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  • JimW
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    Great do last night, cant believe the people that made the effort to come and join the celebration.

    Thanks must go to the Gregory’s , I know first hand what goes into coordinating a club dinner, it’s a worry with many sleepless nights, but no worry’s as they made a cracking job of it.. many thanks Ann and Graham we are glad we came.

    Ah well Graham.. Llanberis then the worrying can stop [for a few months anyway!]

    Many thanks

    Jim and Kathy Williams.

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    Great night last night, well done to the organisers and good seeing the people who started the club all them years ago. πŸ˜€

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    It was great to catch up with many that I hadn’t seen since the last reunion at the Bickerton Poacher ten years back!

    A great night.

    As soon as Titch emails me, I’ll crack on with getting some pics uploaded (as he was shooting away happily). Also, if anyone else has some memorable shots of the night (no matter what the quality or resolution), please drop me an email (to the email below), and I’ll organise getting them uploaded and sifted through, to get the best from the night onto the website.

    Andy Wood
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    Echo all the comments above, brilliant night!

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    Truly a night to remember as we will never see that group of people in the same room together again.

    Thanks to the 2 photographers and the pictures already loaded up look great. Connor is looking forward to seeing the prize presentation pictures as he was quite proud to shake Paul’s hand as we all were. Not only is he our most famous member but he and Mr Liggett have no doubt motivated thousands of people into our sport and past-time as a result of their years of broadcasts in many countries. His speach was very entertaining but also quite sincere when he talked about his memories of the past. Also I didn’t envy he and his wife catching their 3 leg return flights just 17 hours after they arrived in the UK and about 5 hours after they left the dinner… that is what I call commitment to his roots. The same can also be said for our Antipodean section and also for Alan Bate from Thailand who unfortunately missed the event for personal reasons.



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