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    This Sunday I organised the M&DTTA 100 mile championships on our local Cheshire roads. This event is cursed as every year we are hit by last minute roadworks but this year the boys from the black stuff gave us a break. Unfortunately though a wide load appeared on the scene and the police were not letting anybody overtake it. Fortunately it only affected two riders as is passed the start lane and then turned left down Northwich Rd, half a mile later. Unfortunately one of these 2 riders was our very own Alistair Stanway. 😮

    I created a slightly modified version of last years course which took in 3.3 laps of a 30 mile journey around Knutsford / Holmes Chapel and Chelford. The course consisted of 3 out and back legs every 30 miles so it was easy for the riders and the helpers to keep track of how the race was unfolding. This is much better than doing laps of a circuit as often you can feel like you are the only one out there on such courses. Just to liven things up a bit and also to allow the riders to stretch their backs, they had to ride up the Viaduct climb into Holmes Chapel and also the climb on the A50 into Cranage. Most riders found the climbing a little tough but it did relieve the pressure of sitting in the tri-bar position for the entire event. Conditions were great as it was still for the first part of the morning and the cloud kept the conditions warm but not too hot.

    I’ll cut to the chase (for a change) and announce the results, as Iain Young, Alistair Stanway and Andy Newby can recall their experiences in the event. Andy would have taken Bronze recording 2:24:11 at 450 miles but unfortunately he climbed off at 75 miles as his knees turned to mush. He didn’t think they would take the last 25 miles which is always the hardest part of a 100 so that was the end of his challenge for 2015. Good effort Andy and it’s all miles in the bank.

    Alistair probably lost a minute or so within the first mile of the event due to the wide load, but at least it got the adrenaline going. 😀 Al passed the 50 mile time-keeper with a steady 2:12:09 so riding well within himself maybe hoping for a negative split. Unfortunately you have to be very very fit to do a negative split in a 100 as you still have to sit on a bike for over 4 hours so whatever the pace early on it will get uncomfortable later on. However riding too fast early on is the road to hell. 😮 😮 He slowed down in the second half to finally record a 4:28:59 giving him 19th place in the M&DTTA championship and second place in our own club 100 champs. He was disappointed at the HQ afterwards but he did put about 4 minutes into last years time so a big PB and it can take several 100’s before you get the pace right in this most difficult distance in the sport of Time Trialling.

    Iain Young is the man of the moment in the longer time trials for WVCC this year. His big miles and attacking riding in the hills is paying dividends and this showed in the recent National 50 champs where he joined a very small group of our club members who have ever beaten 25mph for a 50 and an even smaller group who have done it on Cheshire. He was going for it at 50 mils recording a 2:06:26. 50 is a great indicator of form and this translated into an excellent time of 4:17:18 in the champs making him our club champion for 2015 and also putting him 13th overall in the area champs. This knocked over 10 minutes off his amazing debut ride last season and was a fitting result for a rider who can only get faster as he gains in experience, particularly if he starts riding fixed (sorry 😳 ). Great win Iain and you have to ride the 12 hour champs now as it would be criminal not to go for the BBAR and the local BAR with a fast 100 time and a fast 50 time to your credit.

    The race was fast this year with 5 rides beating 4:10 and Neil Skellern the winner doing a Cheshire PB of 3:55:17 aged 51 and after many years dominating the local long distance TT scene. Thanks also to the many helpers on the day who outnumbered the riders. Colin Carthy did a very long stint manning the bottle station on Twemlow lane. Next year I think he will ride the event as it is easier than standing around for 4 hours!



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    Great write up & well done Iain, Alastair & Andy. Shame Andy had to abort. Alastair you have high standards clearly!! but as Dave says you are going well & heading in the right direction.

    Iain looked well pleased & not at all bothered that he had just done 100 miles in a tt position!

    Glad to have helped out Dave & suspect that if I had entered, the poor Marshall’s would be out a lot longer than I was!!!

    A photographer stopped by & passed on her Facebook photo site ‘Lancs Racing Scene’……sore topic this Facebook judging by previous posts. 😉

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