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    This event has been a stinker for the past few years with rain and strong winds a regular problem. Thankfully this Year the rain stayed away but the wind did play a part. The club had 4 entrants, Alan Shuttleworth, Alistair Stanway, Caroline and me.

    I was first off at no 20 but today my seeding was not going to help me as you need a good combination of speed and stamina to ride a fast 50 and it takes a lot of hard work to get those so my aim was survival at a reasonable pace. I rode 92″ fixed which is my usual 50 gear when I’m fit but I rolled it rather than powering it along. I felt good on lap 1 and the wind was blowing but on much of the course it was either tail or cross, so not too bad. However the 4 mile leg from Chelford to Booths Hall was a direct headwind and this road is also rolling so you had to dig deep to keep a reasonable pace going. All was going well at 25 miles and I was pleased with a time of exactly 1:02:00 and continued to feel good at the completion of lap 2 at 34 miles. 2 miles later I could feel the revs dropping and my speed was creeping down on the hard stretches. With 12 mile to go I went to pieces so backed right off as I knew that the 4 mile leg to Booths Hall from 40 – 44 miles would be a stinker with no power in reserve. Sure enough I grovelled and then let the cross tail wind back to the finish carry me as my quads were also now starting to cramp up. I’ve ridden this course so many times before so I know what time I’m likely to do with a few miles to go so my motivation for not totally collapsing was to get under 2:10:00. I limped over the finish line with a 2:09:55 so that will do me. Worst time for 30 years but not bad on zero miles.

    Caroline was next on the road and she is even less fit than me so this was always going to be a challenge. She managed one of the 17 mile laps and climbed off with a painful back, so better luck next time Cal.

    Alan Shuttleworth has a varied stable of machines and often rides either a fixed wheel bike or a trike when time trialling but today he went over to the dark side and rode a geared bike. He managed to overhaul Caroline for 2 minutes before she packed and went on to record a very respectable 2:30:11, so almost bang on 20mph average. Nice ride Alan.

    Our club 50 mile champion Alistair Stanway didn’t disappoint today with another great ride on a far from perfect day. He said he felt really good and smashed through 25 miles in 57 minutes. Most people today lost time on the second half because of the tough Booths Hall leg so Al followed suit and went slower from 25 – 50 miles but still managed a rapid 2:02:16.

    Winner was National 100 mile champion Charles Taylor who was in a different league today with a Cheshire PB 1:44:41…… speechless!



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