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    This sport never ceases to amaze me, as you think you’ve got it sussed and then something completely unexpected happens. 2014 has been very very long after 4 x 100 mile TT’s, a 24 hour and 6 days ago a 12 hour. I only rode the 12 hour because it was moved from it’s usual slot due to a clash with a triathlon so I had 6 weeks to recover from the 24 hour. The downside to this move was that it sat 6 days before the BDCA 100. I’ve been trying to beat 4 hours for my favourite distance of 100 miles for 30 years and despite getting within a few minutes several times I’ve yet to ride a good day on a fast course. That was until today.

    I’ve ridden a fast 25 one week after a 12 hour but you need to be fully rested to ride a fast 100 as 4 hours of speed endurance takes a lot out of your body. Fortunately Caroline clearly knows me better than I know myself as she persuaded me to enter today’s race. She said I’d regret it afterwards if it was a good day as it’s usually hard when I ride this event. When I got off the bike last Sunday I said to Graham, “there’s no way I’m riding a 100 next week”, as that was one long race too many for this season. Funny how you soon forget the pain though and by Wednesday the bruised feeling in my legs was gone and on Friday I did a 1 hour steady plod with 2 x 5 minute reps thrown in to sharpen the legs and felt really good. game on. 😉

    My plan was simple today, batter it into the wind but hold back and cruise with the tail wind. Miles 0 – 21 are into the wind and then again on the second lap from 50 – 71 miles. I rode 100″ fixed (59 x 16) and it felt spot on today. The first 21 miles from Etwall to Blythe Bridge was actually quite good in places and I was regularly between 25 – 27 mph but from JCB to the horrible concrete mountain was into the wind and uphill so down to 18 – 22mph for about 5 miles. I was encouraged with my 58:00 at 25 miles though as the tail wind was super fast on the return leg. There is a detour of about 8 miles off the dual carriageway from Uttoxeter to Rocester and back but it was a cross wind so I was generally between 25 – 27 mph along here. At 50 miles I was quietly confident as my time of 1:52:40 was my second fastest time ever for a 50 and yet this was just half distance and I’d held back on the return as planned so legs were still OK for the next 21 miles back to Blythe Bridge.

    Second time it felt harder but the good news was that my old cramping problem, that I only get in 100’s never materialised so I could focus on maintaining the pressure when the going got tough .. and it did get tough second time up the mountain as the wind had picked up plus I was starting to feel the effects of the 12 hour in my legs. I knew though that I had some in reserve and if I could get under 3 hours at 75 miles the sub-4 was definitely on. Blythe Bridge was a long time coming but mentally that 71 mile turn was the finish line as far as I was concerned. I just had to maintain form and make use of the tail wind. I went through 75 miles in 2:55:40 so the third 25 had taken 1:03:00, a full 5 minutes slower than the first 25 on the same stretch of road. I was keeping it together but the legs were slowing down as fatigue started to set in. I crossed the line with a big smile on my face as I’d finally smashed through that 4 hour barrier with a 3:54:05 (25.63 mph), lopping a massive 10 minutes off my PB set in the same event last year.

    In 1991 I did my first fast 100 winning the South Lancs 100 on a slow Cheshire course with a 4:05:50. That day I assumed that I would soon get under 4 hours on a decent course and it’s taken me 23 years to finally do it. The 1991 ride was probably the best ride I ever did as I won by 4 minutes whereas today I came 27th and the winner Adam Topham of High Wycombe CC did a rapid 3:26:44. However the field today was better than the field in the National 100 plus I’m nearly twice the age I was in 1991. This ride really means a lot to me and made all of those hard miles worth while…. and to think I nearly didn’t enter! 😮

    One notable ride today was Barry Charlton of Swinnerton Cycles who became the first person ever to beat 4 hours on a trike with his amazing 3:58:09. He adds this record to his 10, 25, 30 and 12 hour records but he said that this will be his last ever trike race as he’s going back to the bike (god help us all)! 😯 Another notable ride was that of my old mate Rod Brooks of Warrington RC who has always been a class 100 miler. He told us today that he is giving up racing at the end of this season so to sign off on a high note he broke the age record for a 69 year old with an incredible 3:59:05. I’ve known Rod for 35 years and Caroline knew him when she was a small child as she and her family were all in the Warrington for years. He is one of the nicest people I know and he was winning races in the early 1960’s and well over 100 century TT’s later he is still beating 25mph average….. what a guy!

    A great end to the season …. or maybe not, as I still have a tandem 25, a 25, a 50 and a GP de Gentleman 25 with James Risk until I can finally put my feet up for a short while.



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    Excellent ride Dave, congratulations!

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    Well done David. An excellent performance and a splendid write up.

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    Well done Dave, a season you will never forget!!! 😀

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    Well done Dave, incredible ride to do 100 miles under 4 hours!!!

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    Well done Dave, they say good things happen to those prepared to wait…. 😀

    I know in these days of super [almost in human] fast rides,, but it’s a very exclusive club that you are now a member of.. chapeau mate chapeau…

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    Really fabulous ride there Dave!

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    Thanks for all the comments everybody, much appreciated.

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    What a fanrastic ride! Amazin. Well done. 🙂

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    Sorry I didn’t get chance to talk much on the hill today Ady. I was headed for the top as I could see the banner but kept meeting people all the way up. Great social occasion as spent 1 hour gossiping and about 10 seconds watching some blokes on bikes potter past! I put the sub-4 down to that Final Fling leg sharpener, so thanks for that!

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    Very well done Dave – a fantastic ride and well deserved too!

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