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  • Andy Wood
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    That is great blog, sounds like a top day out. Well done all!

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    gutted that I missed it, I was too lazy and wanted a little bit of a lie in. had i of known it was going to be such an epic ride I would have made more of an effort. maybe now is a good time to suggest another night ride? perhaps this year I won’t knock andy off?

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    Epic’s definitely the word Titch. Most started their GPS’s at the Boat Lift, but I did it from home, so the whole ride was 108 miles. Pretty sure I’ll never top that on am MTB in my life. Or at least until next year, as I can see this becoming the Mountain Bike section Ferry Across the Mersey ride equivalent! (i.e. quite a few well know, faces, in an unfamiliar setting)

    Great blog entry Elenor, really captured the day for me and thanks again for suggesting it Andy. Like a few others I really wasn’t sure it would be such an good day out, but I have to admit I’m kind of getting into low tech/long distance mountain bike rides and that was spot on for that.

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    Excellent blog El – sounds like a top day out. Sorry I missed it and even sorrier I spent well over two hours grovelling for 4th place in the club 50m TT champs instead on such a lovely day. Well done to Dave, Alistair and Jim who shared out the medals.
    Glad you only had a couple of punctures and it sounds like it all went to plan – well done Andy and the rest of you – quite an achievement.

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    Great blog Eleanor, sounds like you had great day out. Of course you have me to thank for the lack of punctures, as I deliberately made a big deal out of the puncture problem knowing full well that this would guarantee that you hardly had any. If I’d said nothing you would have had loads.

    Incidentally can anybody recommend some decent mountain bike tyres because mine are clearly rubbish!!?



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    Dave sorry for late reply. Kev put Schwalbe Landcruisers on to my cyclo x bike (well it was his bike actually which he lent to me for the day). They were Stans rims run tubeless. No punctures at all. He will try this for this year’s Three Peaks cyclo cross..he was fed up last year spending twenty minutes fixing a puncture on the same Landcruisers but with tubes and he found it really difficult to get the tyres back on.

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