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  • JimDuffy
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    Just head from Colin that he has had an off today on the gtr Manchester cycle, leaving him with a broken collar bone. I understand it was an incident with a car.

    Get well soon col.

    Steve Malkin
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    Ouch! get well soon Col. 😯

    More importantly, how’s the bike?

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    Sorry to hear about your accident Colin. If your collar bone is broken, you’ll be off your road bike for a few weeks. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t cycle! You could get a three wheeled recumbent like ‘the ‘Windcheetah’ or ‘Quest Velomobile’.
    Both of these can be ridden using just one arm and both have good resale values for when you’re well enough to return to your road bike. Just a thought. I hope you get well soon.

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    It was a bloke on another bike on a bend. Slid into him, knocked him off and then rode off. Broken left collar bone 🙁

    Get well soon Col.

    Andy Wood
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    Sorry to hear this Colin! Repair quick, see you in some opens in July!!

    Colin Carthy
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    Thanks for the get well messages.

    The Great Manchester Ride was going well and I was half way through lap 3 of 4 and looking like a decent time for the 52 miles event that runs on closed roads between Old Trafford and Ethihad football grounds. A small group including club member Neil Drummond and myself slowed to take a corner when suddenly another cyclist going the other way, entered the corner too fast and ended up crossing the temporary barrier tape dividing the course and into me and two others. Luckily Neil just missed him.

    I landed on my left shoulder and head. He said sorry and carried on leaving the the of us to sort our selves out!!!!! The helmet saved my head but not my collar bone which was broken. The bike looks ok ish.?

    Shortly after that there was another accident on the other side of the course so it was a shared ambulance job. Lots of pills and gas all round and we were in a much happier place! :mrgreen:

    Back home now and hope to get back on the bike ASAP.

    See you all soon.


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    Sorry to hear that mate

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    Get well soon Col, how long do you think you’ll be out for.

    Colin Carthy
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    thanks colin,

    will be out for a good few weeks! though you never know. 🙁

    Anyone out else had the miss fortune to break their collar bone?

    i was supposed to be seeing one of my clients this afternoon, who is an orthopaedic surgeon at macclesfield, who will hopefully get me on the mend quickly, so i can finish his job!.


    colin c

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    Get well soon Colin. Hope it doesn’t put you off and you’re back on the bike soon

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    Get well soon Colin. I can get Dave to take you out on the Tandem, you can even sit with your feet up and relax and enjoy the ride whilst getting some freshair 😀

    Colin Carthy
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    Thanks Caroline. Not if it is on his 24 hr!! See you all soon and thanks all for the get well messages. Colin.

    Rich M
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    Hope you make a quick recovery Colin. I broke my collar bone about 5 years ago – it should heal in about 6 weeks. Have you had a plate put in?

    Colin Carthy
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    Hi Rich,

    No plate. Just a sling to imobalise. Consultant suggests I will be ok and after 2 plus weeks it feels like the bits of bone are joining up! Get an X-ray at the end of this month so fingers crossed it is healing as hoped.

    Sorry to hear you had a similar break. Painful!

    More uncomfortable than pain now but frustrating not being able to get out on the bike. Managing turbo at the moment.

    Can’t complain really and could be worse.

    See you all soon.


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    Hi Col, yes the news filtered through to me the other week, we are all sorry to hear you are laid up for a while buddy.

    Rest well and we’ll see you soon


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