The challenge to find the Rickshaw, err, challenge.

Al had a good idea. As this year’s Children In Need Rickshaw Challenge was to pass within a hair’s breadth of us (well as near as Chelford anyway), Al thought it would be good and indeed different for us to ride down to see if we could cheer on the challenge, which was to ride from Cannock to Salford today. This was day 4 of a 9 day, 500 mile ride – pedalling a Rickshaw!

We weren’t sure of the schedule, so armed with every technological aid (well, a smartphone with a live tracker from the website), Al would check periodically as we rode out, to see where the intrepid pedallers were.

And so we set off, a reasonably sized group, accompanied by new rider Pete, joining us for his first outing into the chilly but sunny November morning.

Terry exercised his many years of experience near Davenham, as a sizeable leaf blew into his face, blocking most of his vision. He as going uphill so didn’t take his hands of the bars. He merely ignored the alien face hugger and gracefuly came to a stop before removing the offending local flora. ‘I could just about see around either side of the leaf’ he said casually. Skills.

Jim also had his rear light with inbuilt video camera, recording merrily away. None of us made faces, or gesticulated inappropriately during the ride of course when cycling behind Jim.

It was clear from the progress of the Challengers today that it would not be a fast day for them. Travelling north into a chilly headwind is tough enough for anyone, not least these guys. Chapeau.

We therefore cycled on, and decided that the cafe stop must come first, with a hunt later on after we had feasted.

We mused about a visit to a previous haunt at Old Hall Farm in Alsager, but as din-dins was beckoning, we stopped at Astbury Garden Centre instead.

A feast it was, with may cakes on offer, I though Al may have had a heart attack. Not to be though, as despite the veritable cornucopia of cakey confectionary, Al quickly focussed (as can be seen by the fact that Al made everything else go slightly out of focus) on Cherry Pie and custard. We were sold.

A veritable…. well, you get it.

You’ve just put on 2 lbs looking at this photograph. Look away.

Sold. Al covets Chef’s Hot Dessert.

Whilst waiting, Jim also asked us how his father Christmas beard was getting on, along with his Father Christmas suit, that he was wearing under his club kit, as can be seen.

What would you like for Christmas young man?

Interlude (totally irrelevant, as this blog seems to be at the moment):

After the meal, Em decided to show off the first in her winter collection of socks. See below:

Fine socks. I think.

Contextually, this is due to previous images taken, yet not published of more summery sock delight, worn by our two red haired models, Emily and Elaine, back in September.

From the summer collection.

Sported by Jim back in the summer, from the Grandad collection.

Back to the story:

So, we togged up and left, heading south to a point that looked like more of a reasonable place to be able to spot the intrepid crew from the challenge.

We parked up by a pub, and waited to see those that we came to support.

Weaver Valley waits, as outriders appear.

Out of the sun, Matt Baker and eighteen year old Sabah, smiling at the waving, and photographing supporters from WVCC.

Sabah is eighteen years old and was diagnosed with cancer when she was just a baby. She had both kidneys and part of her lungs removed at one point, with just a 13% chance of survival. Sadly, in 2013 her kidney suffered damage and she needs to undergo dialysis as she waits for a donor. She is supported by Same But Different, another project funded by BBC's Children In Need.

Out of the glare, and with a big wave from Sabah, they were on their way.

A fantastic ride, and a worthy cause, that I’d encourage those in the club to support. This can be done easily by clicking this link BBC Children in Need Rickshaw Challenge and clicking the Donate link at the top of the page. Here you can donate as much or as little as you want, and if you are a UK taxpayer, claim Gift Aid with your donation, giving more to the charity.

Following the fun, we turned and headed for home through familiar lanes in the autumn sun, unfortunately accompanied by a cold northerly headwind!

A great day out again on the bike, and great to be there to support the Rickshaw Challenge.


Steve Fidler wins cat M, Kris Zentek cat A, chris Quin Cat B @TLI_Cycling

6 hours ago

EMILY WINS AT TAMESIDE!!!!!... both went to the Tameside crit event tonight... 7 ladies entered mixture of cat 2-4. Emily did her fair share on the front. Jumped off a couple of times but the group did pull back. Emily won the prime at lap 10. Group stayed together until 2 laps when Emily jumped and stayed away to take the win!! As for me I am awful at cornering as expected... lost everyone after every corner then managed to get back on. Finished a miserable 4th but great experience and at least I now know what to work on over winter.... 🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️ Emily Jane Martin ... ’Expand’’Hide’

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7 hours ago

Hi all. Currently there's nobody told me they are coming to the off-road ride on Saturday. Still happy to run one if there are any takers. ... ’Expand’’Hide’

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7 hours ago

Hi, I am interested in coming to cycle with you, is there a beginners group or one that isn’t quite as fast to gauge what ability I am at and if I am quick enough at all. I can do about 30 miles comfortably but would like to join a club to improve my pace. ... ’Expand’’Hide’

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20 hours ago

Can someone please advise which week in April everyone is planning on going to Mallorca - or is it too early to start planing! ... ’Expand’’Hide’

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11 hours ago

I know what an Altruistic bunch some of you are, and I have benefited from this. As my kit rail will testify. However I’m looking for cold hard cash for the following items.

- Michelin pro 4 service course.
700 x 25
Too wide for my Dave Lloyd, lots of wear left.
£25 the pair.

- Campagnolo Khamsin front wheel, smooth and true. (No QR skewer). Wear holes still visible.
... ’Expand’’Hide’

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