Club 10’s – Guardian Cup Round 1 – 10th May 2017

Dave on his ever faithful fixed CREDIT: Ellen Isherwood

Last night saw the start of the Season long club 10’s and this Year the format of the series has changed slightly.  Previously the series was a handicap competition with points gained in each riders’ 5 best rides counting towards their final score in the Guardian Cup.  However there are 10 rounds in total so the past few seasons have seen some very close final scores as several riders have gained high points scores in weeks where few riders took part.  So to spice things up a little the committee has decided to increase the number of counting rounds to 7 out of 10.  Therefore 175 potential points are up for grabs rather than 125.  In addition there will be a separate competition for a trophy yet to be named and this will be based on a similar points scoring system but the points gained will be based on actual times and not handicap times with 25 points for first and also with 7 counting rides and a maximum total of 175 points.  I hope that is clear but if not I’m sure you’ll soon catch on.

Below is the result for the first round showing actual times only.  The points scores will follow within the next couple of days when I’ve got my head around Ady’s spreadsheet.  Looking forward to seeing the competition unfolding across the season.  For those of you who didn’t ride you missed a cracking evening with nice warm and still conditions for a change.  Only 9 rounds left so make an effort to have a go as you may surprise yourself as you see the improvements week on week.

PositionRider Actual Time
1Dave Fearon23:28
2Chris Gilbertson24:40
3Phil Booth24:58
4Craig Lee25:03
5Stu Ward25:04
6Colin Carthy25:12
7Nick Butterworth25:25
8Dave McKay*25:39
9Ben Jones25:43
10Steve Malkin25:54
11Steve Marlow26:06
12Stephen Lucas26:21
13Dan Robson26:33
14Patrick Lucas26:34
15Emily Martin27:27
16Paul Connor*27:49
17Lyndsey Astles29:15
18Caroline Fearon29:17
19Geoff Lovelady29:19
20Dave Wilkinson30:42
21Lois Mainwaring32:04


I’ll be deciding in the morning if I’m out tomorrow. Wind looks like it will be strong until mid morning. Fingers crossed the forecast is wrong 💨
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