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    Long Holt (Flat/Hilly) Short 2 mills (Flat)

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    Big Gusts & Terry “Spartacus” Veal

    Whatever Terry Veal had for breakfast this morning, I think we were all wishing we had some as he drove us along the cyclepath up to Eureka cafe. This set the scene for most of the day as he sat at the front against the 20mph headwinds.

    Rewind back 2 hours and despite the windy conditions what a great turnout at The Legion this morning. 21 riders alone set off on the short run for Two Mills. We had a couple of new riders with us Steve and John, and we also welcomed back Charlotte who we thought had ventured back to uni but obviously loved us so much she came back for more!

    The route to Eureka was as expected, through Delamere Forest and into Mickle Trafford. Despite the conditions the group kept together very well, sat on the front it was really hard to dictate a correct pace, you couldn’t look round to keep tabs as you were fully concentrated on keeping the bike straight in the wind, while pushing into a strong headwind made 10mph quite tough. We had a great group which regrouped at every junction to keep stock of the situation.

    Having fully re-charged at Eureka we set off with the wind on our backs all the way home. Rich Munro took this as an opportunity along the A5117 to get some Team Time Trialling in and it was a nice opportunity for those who wanted to join in stretch their legs. Regrouped we ventured back home through Delamere Forest letting Titch off the leesh, who also returned this week and I’m glad to say he has sent in his membership! Dave “El Presidente” Daynes won the downhill comp on the way back.

    In the photo: Max, Andy Risk, Craig, Charlotte, Jed 2, El Presidente, John, Rich Munro, Spartacus, Me, Rob, Ian Smith, Jack, Lionel, Kay, Ady, Phil, Titch and Steve.

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