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    Today Lee Suthard continued his build up to the National 10 by taking to the Hull roads again on the super fast V718. People often say that riding “drag strip” courses produces fast but meaningless times. This is nonsense because you can’t get away from the fact that these courses are popular with riders of all abilities and they do tend to attract the best the Country has to offer. So a fast time is one thing but a high placing is really something to be proud of on here.

    Lee was off no 11 so he was on the roads a couple of hours before the very best riders at the end. I spoke to Lee earlier and he gave a run down of events as follows. He said that it was windy out there and it was mostly cross wind today but despite this and the fact that the V718 is slightly up hill for the first couple of miles, he rode to the turn island on a 58 x 11 (142″) monster gear. He found a section after the turn particularly hard and definitely into the wind but Lee is an animal so he just mauls that big gear whatever the conditions (my words not his).

    His previous PB was a club record 20:23 but today he made that look like a warm up with a his incredible 18:57!!! Not content with being the first person in the club to smash through the 30mph barrier he skipped the 19’s and joined the very exclusive sub-19 club. His time gave an average speed of, wait for it …… 31.66 mph! 😯 He maintained the lead for most of the afternoon and during that 2 hour period the conditions improved so the later fast men had much better conditions. Despite this Lee managed 5th overall and was a mere 23 seconds behind winner Mark Jones of (18:34), the fastest TT team in the UK. Mark Jones is also a top 5 rider Nationally at this distance. You may recall my post about the 100mile competition record falling a few weeks back, well the guy who took that record only put 13 seconds into Lee today.

    So Lee is officially competing with the very best in the UK at his chosen discipline for the Year of 10 miles. This is in itself quite an achievement as 10 miles is by far the most hotly contested distance but Lee is still not satisfied yet. He told me that he is well chuffed with his ride today, but stressed that he knows that he has a lot more to come yet as he only just starting to get used to the monster gears that riders use at this power discipline.

    They say that fitness is temporary but class is permanent, well Lee clearly has both so watch out Mr Bottrill as the National 10 may not be a safe bet after all. No pressure from me though Lee as I know that champions like you create your own pressure and that is what drives you. Great stuff Lee you’re a super star.



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    Bloody brilliant Lee!

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    Great stuff lee

    Amid lee’s successes, he’s remained one of the most approachable, down to earth guys you could meet.

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