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  • AlanS
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    What a crackin day and what crackin bunch of weaver valley riders you gave so generously today it was overwhelming .Not got the total monies in yet but we must be looking at £300+ just by WVCC only. A Big Big Thank You to you ALL for making it such a successful
    day. I’d like to mention everyone who took part but 33 names may take to much space on the page but I’d like to give a mention to little Liam what a brave lad big crash, scuffed knees/elbows & hands but still got a respectable 5th place in the sprint!!! Anyway I’ll post the final total on a later date but THANKS again

    Kevin C
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    The Club is in a very healthy state at the moment with so many Juniors getting involved and lots of others prepared to support such a good cause. Well done Al for organising us again. It was a great day. 😀

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    I’ve put a post up on the cycleblog, if you want to read it – pics aren’t great though.

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    Great day Al

    Elaine really enjoyed the ride, I think the club may have a new member soon. Thanks to everyone for making Elaine feel so welcome.

    See you next Sunday

    Andy Wood
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    Great to see everyone out, thanks to Al for organising it all. 😀

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    Alan it was an awesome day.

    When Liam went down my heart stopped because his shoulder dug in… Thankfully he is fine. I know most of the people on the run were very concerned about the bike too 😆 The good news is that the bike is OK, couple of scuffs and I will have to redo the tape on the handlebars but other than it is in good condition 😀


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    Great day I’m sure enjoyed by everyone.
    Well done Alan, you put in a great shift, up and down the line like a shepherd looking after his flock.
    Not forgetting Carol, Alan’s wife there to welcome the riders in.

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    Well done Alan, an excellent day. Jed

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    Ditto to all comments. Well done all for a successful day, and especially to organsisers and helpers. Great to see youngsters out and “having a go” 😀 Cant wait to see JED on his flying banana again. We may be able to hold his wheel one day….

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    Hello All.
    The total for the Guide Dogs ride is £482, £321 by WVCC & £161 collected by Guide Dogs members at the Ice Cream farm on the day I’ve been told that we should be proud of our achievements .A good suggestion as been put forward for next years event by Dave Fearon & Graham Gregory that any WVCC members with Tandems
    Come along so we can sit a blind or partially Guide dog member on the back to ride the route with us, (what a great photo that will make!) I believe there’s one guide dogs member in training already, So THANKS everybody .
    PS. Not out this Sunday that four letter words cropped up again WORK Sorry.

    Kevin C
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    Sounds like a good idea, and maybe extend the welcome to the riders from the Bury Tandem Club, see link below?

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