini holiday!

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    Good effort. Shame about the mechanical and subsequent off – hope you recover quickly!
    Weather looked great from the photographs on-line. Some good technical singletrack bits too by the looks of it (Round Table area).

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