The non club run club run.

When is a club run not a club run? What are the numbers needed to make the ride quorate and not just another ride? Is 2 enough? Rain was falling steadily when I left home this morning and by the time I arrived at the club the volume had increased somewhat. Imagine my delight at 28 […]

Wild Wales Challenge – Trophy A...

Wild Wales Challenge – Trophy Award

August Bank holiday seems such a long time ago now, but for those who rode the Wild Wales challange, the best kept secret in cycling, it will be remembered as a glorious, if challenging day. Yesterday we were awarded the coveted Harold Kewish Trophy for the club team with most finishers, WVCC had twenty five […]

Weaver Valley CC Autumn Road Race, ri...

Sunday morning, a cold crisp day, just about perfect conditions for my first road race since July 2012. The six months I’ve been back on the bike have seen me progress from ‘fat middle aged man’ to ‘middle aged man’. Not bad really, you have to start somewhere and I had done as much as […]

A very Autumnel Autumn road race 2016

Well i cannot let the day finish without just a few words about our very autumnel autumn road race today . The Weaver Valley Autumn road race . A beautiful day following a beautiful sunrise as i did a final check on the circuit this morning . I even saw a fox just finishing his […]


On Sunday 25th September 2016 I undertook one of my main challenges for the year, the 3 Peaks Cyclocross in Yorkshire. This is a unique and popular annual event and it is now in its 54th edition, it’s well known in the cyclocross circles and is oversubscribed with entries limited to 650 places and usually […]

Urgent request for marshals for Weave...

Hi all, Just a reminder that the clubs autumn road race is on Sunday Oct 9th. on the Great Budworth circuit . HQ Wincham Community Centre . As you know our club promote several events throughout the year and non of these are possible without the help of a large number of our club members. […]

Fooled by the forecast

Kev C, Matthew and myself

Ten souls were already assembled at the Hazel Pear when I got there just before 9.30 (I try to get to any rendezvous just a couple of minutes early as I hate waiting and getting cold). We were about half and half Weaver Valley and Warrington Road Club. The Weaver Valley half were me, Alan, […]

WVCC Cat & Fiddle Hill Climb 201...

Nice day for a hill climb. The sun was out, the wind was light, and riders gathered early, eager to sign on and get prepared for the ride. Even from the start riders, it looked to be a reasonably fast day, and there was an air of competitive spirit that saw the faster riders battle […]

Loggerheads 10 September

Armwarmers or not armwarmers, that was the question faced on Sunday morning as it was bright and sunny but with a definite nip in the air first thing. No armwarmers for me. Bruce, Carol, Colin Walsh, Colin Wood, Craig, Mark, Paul, Stu, Tony and me set off for Loggerheads at a very civilised pace all […]

Track Nights 2016 are here!!

Inspired by Laura Trott and Jason Kenny? Need to kick start your winter training? This is the perfect opportunity to get some excellent training and experience with the club. We have a British Cycling coach that will train you and give you probably the best 2 hour workout you’ve ever had, for far less money […]

Helpers required – WVCC Hill Cl...

Our Club Championship & open hill climb event is  fast approaching, and, as race organiser, I need YOU, the club members to give me hand with running it. There is no club run this Sunday, so – club members – if you aren’t busy, or on holiday(!), I’d really appreciate your help. I don’t need everybody, […]

Stone Wheelers 25 – 10th Septem...

Stone Wheelers 25 – 10th September 2016

Time triallists talk about “Float days” which come along very rarely but when  they do it just feels fast in all directions.  Today was such a day and those who were lucky enough to ride made the most of it as the J5/8 course at Blythe Bridge is the quickest one in the area and […]

A reminder club audax event at the end of April. Currently club members are outnumbered by other entrants.
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So, Kevan Underhill, Eleanor Underhill, how did you do in Hit the North today? ... ’Expand’’Hide’

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This or the mills? Let me think ... #nohillstothemills Kevin Campbell ... ’Expand’’Hide’

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Peter Sagan on the Taaienberg. ... ’Expand’’Hide’

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I won't be out tomorrow, nor will Julian Perrett, so if anyone is going to go on the 9.00 ride from the club, you need to shout up so people know to turn up. ... ’Expand’’Hide’

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09:30 - Winnington Park Rugby Football Club - see calendar for updated start times (Most runs 10:00 during the winter months)

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20:00 onwards - Winnington Park Rugby Football Club

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10:00 - Hatchmere

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