Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 6 – 1st July 2015 – and overall positions

A very hot and humid night had all the riders sweating away, and as the wind had dropped to a barely perceptible level, it was going to be a fast night for most..

Big winners were recorded with many more PBs again this week. Apart from the humans racing, Lee Suthard (who cannot be considered human due to his speed), came romping across the line at around 35mph to record the fastest time of the night at 21:25(!)

Patrick Lucas took maximum Guardian Cup points for the event, knocking a huge amount of time off his previous PB.

In the overall standings, Matt Sayle again took time out of his previous PB to edge closer to Jim who is still at the top of the table. Steve Marlow and Neil Drummond were also big winners in the overall points table this week.

We’re now 6 rounds in out of 10, and a few riders have already posted 5 event times. For those riders, it’s all about big time differences to improve on their best point scores.There is still time for big shifts at the top of the table, with the maximum amount of points to be scored across the series being 125 (5 x 25 point maximum scores).

A break from the Guardian Cup now for a week – but not a break from a club 10, as next week’s TT is the Club Championship, so come along and take part – you may well be in contention for a medal at the next club dinner!

PositionRiderTimeCurrent PBNew PBPB Date 2014/15+/- Sec sGuardian Cup Points
1Lee Suthard21:2521:5121:2501-Jul-20152618
2Dave Fearon23:3723:2423:2413-May-2015-1314
3Craig Lee24:3824:5024:3801-Jul-20151216
4Stu Ward24:4026:0024:4001-Jul-20158024
5Neil Drummond24:5925:5124:5901-Jul-20155223
6Colin Carthy25:2025:1625:1624-Jun-2015-415
7Ady Japp26:2726:1126:1124-Jun-2015-1613
8Dan Robson26:2727:1526:2701-Jul-20154821
9Jim Williams27:0725:4525:4524-Jun-2015-8211
10Steve Marlow27:1928:1127:1901-Jul-20155223
11Anthony Thomas27:2127:2127:2101-Jul-2015BenchmarkNo points
12Dave Read28:0528:0528:0501-Jul-2015BenchmarkNo points
13Matt Sayle28:0828:4628:0801-Jul-20153820
14Graham Gregory28:1028:3328:1001-Jul-20152317
15Stephen Lucas28:4027:4127:4124-Jun-2015-5912
16Geoff Lovelady29:1329:4529:1301-Jul-20153219
17Patrick Lucas30:5432:3230:5401-Jul-20159825
PlaceTotal Points Best 5NameCounting RidesCurrent HandicapRace 1 13th MayRace 2 20th MayRace 3 27th MayRace 4 3rd JuneRace 5 24th JuneRace 6 1st July
1111Jim Williams525:45182525222111
2104Matt Sayle528:082522x201720
387Steve Marlow427:1923xx192223
486Neil Drummond424:59192024xx23
585Colin Carthy525:16141521x2015
678Craig Lee524:381317x161616
771Nigel Woods327:3524x23x24x
866Ady Japp426:1117xx181813
962Stephen Lucas427:4110xx211912
962Dave Fearon423:242019x9x14
962Stu Ward324:402315xxx24
1259Steve Malkin426:311214x1716x
1357Dennis Hornby328:462124x12xx
1449Andy George329:21521x23xx
1547Jamie Wilson226:19xx2225xx
1644Mark Dixon425:521113x713x
1743Dan Robson426:270xx81421
1842Graham Gregory328:10x0xx2517
1842Geoff Lovelady329:13xxx02319
2039Geoff Mullett323:33x16x1112x
2131Paul West230:5516xx15xx
2228Lee Suthard221:25xxx10x18
2228Caroline Fearon228:2715xx13xx
2425Andy Beswick128:59xxx25xx
2425Patrick Lucas130:54xxxxx25
2624Iain Young124:15x24xxxx
2720Simon Howells229:29812xxxx
2818Jim Duffy123:33x18xxxx
2914Colin Walsh126:38xxx14xx
309Andy Wood124:139xxxxx
317Nikki Cullis-Wilding129:137xxxxx
326Alan Silver128:196xxxxx
330Kevin Campbell127:00xxx0xx
330Alex Chaffey Green128:43xxxx0x
330Anthony Thomas127:21xxxxx0
330Dave Read128:05xxxxx0
Lee Suthard - he is not human.

An Alien

Lee Suthard.

Lee Suthard.

Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 5 – 24th June 2015 – and overall positions

A great night for a TT with only a light but favourable breeze gave a night where many PBs were improved for this season, and where more points were scored to move people around in the overall points table.

Half way through the Championship now, and Jim is stretching out a lead in the points table, Matt Sayle still running strong in 2nd and Nigel Woods jumping from 8th to 3rd with a greatly improved PB this week, but there is still plenty of time for big improvements with a maximum 25 points for the biggest improvement each week, so come and have a go. As a reminder about the series –  there are 10 qualifying Guardian Cup events, your best 5 scores are the ones that go to the overall, so if you’re late to the game this year, you still have time to get another 5 rides in that will count towards the championship!

Positions for this week, with a field of only club members are as follows:

PositionRiderTimeCurrent PBNew PBPB Date 2014/15+/- Sec sGuardian Cup Points
1Geoff Mullett24:1323:3323:3322-May-2014-4012
2Craig Lee24:5324:5024:5031-Jul-2014-316
3Colin Carthy25:1625:3525:1624-Jun-20151920
4Jim Williams25:4526:1125:4524-Jun-20152621
5Mark Dixon26:0625:5225:5213-Aug-2014-1413
6Ady Japp26:1126:2326:1124-Jun-20151218
7Steve Malkin26:3426:3126:3106-Aug-2014-316
8Dan Robson27:2227:1527:1513-May-2015-714
9Nigel Woods27:3528:2627:3524-Jun-20155124
10Stephen Lucas27:4127:5927:4124-Jun-20151819
11Steve Marlow28:1128:4528:1124-Jun-20153422
12Graham Gregory28:3329:4128:3324-Jun-20156825
13Alex Chaffey Green28:4328:4328:4324-Jun-2015BenchmarkNo points
14Matt Sayle28:4628:4828:4624-Jun-2015217
15Geoff Lovelady29:4530:3329:4524-Jun-20154823

Overall points thus far are:

PlaceTotal Points Best 5NameCounting RidesCurrent HandicapRace 1 13th MayRace 2 20th MayRace 3 27th MayRace 4 3rd JuneRace 5 24th June
1111Jim Williams525:451825252221
284Matt Sayle428:462522x2017
371Nigel Woods327:3524x23x24
470Colin Carthy425:16141521x20
564Steve Marlow328:1123xx1922
663Neil Drummond325:51192024xx
762Craig Lee424:501317x1616
859Steve Malkin426:311214x1716
957Dennis Hornby328:462124x12x
1053Ady Japp326:1117xx1818
1150Stephen Lucas327:4110xx2119
1249Andy George329:21521x23x
1348Dave Fearon323:242019x9x
1447Jamie Wilson226:19xx2225x
1544Mark Dixon425:521113x713
1639Geoff Mullett323:33x16x1112
1738Stu Ward226:002315xxx
1831Paul West230:5516xx15x
1928Caroline Fearon228:2715xx13x
2025Andy Beswick128:59xxx25x
2025Graham Gregory228:33x0xx25
2224Iain Young124:15x24xxx
2323Geoff Lovelady229:45xxx023
2422Dan Robson327:150xx814
2520Simon Howells229:29812xxx
2618Jim Duffy123:33x18xxx
2714Colin Walsh126:38xxx14x
2810Lee Suthard121:51xxx10x
299Andy Wood124:139xxxx
307Nikki Cullis-Wilding129:137xxxx
316Alan Silver128:196xxxx
320Kevin Campbell127:00xxx0x
320Alex Chaffey Green128:43xxxx0

Club 10s – 2 – up/Tandems – 10th June 2015

Clunk.. $%”&%*(£…

Despite the warm evening, there were fewer out than last week. Clearly most are saving themselves for the counting Guardian Cup rounds. Although this was a designated 2up/Tandems event, some chose to ride it as a 2 up, some as solo (we’re fairly flexible like that!).

I chose to ride a 2up with Jim, but as Jim warned before the ride, ‘I’m having a mechanical with my gears’, I dismissed this as the usual pre-ride excuses that we all make just in case we get a rubbish time. Not so in this case. Jim  wanted to start off in the lead position, and as soon as we’d started and Jim attempted to switch up a gear, a loud ‘Clunk’ could be heard, followed by some short expletives from Jim. This carried on for the first 2.5 miles, and then for the next 2.5 miles – Clunk.. $%”&%*(£…Clunk.. $%”&%*(£…Clunk.. $%”&%*(£…, till I came past for another stint on the front and Jim gracefully dropped back, (after suggesting that I should just carry on if mechanical issues became worse). After slowing to make sure that he wasn’t going to cathc me again, I proceeded as a solo ride, as did Jim. His mechanicals and swearing(!) were clearly a problem, as he was over a minute slower than his stonking Guardian Cup ride the week before.

Anyhow, results are below for solo’s and 2-ups (no tandems were there tonight!).

A week off from the club 10s next week, as the Warrington RC 4-up 25 mile TT is on the 18th June.

The next round of the Guardian Cup is on the 24th June. Same time, same place.

1Lee Suthard22:32
2Alan Clark24:49
3Craig Lee25:32
4Mark Dixon/Stu Ward25:42
5Adrian Japp26:42
6Mick Butterworth/Steve Marlow27:13
7Jim Williams27:42
8Stephen Lucas28:37
9Graham Gregory29:40
10Karen Boyle/George Lovelady31:23
11Alan Silver31:38

Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 4 – 3rd June 2015 – and overall positions

A fine night brought out the numbers to contest the Guardian Cup further. Jim, aggressively with a full set of rides this year has secured his place at the top of the overall table, but after a holiday, Matt Sayle came storming back with another time improvement, and a bunch of points to go with it to keep a second place with 3 qualifying rides so far.

Don’t forget (or as a note to those who don’t know) – over the series of 10 qualifying Guardian Cup events, your best 5 scores are the ones that go to the overall, so if you’re late to the game this year, you still have time to get another 6 good rides in!

Results as below:

PositionRiderTimeCurrent PBNew PBPB Date 2014/15+/- Sec sGuardian Cup Points
1Lee Suthard00:22:3200:21:5121:5106-Aug-2014-4110
2Geoff Mullett00:23:5800:23:3323:3322-May-2014-2511
3Dave Fearon00:24:0800:23:2423:2413-May-2015-449
4Craig Lee00:25:0200:24:5024:5031-Jul-2014-1216
5Jim Williams00:26:1100:26:3826:1103-Jun-20152722
6Jamie Wilson00:26:1900:26:5726:1903-Jun-20153825
7Ady Japp00:26:2600:26:2326:2313-May-2015-318
8Steve Malkin00:26:4200:26:3126:3106-Aug-2014-1117
9Colin Walsh00:26:5200:26:3826:3806-Aug-2014-1414
10Kevin Campbell00:27:0000:27:0027:0003-Jun-2015BenchmarkNo points
11Mark Dixon00:27:4800:25:5225:5213-Aug-2014-1167
12Stephen Lucas00:27:5900:28:2027:5903-Jun-20152121
13Dan Robson00:28:3700:27:1527:1513-May-2015-828
14Steve Marlow00:28:4500:28:5928:4503-Jun-20151419
15Caroline Fearon00:28:4600:28:2728:2702-Jul-2014-1913
16Matt Sayle00:28:4800:29:0828:4803-Jun-20152020
17Andy Beswick00:28:5900:29:3728:5903-Jun-20153825
18Dennis Hornby00:29:0700:28:4628:4613-May-2015-2112
19Andy Pope*00:29:13No points
20Andy George00:29:2100:29:5529:2103-Jun-20153423
21Claire Thompson*00:29:47No points
22Geoff Lovelady00:30:3303-Jun-2015BenchmarkNo points
23Paul West00:31:0800:30:5530:5502-Jul-2014-1315
24Steve Duffy*00:31:22No points

*Non-club member does not qualify for Guardian Cup.

PlaceTotal Points Best 5NameCounting RidesCurrent HandicapRace 1 13th MayRace 2 20th MayRace 3 27th MayRace 4 3rd June
190Jim Williams426:1118252522
267Matt Sayle328:482522x20
363Neil Drummond325:51192024x
457Dennis Hornby328:462124x12
550Colin Carthy325:35141521x
649Andy George329:21521x23
748Dave Fearon323:242019x9
847Nigel Woods228:2624x23x
847Jamie Wilson226:19xx2225
1046Craig Lee324:501317x16
1143Steve Malkin326:311214x17
1242Steve Marlow228:4523xx19
1338Stu Ward226:002315xx
1435Ady Japp226:2317xx18
1531Mark Dixon325:521113x7
1531Paul West230:5516xx15
1531Stephen Lucas227:5910xx21
1828Caroline Fearon228:2715xx13
1927Geoff Mullett223:33x16x11
2025Andy Beswick128:59xxx25
2124Iain Young124:15x24xx
2220Simon Howells229:29812xx
2318Jim Duffy123:33x18xx
2414Colin Walsh126:38xxx14
2510Lee Suthard121:51xxx10
269Andy Wood124:139xxx
278Dan Robson227:150xx8
287Nikki Cullis-Wilding129:137xxx
296Alan Silver128:196xxx
300Kevin Campbell127:00xxx0
300Geoff Lovelady130:33xxx0

Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 3 – 27th May 2015 – and positions

Well the rain put most off last night, although by the time 7pm approached, the rain had all but gone, and the 5 brave riders on the night set off.

As the traffic lights are still there near Peover, the 2 lap course was used. Times in general were slower than most PBs, apart from the flying Jimmy Williams, who managed to slice 25 seconds off his PB and score maximum points for the night.

The lower attendance and the fast time of Jim has put him firmly at the top of the standing after round 3, with 68 points. Neil Drummond a close second overall, some 5 points behind with 63, whilst Colin Carthy has edged past the previous No. 1 of Matt Sayle with 50 points.

The competition is hotting up.

PositionRiderTimeCurrent PBNew PBPB Date 2014/15+/- Sec sGuardian Cup Points
1Neil Drummond26:1425:5125:5113-May-15-2324
2Jimmy Williams26:3827:0326:3827-May-152525
3Colin Carthy26:5425:3525:3525-Jun-14-7921
4Jamie Wilson27:3926:5726:5720-May-15-4222
5Nigel Woods29:0128:2628:2613-May-15-3523

*Non-club member does not qualify for Guardian Cup.

PlaceTotal Points Best 5NameCounting RidesCurrent HandicapRace 1 13th MayRace 2 20th MayRace 3 27th May
168Jim Williams300:27:03182525
263Neil Drummond300:25:51192024
350Colin Carthy300:25:35141521
4=47Matt Sayle200:29:082522x
4=47Dennis Hornby200:28:462324x
4=47Nigel Woods200:28:2624x23
739Dave Fearon200:23:242019x
838Stu Ward200:26:002315x
930Craig Lee200:24:501317x
1026Andy George200:29:55521x
1125Steve Malkin200:26:311213x
1224Iain Young100:24:15x24x
13=23Steve Marlow100:28:5923xx
13=23Mark Dixon200:25:521112x
1520Jamie Wilson100:26:57x-20
1619Simon Howells200:29:29811x
1718Geoff Mullett100:23:50x18x
1817Ady Japp100:26:2317xx
19=16Jim Duffy100:23:33x16x
19=16Paul West100:30:5516xx
2115Caroline Fearon100:28:2715xx
2210Stephen Lucas100:28:2010xx
239Andy Wood100:24:139xx
247Alan Silver100:28:197xx
256Nikki Cullis100:29:136xx

Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 2 positions

..and just before round 3 kicks off tonight, here are the placings.

Hopefully we are not going to have another year like 2014 with loads of roadworks, but it certainly looks that way with yet another course change due to temporary traffic lights in Peover. We used the old 2 lapper that we all know and love (hate) and the wind was also tough just to make it worse. Unsurprisingly everybody who rode last week went quite a bit slower this week apart from a certain Mr Williams! Jim rode his new toy and obliterated his PB putting 61 seconds into his time of last week with a very respectable 27:03. At this rate of progress I reckon Jim should be down to an 18 by August, so watch out Wiggo.

Jim’s maximum 25 points lifted him up to 3rd place overall in the Guardian Cup but Matt Sayle our resident paparazzi cameraman reeled off another snappy ride with a 29:42 giving him 22 points and maintaining his first place in the cup with 47 points. However Matt is sharing top spot with Dennis Hornby who is proving that he is equally at home on two wheels as he is on three.

Still 8 rounds to go so get out and open your account if you haven’t put your toe in the water yet (where does this drivel come from!?)  Next week I promise that we will enjoy a fast day on a good course so put it in your diary.

PosNameActual TimeCurrent PBNew PBPB Date 2014./15+/- Sec sGuardian Cup Points
1Dave Fearon00:24:2300:23:2400:23:2413-May-15-5919
2Iain Young00:24:3800:24:1500:24:1516-Jul-14-2324
3Geoff Mullett00:24:4800:23:3300:23:3321-May-14-7516
4Jim Duffy00:24:5000:23:5000:23:5016-Jul-14-6018
5Craig Lee00:25:5500:24:5000:24:5030-Jul-14-6517
6Neil Drummond00:26:3500:25:5100:25:5113-May-15-4420
7=Colin Carthy00:26:5700:25:3500:25:3525-Jun-14-8215
7=Jamie Wilson00:26:5700:26:5700:26:5720-May-15Benchmark-
9Jim Williams00:27:0300:28:0400:27:0320-May-156125
10Stu Ward00:27:2200:26:0000:26:0013-May-15-8215
11Mark Dixon00:27:3500:25:5200:25:5214-Aug-14-10312
12Steve Malkin00:28:0900:26:3100:26:3107-Aug-14-9813
13Dennis Hornby00:29:0900:28:4600:28:4613-May-15-2324
14Graham Gregory00:29:4100:29:4100:29:4120-May-15Benchmark-
15Matt Sayle00:29:4200:29:0800:29:0813-May-15-3422
16Andy George00:30:3000:29:5500:29:5502-Jul-14-3521
17Steve Duffy*00:32:01
18Simon Howells00:32:1000:29:2900:29:2914-May-14-16111
-Ben Palmer / Mark Hassall*00:28:28

*Non-club member does not qualify for Guardian Cup.

PlaceTotal Points Best 5NameCounting RidesCurrent HandicapRace 1 13th MayRace 2 20th May
1=47Matt Sayle200:29:082522
1=47Dennis Hornby200:28:462324
343Jim Williams100:27:031825
4=39Dave Fearon200:23:242019
4=39Neil Drummond100:25:511920
638Stu Ward200:26:002315
730Craig Lee100:24:501317
829Colin Carthy100:25:351415
926Andy George200:29:55521
1025Steve Malkin200:26:311213
11=24Nigel Woods100:28:2624x
11=24Iain Young100:24:15x24
13=23Steve Marlow100:28:5923x
13=23Mark Dixon200:25:521112
1519Simon Howells200:29:29811
1618Geoff Mullett100:23:50x18
1717Ady Japp100:26:2317x
18=16Jim Duffy100:23:33x16
18=16Paul West100:30:5516x
1915Caroline Fearon100:28:2715x
2010Stephen Lucas100:28:2010x
219Andy Wood100:24:139x
227Alan Silver100:28:197x
236Nikki Cullis100:29:136x

Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 2 – 20th May 2015

Results from the 2nd round are below. Updated points for the series will follow in a separate post.

1Dave Fearon24:23
2Ian Young24:38
3Geoff Mullett24:48
4Jim Duffy24:50
5Craig Lee25:55
6Neil Drummond26:35
7Jamie Wilson26:57
7Colin Carthy26:57
9Jim Williams27:03
10Stu Ward27:22
11Mark Dixon27:35
12Steve Malkin28:09
13Dennis Hornby29:09
14Graham Gregory29:41
15Matt Sayle29:42
16Andy George30:30
17Steve Duffy32:01
18Simon Howells32:10
19Mark Hassall/Ben Palmer28:28

Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 1 positions

This is what you’ve all been waiting for. The points and positions for the first round of the Guardian Cup. It’ll be a good year this year with some new contenders, and speaking of which, the early leader after round 1 is brand new member Matt ‘Scoop’ Sayle, grabbing a maximum of 25 points for this round! Well done Matt, all you’ve got to do now is keep getting faster!! A promising start!

PosNameActual TimeCurrent PBNew PBPB Date 2014./15+/- Sec sGuardian Cup Points
1Dave Fearon0:23:240:23:460:23:2413-May-152220
2Andy Wood0:25:260:24:130:24:1330-Jul-14-739
3Craig Lee0:25:330:24:500:24:5030-Jul-14-4313
4Neil Drummond0:25:510:26:120:25:5113-May-152119
5Colin Carthy0:25:550:25:350:25:3525-Jun-14-2014
6Stu Ward0:26:000:26:340:26:0013-May-153423
7*Craig Stephens0:26:22
8Ady Japp0:26:230:26:390:26:2313-May-151617
9Mark Dixon0:26:370:25:520:25:5214-Aug-14-4511
10Connor Fearon0:26:460:26:460:26:4613-May-15Benchmark-
11=Dan Robson0:27:150:27:150:27:1513-May-15Benchmark-
11=Steve Malkin0:27:150:26:310:26:317-Aug-14-4412
13Jim Williams0:28:040:28:210:28:0413-May-151718
14Nigel Woods0:28:260:29:130:28:2613-May-154724
15Caroline Fearon0:28:430:28:270:28:272-Jul-14-1615
16Dennis Hornby0:28:460:29:090:28:4613-May-152321
17Steve Marlow0:28:590:29:330:28:5913-May-153423
18Matt Sayle0:29:080:30:030:29:0813-May-155525
19Stephen Lucas0:29:100:28:200:28:206-May-15-5010
20Mike Wilkinson0:29:110:29:110:29:1113-May-15Benchmark-
21Alan Silver0:30:380:28:190:28:1916-Jul-14-797
22Simon Howells0:30:460:29:290:29:2914-May-14-778
23Nikki Cullis0:30:520:29:130:29:1321-May-14-996
24Paul West0:31:080:30:550:30:552-Jul-14-1316
25Andy George0:34:030:29:550:29:552-Jul-14-2485
PlaceTotal Points Best 5NameCounting RidesCurrent HandicapRace 1 13th May
125Matt Sayle10:29:0825
224Nigel Woods10:28:2624
3=23Steve Marlow10:28:5923
3=23Stu Ward10:26:0023
521Dennis Hornby10:28:4623
620Dave Fearon10:23:2420
719Neil Drummond10:25:5119
818Jim Williams10:28:0418
917Ady Japp10:26:2317
1016Paul West10:30:5516
1115Caroline Fearon10:28:2715
1214Colin Carthy10:25:3514
1313Craig Lee10:24:5013
1412Steve Malkin10:26:3112
1511Mark Dixon10:25:5211
1610Stephen Lucas10:28:2010
179Andy Wood10:24:139
188Simon Howells10:29:298
197Alan Silver10:28:197
206Nikki Cullis10:29:136
215Andy George10:29:555

Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 1 – 13th May 2015

A warmer, sunnier evening brought out the numbers, with 26 starting tonight, and the start of the Guardian Cup for 2015.

Less wind on the night, but not necessarily easier, as there was no helpful tail from the start.

Some good times posted though as the time-trialling legs get stretched for the rest of the season!

Result below, with Guardian Cup standings to follow.

1Dave Fearon23:24
2Andy Wood25:26
3Craig Lee25:33
4Neil Drummond25:51
5Colin Carthy25:55
6Stu Ward26:00
7Craig Stephen26:22
8Adrian Japp26:23
9Mark Dixon26:37
10Connor Fearon26:46
11Steve Malkin27:15
12Dan Robson27:15
13Dave Reed27:42
14Jim Williams28:04
15Nigel Woods28:26
16Caroline Fearon28:43
17Dennis Hornby28:46
18Steve Marlow28:59
19Matt Sayle29:08
20Stephen Lucas29:10
21Mike Wilkinson29:11
22Alan Silver30:38
23Simon Howells30:46
24Nikki Cullis-Wilding30:52
25Paul West31:08
26Andy George34:03


Club 10s – Practice 10 – 6th May 2015

A windy evening, but not as bad as most thought it might be, saw 16 riders take to the original TT course (unused last year).


It was good to see newer riders returning for another go, already bitten by the bug of trying to beat their times set previously!

Results are below, and for those riders who don’t already have a handicap time, their time tonight will count as their handicap, and be used for the Guardian Cup series starting next week.

1Geoff Mullett24:46
2Neil Drummond26:12
3Colin Carthy26:15
4Adrian Japp26:39
5Stu Ward27:04
6Craig Lee27:52
7Ben Johnson27:53
8Stephen Lucas28:20
9Jim Williams28:21
10Dennis Hornby29:09
11Nigel Woods29:13
12Steve Marlow29:33
13Matt Sayle30:03
14Simon Howells31:51
15Patrick Lucas32:32
16Andy George35:59