Guardian Cup and Scratch points after Round 10

It couldn’t get more exciting with just 1 round to go in this year’s club time trial championships.

The Guardian Cup is now hotly contested, with Paul Connor now only 1 point ahead of Tony Booth after spending most of the season way ahead. But, as more riders get to riding the maximum of 7 qualifying rounds, points do tend to get closer as the competition draws to an end.

This means that the Guardian Cup can’t be decided until next week, and the last race will be an all out furious rush to gain more points than you’ve gained before, just to either keep a lead, or steal the championship!

The Scratch points are also pulling closer, with a change at the top as Dan Robson jumps 3 points ahead of Colin Carthy before the last round.

All the play for – so don’t miss next week!!

PlaceTotal Points Best 7NameCounting RidesCurrent HandicapRace 1 10th MayRace 2 17th MayRace 3 24th MayRace 4 31st MayRace 6 28th JuneRace 7 5th JulyRace 8 19th JulyRace 9 26th JulyRace 10 9th August
1163Paul Connor726:392419222323252224
2162Anthony Booth725:5825252422202125
3122Dan Robson725:36918121619211719
4120Colin Carthy624:57171823202319
5115Geoff Lovelady727:32714102118191518
5115Alison Morton630:1915925242220
7109Jim Duffy522:112224212418
8108Steve Marlow625:38131717192220
9104Emily Martin625:4481620211623
1074Dave Fearon423:2820211221
1170Dave Wilkinson628:036138141613
1269Benn Jones325:41222522
1363Clare Hargreaves333:04No points242217
1461John Hassall325:36202120
1461Nick Butterworth424:4512171814
1658Caroline Fearon428:3511141716
1752Chris Gilbertson324:24151918
1844Patrick Lucas226:042123
1932Jim Williams323:4512713
2030Stu Ward224:401515
2128Rich Munro226:071315
2225Phil Booth124:5825
2225Andy Jeal129:22No points25
2225Ben Ditchburn128:00No points25
2523Steve Malkin125:5423
2523Lynsey Astles129:15No points23
2523Andy Milligan123:32No points23
2821Craig Lee224:181011
2917Louise Mainwaring132:04No points17
3016Stephen Lucas126:0416
PositionNameTotal points best 7CountRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 6Round 7Round 8Round 9Round 10
1Dan Robson142714201819-23231920
2Colin Carthy139620-24-25242422-
3Anthony Booth1367--15182320201822
4Paul Connor126711171416-22211719
5Jim Duffy1255-25-25-252525-
6Geoff Lovelady120781513-2118191618
6Steve Marlow12061619192124---21
8Emily Martin109612181720-21-21-
9Dave Fearon9642524-----2324
10Alison Morton886-1310-20161811-
11Nick Butterworth84419--23--2220-
12Dave Wilkinson7767141114--1714-
13John Hassall653-212222-----
14Benn Jones6431823------23
15Jim Williams583-222115-----
16Caroline Fearon5149-12--17-13-
17Andy Milligan4922425
18Chris Gilbertson48224--24-----
19Stu Ward46221-25------
20Craig Lee45222-23------
21Ben Ditchburn412----2219---
22Patrick Lucas33213-20------
22Clare Hargreaves333-12813-----
22Richard Munro332--1617-----
25Andy Jeal272-----15-12-
26Lynsey Astles2621016-------
27Phil Booth23123--------
28Steve Malkin17117--------
29Stephen Lucas15115--------
29Louise Mainwaring1526-9------
29Jonno Gibson151-------15-


I’ll be deciding in the morning if I’m out tomorrow. Wind looks like it will be strong until mid morning. Fingers crossed the forecast is wrong 💨
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