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  • nofear
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    The eagle eyed ones amongst you will notice that we didn’t have a club track champs this Winter. This was because of lack of track availability at Manchester. I’m trying to gauge interest in arranging a champs but having it in the Summer instead as track time is easier to get due to most people riding the road. However track hire costs are quite high so if there is little interest then we may think again.

    The options are Manchester or Huyton which is a brand new outdoor velodrome near Knowsley. The latter is also much cheaper to hire, but you run the risk of it being rained off.

    So please can you make the effort to pass on your views via this post and if enough people are interested I’ll try to get a date. Also please indicate if you prefer Manchester or Huyton or don’t mind either way. For those who haven’t ridden track outdoors it’s a different experience to an indoor track as it’s longer (400m not 250m) plus the banking is less steep and you have to consider the wind of course if your feeling brave and want to attack!



    Andy Wood
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    I’m up for it. My preference would be Manchester for a true track championships!

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    I am interested and have no preferance

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    😮 😮 Controversial statement that Woody 😉

    An old trackie (and I’m not one), would argue that modern indoor tracks require very little in the way of track craft as everybody just rides eyeballs out. Apparently the bigger outdoor tracks demand more cunning and judgement because you have to allow for things like wind direction, watching your opponents shadow in a sprint and other subtle differences not evident on indoor boards.

    I’ve raced on both and it is very different but as I’m a tester I never got to grips with tactics and all that nonsense anyway … just push hard and see what happens, that’s what I say. 😆 Strangely enough though I’d often push hard and then with about 100m to go everybody would fly past me …. mmmm, maybe they’ve got a point. 😕

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    Woody, if you’ve never ridden an outdoor track I suggest you try it, it is a fairly different experience than riding indoors at Manchester. I’ve been in 5 abreast sprints at Newcastle, in Manchester, you are lucky to get 3 across the track and it is harder to win a race from anywhere further back than 3rd wheel.

    I don’t have any preference on venues, but I live next door to Manchester, so that would be much easier for me.

    Only been on the track twice this year, so will have to dust off the bike and legs before the champs!

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    Manchester Velodrome for me – but I’ll ride anywhere anyway!?

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    I’d be interested in giving this a go but I’ve never done track before. Is it open to complete beginners?

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    Hi Andy,

    Yes it’s open to first time trackies but at the moment there doesn’t appear to be much interest so I’m not sure if we can justify the cost of hiring a track. So if anybody is interested but hasn’t said so please let me know or it probably won’t happen.

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