Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 2 positions

..and just before round 3 kicks off tonight, here are the placings.

Hopefully we are not going to have another year like 2014 with loads of roadworks, but it certainly looks that way with yet another course change due to temporary traffic lights in Peover. We used the old 2 lapper that we all know and love (hate) and the wind was also tough just to make it worse. Unsurprisingly everybody who rode last week went quite a bit slower this week apart from a certain Mr Williams! Jim rode his new toy and obliterated his PB putting 61 seconds into his time of last week with a very respectable 27:03. At this rate of progress I reckon Jim should be down to an 18 by August, so watch out Wiggo.

Jim’s maximum 25 points lifted him up to 3rd place overall in the Guardian Cup but Matt Sayle our resident paparazzi cameraman reeled off another snappy ride with a 29:42 giving him 22 points and maintaining his first place in the cup with 47 points. However Matt is sharing top spot with Dennis Hornby who is proving that he is equally at home on two wheels as he is on three.

Still 8 rounds to go so get out and open your account if you haven’t put your toe in the water yet (where does this drivel come from!?)  Next week I promise that we will enjoy a fast day on a good course so put it in your diary.

PosNameActual TimeCurrent PBNew PBPB Date 2014./15+/- Sec sGuardian Cup Points
1Dave Fearon00:24:2300:23:2400:23:2413-May-15-5919
2Iain Young00:24:3800:24:1500:24:1516-Jul-14-2324
3Geoff Mullett00:24:4800:23:3300:23:3321-May-14-7516
4Jim Duffy00:24:5000:23:5000:23:5016-Jul-14-6018
5Craig Lee00:25:5500:24:5000:24:5030-Jul-14-6517
6Neil Drummond00:26:3500:25:5100:25:5113-May-15-4420
7=Colin Carthy00:26:5700:25:3500:25:3525-Jun-14-8215
7=Jamie Wilson00:26:5700:26:5700:26:5720-May-15Benchmark-
9Jim Williams00:27:0300:28:0400:27:0320-May-156125
10Stu Ward00:27:2200:26:0000:26:0013-May-15-8215
11Mark Dixon00:27:3500:25:5200:25:5214-Aug-14-10312
12Steve Malkin00:28:0900:26:3100:26:3107-Aug-14-9813
13Dennis Hornby00:29:0900:28:4600:28:4613-May-15-2324
14Graham Gregory00:29:4100:29:4100:29:4120-May-15Benchmark-
15Matt Sayle00:29:4200:29:0800:29:0813-May-15-3422
16Andy George00:30:3000:29:5500:29:5502-Jul-14-3521
17Steve Duffy*00:32:01
18Simon Howells00:32:1000:29:2900:29:2914-May-14-16111
-Ben Palmer / Mark Hassall*00:28:28

*Non-club member does not qualify for Guardian Cup.

PlaceTotal Points Best 5NameCounting RidesCurrent HandicapRace 1 13th MayRace 2 20th May
1=47Matt Sayle200:29:082522
1=47Dennis Hornby200:28:462324
343Jim Williams100:27:031825
4=39Dave Fearon200:23:242019
4=39Neil Drummond100:25:511920
638Stu Ward200:26:002315
730Craig Lee100:24:501317
829Colin Carthy100:25:351415
926Andy George200:29:55521
1025Steve Malkin200:26:311213
11=24Nigel Woods100:28:2624x
11=24Iain Young100:24:15x24
13=23Steve Marlow100:28:5923x
13=23Mark Dixon200:25:521112
1519Simon Howells200:29:29811
1618Geoff Mullett100:23:50x18
1717Ady Japp100:26:2317x
18=16Jim Duffy100:23:33x16
18=16Paul West100:30:5516x
1915Caroline Fearon100:28:2715x
2010Stephen Lucas100:28:2010x
219Andy Wood100:24:139x
227Alan Silver100:28:197x
236Nikki Cullis100:29:136x

Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 2 – 20th May 2015

Results from the 2nd round are below. Updated points for the series will follow in a separate post.

1Dave Fearon24:23
2Ian Young24:38
3Geoff Mullett24:48
4Jim Duffy24:50
5Craig Lee25:55
6Neil Drummond26:35
7Jamie Wilson26:57
7Colin Carthy26:57
9Jim Williams27:03
10Stu Ward27:22
11Mark Dixon27:35
12Steve Malkin28:09
13Dennis Hornby29:09
14Graham Gregory29:41
15Matt Sayle29:42
16Andy George30:30
17Steve Duffy32:01
18Simon Howells32:10
19Mark Hassall/Ben Palmer28:28

Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 1 positions

This is what you’ve all been waiting for. The points and positions for the first round of the Guardian Cup. It’ll be a good year this year with some new contenders, and speaking of which, the early leader after round 1 is brand new member Matt ‘Scoop’ Sayle, grabbing a maximum of 25 points for this round! Well done Matt, all you’ve got to do now is keep getting faster!! A promising start!

PosNameActual TimeCurrent PBNew PBPB Date 2014./15+/- Sec sGuardian Cup Points
1Dave Fearon0:23:240:23:460:23:2413-May-152220
2Andy Wood0:25:260:24:130:24:1330-Jul-14-739
3Craig Lee0:25:330:24:500:24:5030-Jul-14-4313
4Neil Drummond0:25:510:26:120:25:5113-May-152119
5Colin Carthy0:25:550:25:350:25:3525-Jun-14-2014
6Stu Ward0:26:000:26:340:26:0013-May-153423
7*Craig Stephens0:26:22
8Ady Japp0:26:230:26:390:26:2313-May-151617
9Mark Dixon0:26:370:25:520:25:5214-Aug-14-4511
10Connor Fearon0:26:460:26:460:26:4613-May-15Benchmark-
11=Dan Robson0:27:150:27:150:27:1513-May-15Benchmark-
11=Steve Malkin0:27:150:26:310:26:317-Aug-14-4412
13Jim Williams0:28:040:28:210:28:0413-May-151718
14Nigel Woods0:28:260:29:130:28:2613-May-154724
15Caroline Fearon0:28:430:28:270:28:272-Jul-14-1615
16Dennis Hornby0:28:460:29:090:28:4613-May-152321
17Steve Marlow0:28:590:29:330:28:5913-May-153423
18Matt Sayle0:29:080:30:030:29:0813-May-155525
19Stephen Lucas0:29:100:28:200:28:206-May-15-5010
20Mike Wilkinson0:29:110:29:110:29:1113-May-15Benchmark-
21Alan Silver0:30:380:28:190:28:1916-Jul-14-797
22Simon Howells0:30:460:29:290:29:2914-May-14-778
23Nikki Cullis0:30:520:29:130:29:1321-May-14-996
24Paul West0:31:080:30:550:30:552-Jul-14-1316
25Andy George0:34:030:29:550:29:552-Jul-14-2485
PlaceTotal Points Best 5NameCounting RidesCurrent HandicapRace 1 13th May
125Matt Sayle10:29:0825
224Nigel Woods10:28:2624
3=23Steve Marlow10:28:5923
3=23Stu Ward10:26:0023
521Dennis Hornby10:28:4623
620Dave Fearon10:23:2420
719Neil Drummond10:25:5119
818Jim Williams10:28:0418
917Ady Japp10:26:2317
1016Paul West10:30:5516
1115Caroline Fearon10:28:2715
1214Colin Carthy10:25:3514
1313Craig Lee10:24:5013
1412Steve Malkin10:26:3112
1511Mark Dixon10:25:5211
1610Stephen Lucas10:28:2010
179Andy Wood10:24:139
188Simon Howells10:29:298
197Alan Silver10:28:197
206Nikki Cullis10:29:136
215Andy George10:29:555

Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 1 – 13th May 2015

A warmer, sunnier evening brought out the numbers, with 26 starting tonight, and the start of the Guardian Cup for 2015.

Less wind on the night, but not necessarily easier, as there was no helpful tail from the start.

Some good times posted though as the time-trialling legs get stretched for the rest of the season!

Result below, with Guardian Cup standings to follow.

1Dave Fearon23:24
2Andy Wood25:26
3Craig Lee25:33
4Neil Drummond25:51
5Colin Carthy25:55
6Stu Ward26:00
7Craig Stephen26:22
8Adrian Japp26:23
9Mark Dixon26:37
10Connor Fearon26:46
11Steve Malkin27:15
12Dan Robson27:15
13Dave Reed27:42
14Jim Williams28:04
15Nigel Woods28:26
16Caroline Fearon28:43
17Dennis Hornby28:46
18Steve Marlow28:59
19Matt Sayle29:08
20Stephen Lucas29:10
21Mike Wilkinson29:11
22Alan Silver30:38
23Simon Howells30:46
24Nikki Cullis-Wilding30:52
25Paul West31:08
26Andy George34:03


Club 10s – Practice 10 – 6th May 2015

A windy evening, but not as bad as most thought it might be, saw 16 riders take to the original TT course (unused last year).


It was good to see newer riders returning for another go, already bitten by the bug of trying to beat their times set previously!

Results are below, and for those riders who don’t already have a handicap time, their time tonight will count as their handicap, and be used for the Guardian Cup series starting next week.

1Geoff Mullett24:46
2Neil Drummond26:12
3Colin Carthy26:15
4Adrian Japp26:39
5Stu Ward27:04
6Craig Lee27:52
7Ben Johnson27:53
8Stephen Lucas28:20
9Jim Williams28:21
10Dennis Hornby29:09
11Nigel Woods29:13
12Steve Marlow29:33
13Matt Sayle30:03
14Simon Howells31:51
15Patrick Lucas32:32
16Andy George35:59

Club 10s – Gents 2-up – 29th April 2015

The first event of 2015 saw an expectant few wait for a windy ride back on the usual course (after last year’s disruptive road works strewn events!).

Unfortunately, it was noted on the night that more traffic lights had appeared on Middlewich Road, in Lower Peover. That put paid to that.

Not to be denied a race, we switched to the 2 lap course and 7 sets of riders set of. As said, it was a gusty night with headwinds on the sections of the course that you really didn’t need. Overall, times reflect the heavy night.

A good start nonetheless, and good to stretch the legs and get the heart rate up!

Next week: The handicap event before the real action of the Guardian Cup starts… :-)

Results below:

1Dave Fearon27:11
2Mark Dixon27:32
3Colin Carthy/Neil Drummond27:39
4Steve Malkin/Adrian Japp27:54
5Craig Lee28:13
6Stephen Lucas29:33
7Ben Johnson/Matt Sayle31:53

M&DTTA Christmas 10 – 2014

A man in a bath, riding a 10. I kid you not.

A man in a bath, riding a 10. I kid you not.

Firstly a big big thanks to the people who helped out at today’s event as the HQ at Goostrey was packed as always and the hard work of those involved helped to create a great atmosphere at this closer to the local Time Trial Year. Caroline, Jo Japp and our Jack’s girlfriend Nicole, together with other Manchester Ladies baked, brewed, made hundreds of sandwiches and served hundreds of people and everybody went away well fed and watered. Ady Japp also performed his usual computer wizardry with the result board and made my life as organiser significantly easier. This event is always a challenge as the M&DTTA present the prizes on the day so we are under time pressure to work out the results so I can do the presentation. Jimmy Williams briefly came out of retirement to time keep the event. Rumour has it that this was the first time he has looked at a clock since hanging up his work clogs. He has lost the concept of hours let alone seconds so it must have taken a big effort to calculate all those times to the nearest second over nearly 2 hours of racing! Thanks Jim and you can take the rest of the Winter off.

The event went very well as the early freezing cold wind assisted, horizontal rain cleared soon after the early starters were on their way. I had 114 entries which is excellent for December. The fancy dress riders made a massive creative effort as usual despite the relative lack of physical effort in the race itself in most cases. However the winner of the best costume, Jonny Decamps came as a “Flying bath” and rode his bike inside what appeared to be a full size bath complete with taps, a shower and even a rubber duck. :D Fortunately for him the rain stopped before he started or else he would have been several pounds heavier by the finish.

Our own ace trikies Alan Shuttleworth and Dennis Hornby won the tandem trike prize with an excellent 28:57. The only other Weaver valley CC rider was our Jack who made the trip from Derby to ride his first 10 of the year. His 27:16 on 92″ fixed was pretty fast considering he hasn’t ridden a bike for months and the course was largely the same as our club 10 course so not exactly a drag strip, unless of course you count the riders who rode in drag. :lol:

Local fast man Rob Hayes of Manchester Wheelers won the overall prize with a stupidly fast 22:26 on a very cold, windy, December day. Second with 22:43 was Andrew Leigh of Belgium road team Terra System Shoes. Andy is an Espoir road man from Urmston but based in Belgium during the season and his dad told me a few weeks ago that he hates testing but has to improve at this discipline for stage races on the continent. His mum and dad are old friends of mine as they own Eddie McGrath cycles in Urmston which is my old home town and his mum Carol organises the Revolution series for BC. I remember him as a young lad and it’s great to see him develop as a cyclist and I don’t think he needs to polish his TT skills too much based on this out of season performance!

Thanks again to all entrants and helpers for making such a memorable day and looking forward to next year.

Some images from the event are below.

Dennis and Alan claim their prize.

Dennis and Alan claim their prize.

Dennis and Alan... in the zone...

Dennis and Alan… in the zone…

Snow Whsite and the 7 not so white dwarves.. allegedly..

Snow Whsite and the 7 not so white dwarves.. allegedly..

Mary and Paul Peter Brocklehurst and Peter Daniel

Chelford Chicks

Chelford Chicks



British Cycling National Paracycling Time Trial Championships 11/10/2014


Weaver Valley CC were honoured to be hosting such a high profile event, with cyclists coming from across the land to compete for National Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for 2014. The weather was cool, the sun was out, and it looked like a perfect TT day.

A compact course was used, with competitors completing 1, 2 or 3 laps depending on the category (6, 12 and 18 miles respectively).

A total of 31 very determined looking entrants headed out to set off at minute intervals, and we soon gained our first winner in the Trike class, with Hannah Dines of Team Bicycles taking Gold with a time of 22 minutes and 52 seconds.

Competition hotted up with the Female Handcycle class where Mel Nicholls took a convincing win against second place Caroline Wearing and third place Rachel Morris. All times were close in the five riders in this class.

Kirsty Howells could do no wrong in the Female bicycle and romped home to gold with 35:14, to pip Chloe Selman and Elizabeth Saul to Silver and Bronze respectively.

Male handcycle was the first class to go over 3 laps, and Brian Alldis brought home gold for the West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club. Alistaor Cops-Bell took Silver and Alex Brooke Turner, Bronze,

Some really good time were recorded in the last 2 categories to gain times, with Simon Price from Club Para-T romping home with a corrected time of 42:01.8 in the Male bicycle, closely followed by Jonathan Gildea and Rik Waddon for Silver and Bronze respectively.

The final cat was the four rider, two tandems race where the team of Steve Bate and Adam Duggleby of Wheelbase Altura MD came home in a fantastic actual time of 37:46.0 to take Gold. In second place were the fantastic team of Laura Cluxton and Claire Hamilton.

This was a fantastic day and event, and I’m glad to say that WVCC received many positive responses for the excellent organisation and marshalling of the event.

Thanks must also go to Nick Jones of the Northwich Guardian for some fantastic photos from the event. Full results are also published below.

Female Trike - 1 Lap - Awards Jersey & Gold Medal

PositionName(s)Club/TeamCatFactorCorrectedRec: Time
1Hannah DinesTeam BicyclesFT100.00%00:22:52.000:22:52.0

Female Handcycle - 2 Laps - Awards Jersey & Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals

PositionName(s)Club/TeamCatFactorCorrectedRec: Time
1Mel NichollsUnattachedHC397.25%00:46:16.500:47:35.0
2Caroline WareingTeam BicyclesFH4100.00%00:47:03.000:47:03.0
3Rachel Morrisa3crgFH4100.00%00:47:18.000:47:18.0
4Hannah HuntThe Handcycling Association of the UKFH4100.00%00:47:42.000:47:42.0
5Jennifer BrowningUnattachedFH397.25%00:48:31.700:49:54.0

Female Bicycle - 2 Laps - Awards Jersey & Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals

PositionName(s)Club/TeamCatFactorCorrectedRec: Time
1Kristy HowellsAshford Whlrs CCFC5100.00%00:35:14.000:35:14.0
2Chloe SelmanPerformance Cycle CoachingFC498.57%00:35:41.900:36:13.0
3Elizabeth SaulUnattachedFC498.57%00:37:38.200:38:11.0
4Katie ToftMossley CRTFC393.36%00:38:57.700:41:44.0
5Sally HurstSeacroft WheelersFC289.49%00:40:27.000:45:12.0
Megan GigliaStratford Cycle Studio - RPCFC393.36%DNS Apol.

Male Handcycle - 3 Laps - Awards Jersey & Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals

PositionName(s)Club/TeamCatFactorCorrectedRec: Time
1Brian AlldisWest Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon ClubMH4100.00%00:56:21.000:56:21.0
2Alistair Corps-BellThe Handcycling Association of the UKMH397.25%00:56:24.300:58:00.0
3Alex Brooke TurnerDulwich Paragon CCMH397.25%01:01:29.701:03:14.0
4Luke JonesTRCC (Towy Racing Cycle Club)MH397.25%01:04:11.101:06:00.0
5Stuart LloydThe Handcycling Association of the UKMH397.25%01:09:36.901:11:35.0
Ian MarsdenUnattachedMH4100.00%DNS

Male Bicycle - 3 Laps - Awards Jersey & Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals

PositionName(s)Club/TeamCatFactorCorrectedRec: Time
1Simon PricePara-TMC289.49%00:42:01.800:46:58.0
2Jonathan GildeaSeamons CCMC5100.00%00:42:08.000:42:08.0
3Rik WaddonPara-TMC393.36%00:43:13.500:46:18.0
4Craig PreeceTeam Battle BackMC393.36%00:44:07.700:47:16.0
5Louis RolfeCambridge CCMC289.49%00:44:19.600:49:32.0
6Jaco van GassTeam Battle BackMC498.57%00:44:34.200:45:13.0
7Adrian JonesPH-MAS CyclingMC498.57%00:45:48.100:46:28.0
8Nicholas FairfieldCity RC (Hull)MC498.57%00:47:23.700:48:05.0
9Martin ChristmasGraham Weigh RacingMC393.36%00:47:40.600:51:04.0
10Jonathan WrenSotonia CCMC5100.00%00:48:06.000:48:06.0
11Tom StanifordTrek SRM ProvisionMC393.36%00:54:13.600:58:05.0
Craig GreenGreenwheel CyclesMC5100.00%DNF

Tandem - 3 Laps - Awards Jersey & Gold Medal

PositionName(s)Club/TeamCatFactorCorrectedRec: Time
1Steve BateWheelbase Altura MGDMB100.00%00:37:46.000:37:46.0
Adam DugglebyWheelbase Altura MGDPilot
2Laura CluxtonRock And Road CyclesFB87.71%00:44:52.700:51:10.0
Claire HamiltonPaisley Velo Cycling ClubPilot


Club 10 Mile TT – Final Fling – 20th August 2014

The last one of the season saw another breezy but thankfully dry evening.

Results as below:

1Dave Fearon/Adrian Japp (Tandem)0:23:33
2Jim Duffy0:24:26
3Iain Young0:24:29
4Tim Rutherford0:24:32
5Mike Irvine0:24:46
6Andy Wood0:25:09
7Chris Gilbertson0:25:17
8Nick Butterworth0:25:25
9Colin Walsh0:26:15
10Mark Dixon0:26:59
11Steve Malkin0:27:04
12Penny Thorn0:27:50
13Caroline Fearon0:28:44
14James Ross0:29:21
15Karen Boyle0:31:38

Guardian Cup 2014 – Final Results

The final round points and the final standings for the 2014 Guardian Cup are now shown below!

Congratulations to Steve Malkin, in his first year of time-trialling (and incidentally riding every 10 this season!), on winning the Guardian Cup – in the end by a margin of 2 points! Steve rode well and just kept improving steadily, all the time riding each event with smile on his face!!

Well done Steve!!

The cup, will as usual, be presented at our annual Club Dinner and Awards evening.

Guardian Cup Round 11 – 13th August 2014 – Points

PosNameActual TimeCurrent PBNew PB+/- Sec sGuardian Cup Points
1Iain Young00:24:2124:15:0024:15:00-621
2Dave & Caroline Fearon (Tandem)00:24:50N/aN/aN/aN/a
3Andy Wood00:24:5124:21:0024:21:00-3018
4Mark Dixon00:25:5226:07:0025:52:001524
5Stu Ward00:26:4126:34:0026:34:00-720
6Steve Malkin00:26:4526:31:0026:31:00-1419
7Ady Japp00:27:0724:52:0024:52:00-13517
8Andy Boyle00:28:3328:34:0028:33:00122
9James Ross00:29:0429:22:0029:04:001825
10Steve Rarity *00:29:39
11=Karen Boyle00:30:2930:33:0030:29:00423
11=Dave McHarg *00:30:29

Guardian Cup 2014 – Final points standing

PlaceTotal Points Best 5NameCounting RidesCurrent HandicapRace 1 14th MayRace 2 21st MayRace 3 28th MayRace 4 4th JuneRace 5 25th JuneRace 6 2nd JulyRace 7 16th JulyRace 8 23rd JulyRace 9 30th JulyRace 10 6th AugustRace 11 13th August
1119Steve Malkin526:312220252420232223241919
2117Mark Dixon525:52x16xx24xx25192524
3109Stuart Ward526:34xx23x2521x20xx20
4108Andy Leather530:39x23xxx24x152323x
5106Andy Wood524:2121x2221212020x21x18
6100James Ross529:04xxxxxx2321171425
799Craig Lee524:5017xx19x22x192217x
896Karen Boyle530:29xxxxxx2514201623
9=94Lee Suthard521:511213x20xxx241522x
9=94Geoff Mullett523:523xx25161119xxxx
1189Heather Clarke428:242422xx1825xxxxx
1282Jim Duffy523:331619xxx15x17x15x
1375Greg Lambert427:42x15xx1919x22xxx
1472Dean Clarke426:471917xx2214xxxxx
1571Andy Boyle428:33xxxxxxx16151822
1670Adrian Japp524:52x6x1713xx1310x17
1768Paul Goldstraw427:011814xx1818xxxxx
1864Colin Carthy325:35x18x2323xxxxxx
1961Debbie Clark332:582521xx15xxxxxx
2055Alan Silver527:37x5xx12918x11xx
2153Simon Howells427:551171916xxxxxxx
2249Emily Martin229:04xxxxxxxx2524x
23=47Elaine Mossman428:58138xx1412xxxxx
23=47Eleanor Underhill231:08x25x22xxxxxxx
2545Iain Young224:15xxxxxx24xxx21
2643Caroline Fearon327:35xxx18x13xx12xx
2740Richard Munro325:1110x20xx10xxxxx
28=37Penny Thorn227:34xxxxxxxx1621x
28=37Julian Perrett325:03159xxxxxx13xx
3032Chris Gilbertson224:362012xxxxxxxxx
31=24Matt Nowell124:32xx24xxxxxxxx
31=24Alex Stewart128:50x24xxxxxxxxx
33=21Nick Butterworth124:49xxxxxx21xxxx
33=21Andy Beswick129:37xx21xxxxxxxx
33=21Colin Walsh126:38xxxxxxxxx21x
3618Jon White127:10xxxxxxxx18xx
37=17Mark Dixon127:29xxxxx17xxxxx
37=17Paul West130.55xxxxx17xxxxx
3914Dave Fearon122.4414xxxxxxxxxx
4013James Risk122:51xxxxxxxxx13x
4111Nikki Cullis128:47x11xxxxxxxxx
4210Derek Heine130:18x10xxxxxxxxx
-0Howard Clarke025:20xXxxxxxxxxx
-0Chris Craggs026:58xxxxxxxxxxx
-0Neil Drummond027:08xxxxxxxxxxx
-0Paul Goldstraw027:16xxxxxxxxxxx
-0Connor Goldstraw028:14xxxxxxxxxxx
-0Bert Stewart029:00xxxxxxxxxxx
-0Shelagh Stelfox034:11xxxxxxxxxxx
-0Geoff Maddock029:08xxxxxxxxxxx
-0Andrew George029:55xxxxxxxxxxx
-0Dave Read0DNFxxxxxxxxxxx

* Non-club member doesn’t qualify for Guardian Cup