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  • Steve Marlow
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    Just to say thanks for the large turnout tonight (30 Riders) specially when the drive to the Velodrome is becoming a Royal pain in the neck. Also appreciate Jeff Winstanley stepping in at the last minute and hope you all managed to get a good workout. Left a bit early last night and Nick Butterworth has given me the Rolling lap and Team Sprint times for the night.
    250 Metre Rolling Start Times
    20.13 Andy Beswick
    20.59 Guy Groves
    21.74 Bob Birkenhead
    21.79 Martin Cole
    21.91 Lucy Stuart
    22.33 Tom Walters
    22.39 Aisling Wall
    22.54 Stephen Hindley
    22.94 Paul Conner
    22.97 Nicola Underhill
    23.27 Caroline Fearon
    25.15 Sam Beswick
    25.90 Ann McAllister

    Team Sprint Times
    Ladies -1.58.29
    Sam, Stephen, Martin, James, Andy -1.49.65
    Paul, Tom, Bob, Guy, Dane-1.46.96

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    Dave Fearon. Do you know if that’s the same Steve hindley?

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