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  • kris
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    Two random things happening this day.

    1. I will be doing a random long ride around Cheshire, taking in now cop and gun hill.
    2. I will be making a random donation of £33 directly to the christie.

    Whos with me?

    Andy Wood
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    Well what a great day out on the bike! I’ve done the Cheshire Cat every year for the past 4 years, this has to be the best yet. Last year they messed up the start and finish (which I think put the majority off from last year doing it again this time round). This year you all started off in coloured bays and set times so it was much quicker. They had an army of helpers at the finish moving people into the bike park so it didn’t get congested.

    The route had been revised and it was simply stunning, much better than previous years. After Mow Cop (which I made the full way up for the first time! ) there was the climb out of Congleton, Gun Hill and Wincle before the flat all the way home.

    I rode with Team Risk, Andy keeping me company in the hills (we were soon caught by the mountain goats Carol and Dan Robson who were in great form) before James gave me a lesson on how to rip someone’s legs off on the way home. Luckily we bumped into Titch at the finish, he had completed the 75mile for the first time and managed to get up to the 25% part of Mow Cop before unclipping – a great effort.

    A great day out on the bike, I appreciate and understand why people wouldn’t want to pay £15 to ride on roads they could for free but for those more inclined I would definitely put it back in the diary next year, it would be good to have the WVCC group in club colours on the start line again.

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    A fab report Woody couldnt have put it better myself!!! The start was great and the route was brill much much better than last year!!! You missed out on a lovely little climb at 85 miles!!!! All in all a great day!!!! 😀

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