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    Hi all,

    The club dinner is only a few weeks away and pretty soon we will have to get all of the trophies and medals engraved. So far I have received very few claims for club time trial standards so please give this a priority and get your claims sent to me either by post or just e-mail me your claim on

    To see if you are entitled to a claim just take a look at the standards sheets on the club web-site which can be found in the “Club info” tab under “Competition”. There you will find the standard tables and the claim form.

    Like I say you don’t need to formally fill out the form, as I just need to know the name of the event you did your ride in, the time recorded and your age / gender (if it’s not obvious!). Our club 10’s also count, not only open events and I know that several riders from this year’s club 10’s have beaten their standards. From that information I can work out what standard(s) you are entitled to. If you have claims at several distances even better and don’t forget that one ride may qualify you for more than one medal. For example if you beat the time for a Male Silver but you are a vet then you can also use that time to claim a vets standard. Also if you think you have beaten a club record let me know that also as the club records are also published on the web-site and record holders also receive a gold medal.

    If you’ve previously claimed a standard then you can’t repeat it apart from the vets standards which fall in decade groups so a vet 50 can start claiming again when they turn 60 for example. Also the claim form states that you have to pay for a medal or you can have a certificate for free. This no longer applies and all medals are provided free to full members of the club as club standards are not pen to second claim members.

    I hope that makes sense but if not just ask but don’t delay or it will be too late.



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