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  • JimW
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    Congratulation to Alan Kemp who [again] has won the TLI National RR with a great solo breakaway.
    To quote Gary Brown, “never has a road man spent most of his time, time trialing”!

    Good men dont get bad when they get older,, they just get older..

    Well done man.


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    well done alan

    Alan Kemp
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    Thanks Jim and Phil .
    Just an update on Mark Thompson who with about 6 others came down in our race after a touch of wheels .
    I saw him at Leighton Hospital with a broken left collar bone and abrasions . He was unconscious at the crash scene for a short while and as a precaution is being kept in hospital at least overnight .

    Mark has promoted races for us for many years and so it is very unfortunate that this should happen in what is his last promotion.

    Thankfully Mark is such an organised person that the afternoon races went off well with Jim Golden who was in charge of the morning races taking over in Mark`s absence.

    Speedy recovery Mark !

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    Well done Alan!!!
    Here’s wishing Mark a speedy recovery.

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    Huge congratulations to you again Alan.

    Get well soon Mark.


    Andy Wood
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    Great win, miles ahead of the rest of the field. Congrats Kempy!! πŸ˜€

    Rich M
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    Congratulations Alan, well deserved Natuonal Champion after all your wins during the season.

    Best wishes to Mark for a speedy recovery

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    Well done Alan – a storming win. I’m so sorry about Mark – he puts so much effort into these races and works so hard to ensure rider safety, it’s such a shame that he’s had such a bad fall. Mark – all the best for a speedy recovery. Well done to Jim for picking things up in the afternoon…

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