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    So far this winter we have booked Fri 3 Oct, Thur 13 Nov and Thurs 18 Dec 2014, Thurs 5 Feb 2015, all 8-10pm and coached by Paul West (thanks Paul). Let me know by email if you can come along (even if you have your own bike)or if you need a hire bike booking.


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    Arrive at the Velodrome by 7.30pm in plenty of time to sort out hire bikes and payment. I will be up on the track when the session starts at 8pm. Please email me (see the contacts page) if you intend to ride or invite friends along. If you are booked on the session and then can’t make it, let me know 24 hours before at the latest. Anyone booked on a session who doesn’t turn up without letting me know will not be able to book on future sessions. Don’t email me questions though, do that here, that way everyone can see the answers.

    We will be charging £8 a head for members, £10 for non member and £5 for under 18s – track hire is £260 and we want to cover this if possible. For general advice see

    Anyone who doesn’t have a track bike meeting the Velodrome’s requirements will have to hire one see and let me know a few days before hand (by email) so I can book them all. You will have to pay at reception on the night. In addition to a velodrome approved track bike, you will need a cycling helmet, suitable shoes, track mitts and somethnig to drink.

    Important Hire Bike information:

    The Velodrome’s bikes are fitted with Look style Delta pedals (the fitting & use of other pedals is not permitted). Riders with alternative shoes/plates can either hire shoes from our reception or use toe-clip style adapters. Toe-clip style adapters can be used with training shoes.
    Look Keo cleats on riders own shoes cannot be used.
    As a rough guide, bike frame sizes should be determined as inside leg measurement less 10 inches

    If you have any other questions, post a reply here and I’m sure some of our club members will post helpful replies if I don’t. Best training for the track is short intervals at very high cadence on the turbo 😥

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    Still a few places left for Fri 3 Oct so send me an email if you want to ride

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    We had 26 for the first night of this winter 3rd Oct, including lots of youngsters and enjoyed some short fast efforts thanks to Paul’s relentless coaching (thanks Paul)
    Times (secs) for the rolling start 250m:
    1 James Risk 17.49
    2 Connor Fearon 17.71
    3 Graham Gregory (the silver whippet) 18.77
    4 Rob Dacey 19.23
    5 Iain Young 19.30
    6 Andy Wood 19.63
    7 Matt Hornby 19.73
    8 Nick Butterworth 19.81
    9 Alan Kemp 20.17
    10 Tim Ructherford 20.31
    11 Steve Marlow 20.34
    12 Andy Poole 20.63
    13 James Ross 20.72
    14 Oliver Wright 20.75
    15 William James 20.99
    16 Claire Hay 21
    17 Colin Carthy 21.01
    18 Kev Campbell 21.12
    19 George Notman 21.89
    20 Dan Eastwood 23.09
    21 Tom Hay 23.87
    22 Nicola Underhill 23.35
    23 Eleanor Underhill 23.89
    24 Ann McAllister 26
    25 Tom Rutherford 27.54
    26 Anna Hay 30.27
    Well done James and Graham – we’ll have to watch him when he starts training again!

    Andy Wood
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    Top night, great session by Westy. Thanks for organising Nick.

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    Thursday 13 Nov is filling up, so if you want to ride and haven’t let me know, you need to send me an email. We also have Thurs 18 Dec and 5 Feb 8-10pm as usual

    Andy Wood
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    Andy Wood
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    Track night on my birthday 🙂

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    Thurs 13 Nov session went very well with a good mix of experienced through to first timers. Thanks Paul for great coaching as always. Thanks also to Steve Hall who took some great photos (so we can excuse him winning the scratch “race”) which you can see at : Times for the single lap as follows:

    1 Graham Gregory (the silver whippet) 18.56
    2 Geoff Mullett – 19.52
    3 Graham Wells – 19.87
    4 Nick Manning – 20.36
    5 Will James – 20.43
    6 Colin Carthy – 20.61
    7 Steve Marlow – 20.63
    8 Andrew Steele – 20.65
    9 Jim Duffy – 20.72
    10 Simon Hinchcliffe – 20.80
    11 Chris Merryman – 21.10
    12 Jason Platt – 21.26
    13 Emily Jane Martin – 21.77
    14 Sam Hall – 21.78
    15 Rob Kerr – 21.86
    16 Caroline Fearon – 22.48
    17 Nicola Underhill – 22.91
    18 Rob Metcalf – 23.12
    19 Duncan Fishwick – 23.52

    Well done all.

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    Wow well done Graham..better not tell Ann though!! Great night, thanks Nick and Paul, there really was something for everyone, which must be pretty tricky given the range of experience and speed represented!

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    I’m in for the next track night. Coming out of temporary retirement… Been a year since I was last on there even though I live next door!

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    Glad all seemed to enjoy it again – thanks for great coaching as always Paul. Times for the single lap:

    Jack Fearon 18.53
    Graham Gregory18.57
    Dane Walker 18.66
    Iain Young 19.37
    Graham Wells 19.89
    Alan Kemp 20.01
    Steve Marlow 20.04
    Jim Duffy 20.19
    Colin Carthy 20.31
    Steve Thomas 20.38
    Ady Japp 20.47
    Jason Plass 20.5
    Emily J Martin 20.87
    Andrew Steele 20.91
    Claire Hay 21.02
    Kev Campbell 21.05
    Andy George 21.47
    Syd Rimmer 21.47
    Mick Maundrell 21.69
    Caroline Fearon 22.82
    Rob Medcalf 22.83
    Brent Turner 22.88
    Duncan Fishwick 23.08
    Eleanor Underhill 23.91
    Tom Hay 24.31
    Anna Hay 28.3

    Well done Jack & Graham again! Incredible Graham, 4 hundreths due to skinsuit I’d say!

    See you all 5 Feb

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    Thanks Nick. Not sure if anyone got some good photos? Think my time hasn’t pasted in, I had it as 20:87 🙂

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    Fantastic night. Thanks to Nick and our resident smiling sadist Paul West. 🙂

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    I noticed a couple of people taking photos, does anyone know if these are available anywhere online?

    Baby Leo enjoyed it, I’ll get him accredited soon. 😉

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