Club 10 Mile TT – Final Fling – 20th August 2014

The last one of the season saw another breezy but thankfully dry evening.

Results as below:

1Dave Fearon/Adrian Japp (Tandem)0:23:33
2Jim Duffy0:24:26
3Iain Young0:24:29
4Tim Rutherford0:24:32
5Mike Irvine0:24:46
6Andy Wood0:25:09
7Chris Gilbertson0:25:17
8Nick Butterworth0:25:25
9Colin Walsh0:26:15
10Mark Dixon0:26:59
11Steve Malkin0:27:04
12Penny Thorn0:27:50
13Caroline Fearon0:28:44
14James Ross0:29:21
15Karen Boyle0:31:38

Guardian Cup 2014 – Final Results

The final round points and the final standings for the 2014 Guardian Cup are now shown below!

Congratulations to Steve Malkin, in his first year of time-trialling (and incidentally riding every 10 this season!), on winning the Guardian Cup – in the end by a margin of 2 points! Steve rode well and just kept improving steadily, all the time riding each event with smile on his face!!

Well done Steve!!

The cup, will as usual, be presented at our annual Club Dinner and Awards evening.

Guardian Cup Round 11 – 13th August 2014 – Points

Actual Time
Current PB
New PB
+/- Sec s
Guardian Cup Points
1Iain Young00:24:2124:15:0024:15:00-621
2Dave & Caroline Fearon (Tandem)00:24:50N/aN/aN/aN/a
3Andy Wood00:24:5124:21:0024:21:00-3018
4Mark Dixon00:25:5226:07:0025:52:001524
5Stu Ward00:26:4126:34:0026:34:00-720
6Steve Malkin00:26:4526:31:0026:31:00-1419
7Ady Japp00:27:0724:52:0024:52:00-13517
8Andy Boyle00:28:3328:34:0028:33:00122
9James Ross00:29:0429:22:0029:04:001825
10Steve Rarity *00:29:39
11=Karen Boyle00:30:2930:33:0030:29:00423
11=Dave McHarg *00:30:29

Guardian Cup 2014 – Final points standing

Total Points Best 5
Counting Rides
Current Handicap
Race 1 14th May
Race 2 21st May
Race 3 28th May
Race 4 4th June
Race 5 25th June
Race 6 2nd July
Race 7 16th July
Race 8 23rd July
Race 9 30th July
Race 10 6th August
Race 11 13th August
1119Steve Malkin526:312220252420232223241919
2117Mark Dixon525:52x16xx24xx25192524
3109Stuart Ward526:34xx23x2521x20xx20
4108Andy Leather530:39x23xxx24x152323x
5106Andy Wood524:2121x2221212020x21x18
6100James Ross529:04xxxxxx2321171425
799Craig Lee524:5017xx19x22x192217x
896Karen Boyle530:29xxxxxx2514201623
9=94Lee Suthard521:511213x20xxx241522x
9=94Geoff Mullett523:523xx25161119xxxx
1189Heather Clarke428:242422xx1825xxxxx
1282Jim Duffy523:331619xxx15x17x15x
1375Greg Lambert427:42x15xx1919x22xxx
1472Dean Clarke426:471917xx2214xxxxx
1571Andy Boyle428:33xxxxxxx16151822
1670Adrian Japp524:52x6x1713xx1310x17
1768Paul Goldstraw427:011814xx1818xxxxx
1864Colin Carthy325:35x18x2323xxxxxx
1961Debbie Clark332:582521xx15xxxxxx
2055Alan Silver527:37x5xx12918x11xx
2153Simon Howells427:551171916xxxxxxx
2249Emily Martin229:04xxxxxxxx2524x
23=47Elaine Mossman428:58138xx1412xxxxx
23=47Eleanor Underhill231:08x25x22xxxxxxx
2545Iain Young224:15xxxxxx24xxx21
2643Caroline Fearon327:35xxx18x13xx12xx
2740Richard Munro325:1110x20xx10xxxxx
28=37Penny Thorn227:34xxxxxxxx1621x
28=37Julian Perrett325:03159xxxxxx13xx
3032Chris Gilbertson224:362012xxxxxxxxx
31=24Matt Nowell124:32xx24xxxxxxxx
31=24Alex Stewart128:50x24xxxxxxxxx
33=21Nick Butterworth124:49xxxxxx21xxxx
33=21Andy Beswick129:37xx21xxxxxxxx
33=21Colin Walsh126:38xxxxxxxxx21x
3618Jon White127:10xxxxxxxx18xx
37=17Mark Dixon127:29xxxxx17xxxxx
37=17Paul West130.55xxxxx17xxxxx
3914Dave Fearon122.4414xxxxxxxxxx
4013James Risk122:51xxxxxxxxx13x
4111Nikki Cullis128:47x11xxxxxxxxx
4210Derek Heine130:18x10xxxxxxxxx
-0Howard Clarke025:20xXxxxxxxxxx
-0Chris Craggs026:58xxxxxxxxxxx
-0Neil Drummond027:08xxxxxxxxxxx
-0Paul Goldstraw027:16xxxxxxxxxxx
-0Connor Goldstraw028:14xxxxxxxxxxx
-0Bert Stewart029:00xxxxxxxxxxx
-0Shelagh Stelfox034:11xxxxxxxxxxx
-0Geoff Maddock029:08xxxxxxxxxxx
-0Andrew George029:55xxxxxxxxxxx
-0Dave Read0DNFxxxxxxxxxxx

* Non-club member doesn’t qualify for Guardian Cup

Club 10 Mile TT – Guardian Cup Round 11 – 13th August 2014

The last Guardian Cup of 2014 saw a brave few come out into a cross wind around the course, interspersed with showers just to cool us down. An odd night where most went slower, and some made excuses about chains falling off….

1Iain Young00:24:21
2Caroline and Dave Fearon (Tandem)00:24:50
3Andy Wood00:24:51
4Mark Dixon00:25:52
5Stu Ward00:26:41
6Steve Malkin00:26:45
7Adrian Japp00:27:07
8Andy Boyle00:28:33
9James Ross00:29:04
10Steve Rarity00:29:39
11Karen Boyle00:30:29
12Dave McHarg00:30:29

Next week is the Final Fling and our last club 10 of 2014. A time trial just for fun, and we’ll whizz up to the pub afterwards to announce the final Guardian Cup standings and have a lemonade!

Guardian cup points standings after 10 rounds

Read ‘em and weep. Only one Guardian Cup round tomorrow to compete for the glory!!

Guardian Cup Round 10 – 7th August 2014 – Points

Actual Time
Current PB
New PB
+/- Sec s
Guardian Cup Points
1Lee Suthard0:21:5122:1221:512122
2Dave & Caroline Fearon (Tandem)0:23:28N/aN/aN/aN/a
3James Risk0:23:5122:5122:51-6013
4Jim Duffy0:23:5723:3323:33-2415
5Craig Lee0:24:5024:50:0024:50:00017
6Mark Dixon0:26:0727:00:0026:07:005325
7Steve Malkin0:26:3126:43:0026:31:001219
8Colin Walsh0:26:3826:51:0026:38:001321=
9Penny Thorn0:27:4727:34:0027:34:001321=
10Emily Martin0:29:0429:55:0029:04:005124
11Andy Boyle0:28:3428:38:0028:34:00418
12James Ross0:30:0829:22:0029:22:00-4614
13Karen Boyle0:30:3630:33:0030:33:00-316
14Andy Leather0:30:3931:09:0030:39:003023

Guardian Cup Points standing after 10 rounds

Total Points Best 5
Counting Rides
Current Handicap
Race 1 14th May
Race 2 21st May
Race 3 28th May
Race 4 4th June
Race 5 25th June
Race 6 2nd July
Race 7 16th July
Race 8 23rd July
Race 9 30th July
Race 10 6th August
1119Steve Malkin526.3122202524202322232419
2109Mark Dixon526.07x16xx24xx251925
3108Andy Leather530.39x23xxx24x152323
4106Andy Wood524.2121x2221212020x21x
599Craig Lee524.517xx19x22x192217
694Lee Suthard521.511213x20xxx241522
794Geoff Mullett523.523xx25161119xxx
8=89Stuart Ward426.34xx23x2521x20xx
8=89Heather Clarke428.242422xx1825xxxx
1082Jim Duffy523.331619xxx15x17x15
1175Greg Lambert427.42x15xx1919x22xx
1275James Ross429.22xxxxxx23211714
1373Karen Boyle430:33:00xxxxxx25142016
1472Dean Clarke426.471917xx2214xxxx
1568Paul Goldstraw427.011814xx1818xxxx
1664Colin Carthy325.35x18x2323xxxxx
1761Debbie Clark332.582521xx15xxxxx
1859Adrian Japp524.52x6x1713xx1310x
1955Alan Silver527.37x5xx12918x11x
2053Simon Howells427.551171916xxxxxx
2149Andy Boyle328.34xxxxxxx161518
2249Emily Martin229.04xxxxxxxx2524
2347Elaine Mossman428.58138xx1412xxxx
2447Eleanor Underhill231.08x25x22xxxxxx
2543Caroline Fearon327.35xxx18x13xx12x
2640Richard Munro325.1110x20xx10xxxx
2737Penny Thorn227.34xxxxxxxx1621
2837Julian Perrett325.03159xxxxxx13x
2932Chris Gilbertson224.362012xxxxxxxx
3024Matt Nowell124.32xx24xxxxxxx
3124Alex Stewart128.5x24xxxxxxxx
3224Iain Young124.15xxxxxx24xxx
3321Nick Butterworth124.49xxxxxx21xxx
3421Andy Beswick129:37:00xx21xxxxxxx
3521Colin Walsh126:38:00xxxxxxxxx21
3618Jon White127.1xxxxxxxx18x
3717Mark Dixon127:29:00xxxxx17xxxx
3817Paul West130.55xxxxx17xxxx
3914Dave Fearon122.4414xxxxxxxxx
4013James Risk122:51xxxxxxxxx13
4111Nikki Cullis128.47x11xxxxxxxx
4210Derek Heine130.18x10xxxxxxxx
-0Howard Clarke025.2xXxxxxxxxx
-0Chris Craggs026.58xxxxxxxxxx
-0Neil Drummond027.08xxxxxxxxxx
-0Paul Goldstraw027.16xxxxxxxxxx
-0Connor Goldstraw028.14xxxxxxxxxx
-0Bert Stewart029xxxxxxxxxx
-0Shelagh Stelfox034.11xxxxxxxxxx
-0Geoff Maddock029.08xxxxxxxxxx
-0Andrew George029.55xxxxxxxxxx
-0Dave Read0DNFxxxxxxxxxx

* Non-club member doesn’t qualify for Guardian Cup

Guardian Cup Round 10

What a night’s TT’ing!

Some very fast times out there, with the obvious stand-out time from Lee Suthard, flying around the course by upping his fixed gear to 115 inches!!

Steve Malkin improved – yet again – in the penultimate round of the Guardian Cup series, to make sure that he keeps as big a lead as possible in the competition.

Great also to see a growing contingent of ladies out of a Wednesday evening, and Dave and Caroline’s first tandem ride on their new 2 saddled beastie!

Results below:

Actual Time
1Lee Suthard00:21:52
2Caroline & Dave Fearon (Tandem)00:23:28
3James Risk00:23:51
4Jim Duffy00:23:59
5Craig Lee00:24:50
6Mark Dixon00:26:09
7Steve Malkin00:26:31
8Colin Walsh00:26:38
9Penny Thorn00:27:47
10Emily Martin00:28:04
11Andy Boyle00:28:34
12James Ross00:30:08
13Karen Boyle00:30:36
14Andy Leather00:30:39

Guardian Cup points standings after 9 rounds

Steve managed to grab another PB this week, increasing his lead over the field, with Andy Wood posting another excellent mid 24. Lee Suthard romped home with a mid 22 after switching to a smaller gear this week.

Guardian Cup Round 9 – 30th July 2014 – Points

Actual Time
Current PB
New PB
+/- Sec s
Guardian Cup Points
1Lee Suthard0:22:3222:1222:122015=
2Andy Wood0:24:1324:21:0024:13:00821
3Craig Lee0:24:5025:01:0024:50:001122
4Julian Perrett0:25:2525:03:0025:03:002213
5Steve Malkin0:26:4327:18:0026:43:003524
6Ady Japp0:26:5124:52:0024:52:0011910
7Mark Dixon0:27:0527:00:0027:00:00519
8Jon White0:27:1727:10:0027:10:00718
9Penny Thorn0:27:5327:34:0027:34:001916
10Caroline Fearon0:28:2727:35:0027:35:005212
11Andy Boyle0:28:5828:38:0028:38:002015=
12Alan Silver0:29:3527:37:0027:37:0011811
13James Ross0:29:3929:22:0029:22:001717
14Emily Martin0:29:5530:44:0029:55:004925
15Karen Boyle0:30:3730:33:0030:33:00420
16Andy Leather0:31:0931:23:0031:09:001423

Guardian Cup Points standing after 9 rounds

Total Points Best 5
Counting Rides
Current Handicap
Race 1 14th May
Race 2 21st May
Race 3 28th May
Race 4 4th June
Race 5 25th June
Race 6 2nd July
Race 7 16th July
Race 8 23rd July
Race 9 30th July
1119Steve Malkin526.43222025242023222324
2106Andy Wood524.2121x2221212020x21
399Craig Lee524.517xx19x22x1922
494Geoff Mullett523.523xx25161119xx
589Stuart Ward426.34xx23x2521x20x
685Andy Leather431.09x23xxx24x1523
7=84Lee Suthard522.121213x20xxx2415
7=84Mark Dixon427x16xx24xx2519
979Heather Clarke428.242422xx1825xxx
1075Greg Lambert427.42x15xx1919x22x
1172Dean Clarke426.471917xx2214xxx
1268Paul Goldstraw427.011814xx1818xxx
1367Jim Duffy423.331619xxx15x17x
1464Colin Carthy325.35x18x2323xxxx
15=61James Ross329.22xxxxxx232117
15=61Debbie Clark332.582521xx15xxxx
17=59Adrian Japp524.52x6x1713xx1310
17=59Karen Boyle330:33:00xxxxxx251420
1955Alan Silver527.37x5xx12918x11
2053Simon Howells427.551171916xxxxx
21=47Elaine Mossman428.58138xx1412xxx
21=47Eleanor Underhill231.08x25x22xxxxx
2343Caroline Fearon327.35xxx18x13xx12
2440Richard Munro325.1110x20xx10xxx
2537Julian Perrett325.03159xxxxxx13
2632Chris Gilbertson224.362012xxxxxxx
2731Andy Boyle228.38xxxxxxx1615
2825Emily Martin129.55xxxxxxxx25

* Non-club member doesn’t qualify for Guardian Cup

Club 10 Mile TT – Guardian Cup Round 9 – 30th July 2014

A fast night for some people tonight, with at least 1 PB recorded.

Results below:

1Lee Suthard0:22:32
2Andy Wood0:24:13
3Craig Lee0:24:50
4Julian Perrett0:25:25
5Steve Malkin0:26:43
6Adrian Japp0:26:51
7Mark Dixon0:27:05
8Jon White0:27:17
9Penny Thorn0:27:53
10Caroline Fearon0:28:27
11Andy Boyle0:28:58
12Alan Silver0:29:36
13James Ross0:29:39
14Emily Martin0:29:55
15Karen Boyle0:30:39
16Andy Leather0:31:09

Guardian Cup points standings after 8 rounds

Steve pulls ahead by a few points, but still those without 5 qualifying rides can make some difference…

Guardian Cup Round 7 – 16th June 2014 – Points

Actual Time
Current PB
New PB
+/- Sec s
Guardian Cup Points
1Geoff Mullett0:23:5023:5823:50819
2Iain Young0:24:1525:12:0024:15:005724
3Andy Wood0:24:2124:33:0024:21:001220
4Nick Butterworth0:24:4925:16:0024:49:002721
5Steve Malkin0:27:1827:48:0027:18:003022
6Alan Silver0:28:1927:37:0027:37:004218
7Andy Boyle0:28:38n/a28:38:00-Benchmark
8James Ross0:29:2229:58:0029:22:003623
9Karen Boyle0:30:3331:45:0030:33:007225

Guardian Cup Round 8 – 23rd July 2014 – Points

Actual Time
Current PB
New PB
+/- Sec s
Guardian Cup Points
1Lee Suthard0:22:1222:2422:121224
2Jim Duffy0:24:2323:3323:335017
3Andy Wood0:25:0624:21:0024:21:004518
4Craig Lee0:25:4425:01:0025:01:004319
5Mark Dixon0:27:0027:33:0027:00:003325
6Stu Ward0:27:1526:34:0026:34:004120
7Steve Malkin0:27:2327:18:0027:18:00523
8Ady Japp0:28:0024:52:0024:52:0012813
9Greg Lambert0:28:1027:42:0027:42:002822
10Andy Boyle0:29:3128:38:0028:38:005316
11James Ross0:30:0229:22:0029:22:004021
12Darren Collins *0:30:17
13Emily Martin0:30:44n/a30:44:00-Benchmark
14Karen Boyle0:31:4830:33:0030:33:007514
15Simon Durant *0:32:01
16Andy Leather0:32:1731:23:0031:23:005415

Guardian Cup Points standing after 8 rounds

Total Points Best 5
Counting Rides
Current Handicap
Race 1 14th May
Race 2 21st May
Race 3 28th May
Race 4 4th June
Race 5 25th June
Race 6 2nd July
Race 7 16th July
Race 8 23rd July
1117Steve Malkin527.182220252420232223
2105Andy Wood524.2121x222121202018
394Geoff Mullett523.523xx25161119
489Stuart Ward426.34xx23x2521x20
579Heather Clarke428.242422xx1825x
677Craig Lee425.0117xx19x22x19
775Greg Lambert427.42x15xx1919x22
872Dean Clarke426.471917xx2214x
969Lee Suthard422.121213x20xxx24
1068Paul Goldstraw427.011814xx1818x
1167Jim Duffy423.331619xxx15x17
1265Mark Dixon327x16xx24xx25
1364Colin Carthy325.35x18x2323xx
1462Andy Leather331.23x23xxx24x15
1561Debbie Clark332.582521xx15xx
1653Simon Howells427.551171916xxx
1749Adrian Japp424.52x6x1713xx13
18=47Elaine Mossman428.58138xx1412x
18=47Eleanor Underhill231.08x25x22xxx
20=44Alan Silver427.37x5xx12918
20=44James Ross229.22xxxxxx2321
2240Richard Munro325.1110x20xx10x
2339Karen Boyle230:33:00xxxxxx2514
2432Chris Gilbertson224.362012xxxxx
2531Caroline Fearon227.35xxx18x13x
26=24Matt Nowell124.32xx24xxxx
26=24Julian Perrett225.03159xxxxx
26=24Alex Stewart128.5x24xxxxx
26=24Iain Young124.15xxxxxx24
30=21Nick Butterworth124.49xxxxxx21
30=21Andy Beswick129:37:00xx21xxxx
32=17Mark Dixon127:29:00xxxxx17x
32=17Paul West130.55xxxxx17x
3416Andy Boyle128.38xxxxxxx16
3514Dave Fearon122.4414xxxxxx
3611Nikki Cullis128.47x11xxxxx
3710Derek Heine130.18x10xxxxx
-0Howard Clarke025.2xXxxxxx
-0Chris Craggs026.58xxxxxxx
-0Neil Drummond027.08xxxxxxx
-0Paul Goldstraw027.16xxxxxxx
-0Connor Goldstraw028.14xxxxxxx
-0Bert Stewart029xxxxxxx
-0Shelagh Stelfox034.11xxxxxxx
-0Geoff Maddock029.08xxxxxxx
-0Greg Lambert028.04xxxxxxx
-0Andrew George029.55xxxxxxx
-0Dave Read0DNFxxxxxxx
-0Emily Martin030.44xxxxxxxx

* Non-club member doesn’t qualify for Guardian Cup

Club 10 Mile TT – Guardian Cup Round 8 – 23rd July 2014

Warm, sunny, but a heavy night, and tough for most, unless your name is Lee Suthard. :-)

Results below.

1Lee Suthard0:22:12
2Jim Duffy0:24:23
3Andy Wood0:25:06
4Craig Lee0:25:24
5Mark Dixon0:27:00
6Stu Ward0:27:15
7Steve Malkin0:27:23
8Adrian Japp0:28:00
9Greg Lambert0:28:10
10Andy Boyle0:29:31
11James Ross0:30:02
12Darren Collins0:30:17
13Emily Martin0:30:44
14Karen Boyle0:31:48
15Simon Durant0:32:01
16Andy Leather0:32:19

Mersey Roads Club 24 Hour Time Trial 19th and 20th July 2014 – Results

The results of the Mersey Roads Club 24 hour Time Trial below, with our own Mr Dave Fearon, bringing home a fantastic 9th place, with 438.10 miles!!

1Gregory WoodfordReading CC482.92
2Chris HopkinsonAPI-Metrow481.16
3Nigel HollStirling Bike Club462.48
4Graeme WalshStirling Bike Club461.78
5Mark NicholsonBorder City Whs CC460.45
6John PayneLeigh Premier RC441.97
7Ray RetterNorth Devon Wheelers440.62
8John ForbesBirkenhead North End CC439.94
9Dave FearonWeaver Valley CC438.1
10Laurence HewetsonBADtri432.57
11Jill WilkinsonChester RC432.5
12Paul McGowanWarrington Road Club425.36
13Mark LeadbetterStirling Bike Club418.99
14David DudleyRhos-on-Sea CC417.18
15Kenny CliffeHinckley CRC417.03
16Neil RidsdaleBridlington CC414.06
17Phil NelsonHemel Hempstead CC413.89
18Steven AbrahamNorth Bucks RC411.22
19Roger SquireWrexham RC405.8
20Ian CrosbyAmersham Road CC404.23
21Steve RalphsLoughborough Phoenix CC403.06
22Edgar ReynoldsCongleton CC400.41
23Ian HennesseyExeter Whs CC389.82
24Rob SimmondsExeter Whs CC383.14
25Pete VanceRenegade Racing379.24
26Ian LeaExeter Whs CC378.69
27Matt SmithLeek Cyclists Club361.4
28Russell PindarBeeston CC357.08
29Jim HopperDerby Mercury RC355.54
30Bob WattsSan Fairy Ann CC351.2
31Geraint CatherallAnfield BC338.09
32Sandra DeeryBottecchia Racing Club335.08
33John ApplebyAPI-Metrow308.77
34Dave StokesMusselburgh Roads CC301.57
35Richard BirkinNottingham Clarion300.79
36Jenny BonhamAPI-Metrow281.22
37Mike WigleySaddleworth Clarion276.14
38Steve DaviesAddicombe CC251.86
39Joe ApplegarthHoughton CC242.94
40Angus WelshAngus Bike Chain233.04
41Graham JonesEdinburgh RC133.43
42Frank ProudWesterley CC133.43