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    Next MTB ride is next Saturday, 7th March 10.00am at the station cafe in Delamere.

    I’ve decided to specifically aim this ride at anyone who wants to try off-roading for the first time, or return to the fat-tyre fold as there’s a few members who used to be regulars but don’t ride out with us any more. And with no Llanberis training to worry about there’s really no reason for you not to come! So, here’s the plan.

    Beg or borrow any off-road capable bike if you don’t own one. A hybrid with knobbly tyres or a cyclocross bike will be fine as we will limit the ride to firetracks and trails that are we know aren’t too muddy and have no difficult obstacles. The speed will be easy and we will have a couple of regular riders, (if enough turn up!) with smallish groups to make sure no one gets left behind.

    Bring some cash for the cafe, and the kind of kit you would take on a road club run, i.e. inner tube, pump, multitool, waterproof jacket.

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