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    Caroline and I were at my daughter Katie’s new house near Nuneaton this weekend, helping her with her ambitious re-modelling work. 😮 I realised a few weeks back that the course for the National 10 mile TT this Year is just 2.5 miles from her house so we took our bikes to do a reccy for Lee.

    Lee is flying as I’m sure TT followers are aware and one of his main aims of the season is to put up a memorable ride in the National 10. Lee is planning on riding an event a few weeks before on the same course and Caroline and I have also entered that event, but I won’t be riding the National.

    On Sunday we took in a pleasant loop around lanes that are totally unexplored by us previously and our ride out took us to the turn island on the A5 at Lutterworth. From there we rode down the 4.5’ish mile return leg of the course to the finish at Wolvey Heath. The course is a simple out and back route on unclassified but reasonably wide roads. The traffic volumes are very low so no assistance and also little potential for delays at the turn island. This I great as there should be no traffic drag effect helping any of the riders so the best man on the day should win. The roads are gently undulating all the way but no serious climbs at all. The biggest handicap will be the road surface. The 2.5 miles leading to the turn and back (so 5 miles in total) are not pot-holed but the surface finish is not smooth so hard tubs and carbon wheels will create a degree of vibration that could be uncomfortable on the tri-bars and will make it hard to get into a good rhythm. On the plus side the first 3 miles and the last 2 are on a smooth surface and the final mile is slightly downhill also so should be a fast finish.

    I think it will be a good championship course so best of luck to Lee. The event will be held on 30th August.

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