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    Today was the Manchester & District 50 mile Time Trial championships on our local course at Cranage. We had 4 entrants but Andy Newby was a no show so the 3 remaining riders were guaranteed club champs medals so long as they all finished of course.

    I represented our club by marshalling at Goughs Lane junction with the A50 at Knutsford, so I saw all the action unfold. The day was a bit sticky as it was slightly drizzling at the start but very warm so it felt humid. Jim said that the wind didn’t really help anywhere but on the other hand it wasn’t particularly hard anywhere either. Sometimes it’s good to have a definite wind in one direction so you can give it beans with the tailwind and just grit your teeth for the headwind stretches. When there are no fast sections 50 miles can feel like a long way as it’s just a continuous slog.

    I didn’t take split times on Jim and Al on the first two laps but they both looked to be going well compared to most of the field. However on lap 3 I clocked them and Al was 1:37 up with around 6 miles to go. Both riders still looked strong and showed no signs of fading. Craig was also cruising for the first two laps but he did appear to be slowing towards the end, but he still managed a smile as he passed me for the last time.

    Final results for the club champs was Craig in 3rd place with a very respectable 2:12:23 placing him 29th in the M&DTTA champs. In second place was Jim with a super fast 2:03:41 also giving him 20th in the area champs. Taking his first ever WVCC club championship win was Alistair who had clearly recovered well from the 4-up on Thursday evening, knocking out an impressive 2:01:56. This also placed him 19th in the M&DTTA champs. I’m really pleased for Alistair as he has worked hard for the past few years and has steadily improved and he deserves this win. Nice one Al! the winner of the M&DTTA champs was talented Mark Nulty of Glossop Kinder Velo who recorded a 1:52:54 in his first season!

    The next club championship is the 100 on 5th July. This is also the Manchester District Championship as it’s the only open 100 in the area on the calendar. If you want a ride send your entry to me as I am the organiser. You can get an entry form on the CTT website or ask me if you need help entering. It officially closes on Tuesday this coming week, but I will leave it open until next Friday. If you don’t want to ride volunteers to marshall will be more than welcomed.



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    wish i saw this before i posted a report on FB! 🙁

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    Thanks Dave for an excellent forum report and thanks Jim for your also excellent FB report, both are appreciated and provide the info I need for my Guardian report. Keep them coming. Oh and well done to all our riders!

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