Final Fling 2015 – Results

A damp and dark night met the 11 brave souls who turned up for the last club 10 of this year.

Times in the main were generally slower, and conditions were not ideal as showers of rain blew across the course, hampering efforts to post the fastest of times.

Lee, with appropriate grimace, buckled down and smashed it – again, and Matt Sayle and Dan Robson made valiant efforts for 2nd and 3rd tonight.

Thanks must go to Graham and Ann and Syd, and all the other helpers who have made this a successful year in terms of the club 10s.

1Lee Suthard00:21:31
2Matt Sayle00:26:53
3Dan Robson00:27:09
4Mark Wilkes00:28:10
5James Lovelady00:28:15
6Emily Martin00:28:25
7Nigel Woods00:28:40
8Steve Martin00:29:26
9Geoff Lovelady00:30:26
10Nick Buterworth00:31:37
11Rob Anson00:31:58
Not looking quite as happy as last week, Matt Sayle has a last big push.

Not looking quite as happy as last week, Matt Sayle has a last big push.


Lee does what Lee does. Grimaces and then hammers along at 30 mph+

Guardian Cup 2015 – The Final Results!!

Well, after the waiting, the results were announced in the Crown Inn this evening, and are now available world media distribution!

The winner, Matt Sayle, took a four point lead in the final round last week – 122 points as his total, to snatch the Guardian Cup from second place – Jimmy Williams with 118.  In 3rd place, Nigel Woods with 116 points, 4th, Andy George with 111 points and 5th, Steve Marlow with 105 points. Apologies must go to Geoff Lovelady, who has had a great season, but who’s points tally was initially mis-calculated. He did however place joint 6th with Neil Drummond on 102 points.

A fantastic competition this year, and well done again to Matt Sayle, employee of the Northwich Guardian, who takes the Guardian Cup for 2015!!

Matt Sayle, crosses the line to clinch the Guardian Cup 2015.

Matt Sayle, crosses the line to clinch the Guardian Cup 2015.

PlaceTotal Points Best 5NameCounting RidesCurrent HandicapRace 1 13th MayRace 2 20th MayRace 3 27th MayRace 4 3rd JuneRace 5 24th JuneRace 6 1st JulyRace 7 15th JulyRace 8 22nd JulyRace 9 5th AugustRace 10 12th August
1122Matt Sayle525:232522x20172018252525
2118Jim Williams524:4818252522211125142020
3116Nigel Woods526:5224x23x24x23x2222
4111Andy George528:00521x23xx20202324
5105Steve Marlow527:1923xx19222312x1817
6102Geoff Lovelady528:49xxx0231919221619
6102Neil Drummond524:59192024xx231216x11
895Stu Ward524:402315xxx2414xx19
993Lee Suthard521:02xxx10x182123210
1087Craig Lee524:181317x16161622xxx
1185Colin Carthy525:16141521x20151411x13
1282Ady Japp526:1117xx18181316xxx
1375Mark Dixon525:471113x713x1518x16
1375Dave Fearon523:242019x9x14xxx13
1562Stephen Lucas427:4110xx211912xxxx
1660Dan Robson526:270xx81421x17xx
1759Steve Malkin426:311214x1716xxxxx
1857Dennis Hornby328:462124x12xxxxxx
1953Colin Walsh326:05xxx14xxxx2415
2049Paul West330:5516xx15xx18xxx
2147Jamie Wilson226:19xx2225xxxxxx
2242Graham Gregory328:10x0xx2517xxxx
2339Geoff Mullett323:33x16x1112xxxxx
2339Jim Duffy223:14x18xxxxx21xx
2538Caroline Fearon328:2715xx13xxxxx10
2635Andy Beswick228:59xxx25xx10xxx
2725Patrick Lucas130:54xxxxx25xxxx
2824John Hassall126:35xxxxxx0241923
2824Emily Martin129:08xxxxxx24xx21
2824Iain Young124:15x24xxxxxxxx
3120Simon Howells229:29812xxxxxxxx
3219Karen Boyle131:59xxxxxx019xx
3317Chris Gilbertson124:36xxxxxxxx17x
3415Anthony Thomas127:21xxxxx0x15xx
3514Penny Thorn127:34xxxxxxxxx14
3613Dave Read127:19xxxxx0x13xx
3712Andy Boyle129:14xxxxxx012xx
389Andy Wood124:139xxxxxxxxx
397Nikki Cullis-Wilding129:137xxxxxxxxx
406Alan Silver128:196xxxxxxxxx
410Kevin Campbell127:00xxx0xxxxxx
410Alex Chaffey Green128:43xxxx0xxxxx
410Anthony Booth126:07xxxxxxxxx0

Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 10 – 12th August 2015 – The Final Round!!

What an exciting evening. At the finish line, the tension was palpable, as the clear and nigh on perfect evening for time-trialling got underway!

The riders soon approached, and as they came past, it was clear that the top boys were gunning for the top prize of the Guardian Cup 2015! No less than 7 PBs were taken during the evening, but who by?

Well, the evening’s results are in the table below, but who has won the Guardian Cup? I think we can guess, but I’m afraid that tradition prevents me from letting the cat out of the bag until we hit the pub after the Final Fling next Wednesday!!

So, if you want to know first just how close this competition got, you’ll have to come along next week – why not have a ride – the last club 10 of the season? After which, we’ll chase up to the Crown Inn in Lower Peover, have a quick shandy, and the results will be revealed!

Also next week, this is a free time trial for club members. Yes, you don’t even have to pay £2.50 for 1/2 an hour of pain and torture!! :-)

See you all next week, and in the meantime, pour over the table below and see if you have correctly worked out the final standings…. :-)

1Dave Fearon24:16
2Stu Ward24:40
3Jim Williams24:48
4Matt Sayle25:23
5Neil Drummond25:56
6Mark Dixon25:57
7Anthony Booth26:07
8Colin Carthy26:08
9Colin Walsh26:21
10John Hassall26:35
11Nigel Woods26:52
12Steve Marlow27:28
13Andy George28:00
14Penny Thorn28:15
15Geoff Lovelady28:49
16Emily Martin29:08
17Caroline Fearon29:57
18John Lightfoot*34:21
19Michael Newman*34:32
Lee Suthard**21:07

* Non club members do not qualify for Guardian Cup

** Late start due to mechanical issue. Time recorded but not entered for Guardian Cup points.

WVCC Open 25 Mile Time Trial – Saturday 8th August 2015

The first WVCC open 25 for some years took place today on the J4/8 course. A healthy field of 64 riders started, and made their way against some tough conditions, especially along Kings Street into a cross headwind.

Nonetheless, Darren Maironis of RT, brought home 1st place overall with an impressive 53:41, ahead of team mate Steve Daintith with 54:16 and the evergreen Neil Skellern – sporting an entirely novel skinsuit held together with gaffa tape after his zip broke before he started(!) bringing home a very respectable 54:57. Our own Alistair Stanway wasn’t happy with his time, despite going under the hour with an excellent round 59:00.

Well done to all riders and a big thanks to all the marshals, helpers, timekeepers and to Chris Gilbertson for his excellent organisation of the event. Full results are below, as well as the wining times for each category. Prizes (under the one rider one prize rule) will be posted in due course.

Overall results

1Darren RT40-490:53:41
2Steve RT40-490:54:16
3Neil SkellernTeam Swift50-590:54:57
4Andrew NultyHolmfirth Cycle ClubSenior0:55:08
5Mostyn BullockBuxton CC40-490:55:37
6Barry CharltonLyme RC40-490:55:39
7Adam RobinsonVision Racing, Delamere Dairy, GRM PropertySenior0:55:40
8Robert PollenAshley Touring Club Withington CyclesSenior0:55:42
9Jake WrightSportcity VeloJunior0:55:45
10Lee MorganExeter Wheelers40-490:55:59
11Daniel Peter ThutChorlton VeloSenior0:56:14
12Mark James NultyGlossop Kinder VeloSenior0:56:15
13Martyn BowersStone Wheelers40-490:57:44
14Mark DonnellyBirkenhead North End CCSenior0:58:19
15David JacksonHarry Middleton CCSenior0:58:22
16Daryl MaySheffrec CC40-490:58:23
17Nathan TurnbullLeigh Premier RCSenior0:58:29
18Steve AstonFibrax Wrexham Road ClubSenior0:58:39
19Alastair StanwayWeaver Valley CC40-490:59:00
20Mark BreartonThe Endurance Store40-490:59:14
21Phil RT40-490:59:37
22Joseph BrennanKidsgrove WheelersSenior0:59:58
23Robbie HarcourtStretford Wheelers50-591:00:06
24Paul McAllisterSeamons CC40-491:00:17
25David WrightWarrington Road Club, Rondelli, Horton Light Engineering50-591:00:37
26Stephen TurnerWestmead Team 8850-591:00:40
27Mike CotgraveWestmead Team 8860+1:00:57
28Kevin CordenStone WheelersSenior1:01:02
29David WeaversManchester Wheelers ClubSenior1:01:22
30Derek SchofieldRossendale RC60+1:01:58
31Simon HigginsLiverpool Century50-591:02:07
32Claire MuntonMalteni RTSenior1:02:35
33James RobinsonVision Racing, Delamere Dairy, GRM PropertyJunior1:02:44
34Kelvin MilwardCongleton CC50-591:03:30
35Rob WatsonWills Wheels CC50-591:03:37
36Claire HarrisonVision Racing, Delamere Dairy, GRM Property40-491:04:08
37Andy WhiteheadSeamons CC50-591:04:47
38Craig LeeWeaver Valley CC40-491:05:19
39Melanie BaileyVision Racing, Delamere Dairy, GRM PropertySenior1:06:09
40Jim WilliamsWeaver Valley CC50-591:06:13
41Neil DrummondWeaver Valley CC50-591:06:25
42Paul BarberSeamons CC50-591:06:36
43Mike WilsonWarrington Road Club, Rondelli, Horton Light Engineering50-591:07:25
44Andrew RobinsonVision Racing, Delamere Dairy, GRM Property40-491:07:26
45Andrew JenkinsWills Wheels CC40-491:07:51
46Caroline AustenStockport Tri Club40-491:07:55
47Ian CassonBirkenhead Victoria CC60+1:08:51
48Mike NobleWills Wheels CC60+1:09:32
49Andrew SpencerStretford Wheelers50-591:10:36
50Maggie BiggsTeam Bader Amputees60+1:11:32
51Denise Mary HurstCongleton CC60+1:12:20
52Amanda YoungLyme RC50-591:12:25
53Harry DaviesManchester Triathlon Club60+1:12:37
54Paul HaywoodLeek CC50-591:12:50
55David SteeleLyme RC60+1:15:40
56Alan ShuttleworthWeaver Valley CC60+1:17:11
Steven HankeyWarrington Road Club, Rondelli, Horton Light Engineering40-49DNF
Derek BlackWigan Wheelers60+DNF
Chris SeipenSeamons CCSeniorDNF
Dominic CrispVision Racing, Delamere Dairy, GRM PropertySeniorDNF
Tony PerrinStone Wheelers50-59DNF
Phil HoldenSeamons CC60+DNF
Edgar ReynoldsCongleton CC60+DNF
John Anthony MorganPreston WheelersSeniorDNF
Jacqueline WardWills Wheels CC50-59DNS
Adrian HughesNorth Cheshire Clarion40-49DNS
Carole Jane SherrinWestmead Team 8840-49DNS
David ShorrockTeam Jewson MI Racing Polypipe60+DNS Apol.
Lee WinslowWills Wheels CC50-59DNS Apol.
Barry ArmstrongSeamons CC60+DNS Apol.
Jim DuffyWeaver Valley CC40-49DNS Apol.
Jayne DickensVision Racing, Delamere Dairy, GRM Property40-49DNS Apol.
Jan ScotchfordNorth Lancashire RC40-49DNS Apol.
Stuart McCormickChester RC40-49DNS Apol.

Vets 40-49

1Darren RT0:53:41
2Steve RT0:54:16
3Mostyn BullockBuxton CC0:55:37

Vets 50-59

160Neil SkellernTeam Swift0:54:57
241Robbie HarcourtStretford Wheelers1:00:06
322David WrightWarrington Road Club, Rondelli, Horton Light Engineering1:00:37

Vets 60+

115Mike CotgraveWestmead Team 881:00:57
210Derek SchofieldRossendale RC1:01:58
333Ian CassonBirkenhead Victoria CC1:08:51


157Claire MuntonMalteni RT1:02:35
223Claire HarrisonVision Racing, Delamere Dairy, GRM Property1:04:08
358Melanie BaileyVision Racing, Delamere Dairy, GRM Property1:06:09


170Darren RT2:47:34
50Steve Daintith
25Phil Pearce
259Adam RobinsonVision Racing, Delamere Dairy, GRM Property3:02:32
69James Robinson
23Claire Harrison
366Alastair StanwayWeaver Valley CC3:10:32
73Craig Lee
12Jim Williams
..he really was held together by gaffa tape... !

..he really was held together by gaffa tape… !


Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 9 – 5th August 2015 – and overall positions

It really couldn’t get more exciting, or close, in the race for the Guardian Cup 2015.

During round 9, we saw another 3 PBs from Andy, Colin and Matt (who has jumped into this for the first time this year and seems to go from strength to strength each week).

There were only 10 contenders for the TT, and the weather probably put everyone else off. The wind from the previous night had eased a little as the drizzle and rain showers moved across Cheshire, so conditions may not have been ideal (if there is such a thing as ideal for a time trial!).

At the top again this week was Lee Suthard, who just doesn’t slow down to any degree despite changing conditions. 2nd was Jim, who has been a consistent high scorer in the competition, riding every week, and 3rd Chris Gilbertson, braving riding a TT before running one on Saturday 8th!

The competition overall though is nail-bitingly close. Jim still sits at the top, but Matt Sayle, beating his PB by 40 seconds this week, scored maximum points, to put him 1 point behind Jim going into the final round for the Guardian Cup. Also jumping up just 1 point behind Matt is Nigel Woods. Next week will be a thriller, and any one of the top three, or even 4th, 5th or 6th (there are only 16 points separating the top 6), still has the chance to grab the Guardian Cup in the last round!!!

1Lee Suthard21:27
2Jim Williams25:27
3Chris Gilbertson26:05
3Colin Walsh26:05
5Matt Sayle26:39
6Nigel Woods27:18
7John Hassall27:42
8Steve Marlow28:37
9Andy George28:40
10Geoff Lovelady30:32
PlaceTotal Points Best 5NameCounting RidesCurrent HandicapRace 1 13th MayRace 2 20th MayRace 3 27th MayRace 4 3rd JuneRace 5 24th JuneRace 6 1st JulyRace 7 15th JulyRace 8 22nd JulyRace 9 5th August
1118Jim Williams524:49182525222111251420
2117Matt Sayle526:392522x201720182525
3116Nigel Woods527:0424x23x24x23x22
4107Andy George528:40521x23xx202023
5105Steve Marlow527:1923xx19222312x18
6102Neil Drummond524:59192024xx231216x
799Geoff Lovelady528:49xxx02319192216
893Lee Suthard521:02xxx10x18212321
987Craig Lee524:181317x16161622xx
1085Colin Carthy525:16141521x20151411x
1182Ady Japp526:1117xx18181316xx
1276Stu Ward424:402315xxx2414xx
1370Mark Dixon525:471113x713x1518x
1462Stephen Lucas427:4110xx211912xxx
1462Dave Fearon423:242019x9x14xxx
1660Dan Robson526:270xx81421x17x
1759Steve Malkin426:311214x1716xxxx
1857Dennis Hornby328:462124x12xxxxx
1949Paul West330:5516xx15xx18xx
2047Jamie Wilson226:19xx2225xxxxx
2143John Hassall126:54xxxxxx02419
2242Graham Gregory328:10x0xx2517xxx
2339Geoff Mullett323:33x16x1112xxxx
2339Jim Duffy223:14x18xxxxx21x
2538Colin Walsh226:05xxx14xxxx24
2635Andy Beswick228:59xxx25xx10xx
2728Caroline Fearon228:2715xx13xxxxx
2825Patrick Lucas130:54xxxxx25xxx
2924Iain Young124:15x24xxxxxxx
2924Emily Martin129:19xxxxxx24xx
3120Simon Howells229:29812xxxxxxx
3219Karen Boyle131:59xxxxxx019x
3317Chris Gilbertson124:36xxxxxxxx17
3415Anthony Thomas127:21xxxxx0x15x
3513Dave Read127:19xxxxx0x13x
3612Andy Boyle129:14xxxxxx012x
379Andy Wood124:139xxxxxxxx
387Nikki Cullis-Wilding129:137xxxxxxxx
396Alan Silver128:196xxxxxxxx
400Kevin Campbell127:00xxx0xxxxx
400Alex Chaffey Green128:43xxxx0xxxx

Club Championship 25 – Results

Thanks to all who turned out to marshal and to Al and Syd for timekeeping and pushing off [the banter at the start was appreciated]
We had another course switch due to traffic lights that appeared today, we used a course that Dave Fearon measured a couple of weeks back that is 2.5 times around our 10 course.
The 11 who rode all seemed to enjoy themselves [well I’m not sure they would have said so half way round] on a cool but sunny and very blustery [as usual] evening. for once the forecasters got it right as the heavy showers of earlier cleared away.
So congratualtions to all, especially to those who were racing over a 25 mile course for the first time.
The Championship was won by Lee Suthard in a blistering 55.37 [which includes time lost due to unshipping his chain], Second was the in form Iain Young in 59:49 followed in third place by Alistair Stanway who was tantalisingly just outside the hour with 1:00:17.

1Lee Suthard00:55:37
2Iain Young00:59:49
3Alistair Stanway01:00:17
4Dave Fearon01:01:47
5Jim Williams01:04:21
6Neil Drummond01:05:55
7Tony Booth01:07:50
8Mark Dixon01:09:46
9Dan Robson01:11:29
10Matt Sayle01:12:20
11Rob Amson01:22:54

Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 8 – 22nd July 2015 – and overall positions

This week it really is getting exciting, with Matt putting in a great time and creeping closer to Jim’s top score, Lee smashing the course record pretty much every week, and Jim going slower than the amazing 24:49 of last week. Jim Duffy also pitched up to TT this week and smashed it with a 23:14 for a course PB.

Only 2 rounds left now in the Guardian Cup, but a massive 50 points still to be awarded. So if you have 69 points or more, you are still in with a chance as long as others above you don’t score highly!!

It can happen – give it a go!

Results below:

1Lee Suthard21:02
2Jim Duffy23:14
3Alan Clark*24:29
4Jim Williams25:15
4Neil Drummond25:15
6Mark Dixon25:47
7Colin Carthy26:05
8Dan Robson26:36
9John Hassall26:54
10James Lovelady*26:54
11Matt Sayle27:19
12Anthony Thomas27:44
13Dave Read27:52
14Geoff Lovelady28:49
15Andy George28:56
16Andy Boyle29:56
17Rob Anson*31:45
18Karen Boyle31:49

*non club members do not qualify for Guardian Cup points

PlaceTotal Points Best 5NameCounting RidesCurrent HandicapRace 1 13th MayRace 2 20th MayRace 3 27th MayRace 4 3rd JuneRace 5 24th JuneRace 6 1st JulyRace 7 15th JulyRace 8 22nd July
1118Jim Williams524:491825252221112514
2112Matt Sayle527:192522x2017201825
3102Neil Drummond524:59192024xx231216
499Steve Marlow527:1923xx19222312x
594Nigel Woods427:0424x23x24x23x
689Andy George528:56521x23xx2020
787Craig Lee524:181317x16161622x
885Colin Carthy525:16141521x20151411
983Geoff Lovelady528:49xxx023191922
1082Ady Japp526:1117xx18181316x
1176Stu Ward424:402315xxx2414x
1272Lee Suthard421:02xxx10x182123
1370Mark Dixon525:471113x713x1518
1462Stephen Lucas427:4110xx211912xx
1462Dave Fearon423:242019x9x14xx
1660Dan Robson526:270xx81421x17
1759Steve Malkin426:311214x1716xxx
1857Dennis Hornby328:462124x12xxxx
1949Paul West330:5516xx15xx18x
2047Jamie Wilson226:19xx2225xxxx
2142Graham Gregory328:10x0xx2517xx
2239Geoff Mullett323:33x16x1112xxx
2239Jim Duffy223:14x18xxxxx21
2435Andy Beswick228:59xxx25xx10x
2528Caroline Fearon228:2715xx13xxxx
2625Patrick Lucas130:54xxxxx25xx
2724Iain Young124:15x24xxxxxx
2724Emily Martin129:19xxxxxx24x
2724John Hassall126:54xxxxxx024
3020Simon Howells229:29812xxxxxx
3119Karen Boyle131:59xxxxxx019
3215Anthony Thomas127:21xxxxx0x15
3314Colin Walsh126:38xxx14xxxx
3413Dave Read127:19xxxxx0x13
3512Andy Boyle129:14xxxxxx012
369Andy Wood124:139xxxxxxx
377Nikki Cullis-Wilding129:137xxxxxxx
386Alan Silver128:196xxxxxxx
390Kevin Campbell127:00xxx0xxxx
390Alex Chaffey Green128:43xxxx0xxx

Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 7 – 15th July 2015 – and overall positions

With a breeze that seemed (at least to me) to offer little assistance, and on the road as though it might be a head wind in every direction, most of the field improved on their times. Jim especially excelled himself by going sub 25 for the first time in 25 years!

After round 7, Jim has carved a nice position, but there is till time for Matt to improve…

The results are below.

1Lee Suthard21:17
2Craig Lee24:18
3Jim Williams24:49
4Stu Ward24:55
5Colin Carthy25:31
6Neil Drummond26:03
7Mark Dixon26:04
8Ady Japp26:19
9Nigel Woods27:04
10John Hassall27:29
11Matt Sayle28:11
12Steve Marlow28:23
13Geoff Lovelady29:11
14Andy Boyle29:14
15Andy George29:14
16Emily Martin29:19
17Paul West30:58
18Karen Boyle31:59
19Andy Beswick45:03

After 7 rounds. Only three to go…

PlaceTotal Points Best 5NameCounting RidesCurrent HandicapRace 1 13th MayRace 2 20th MayRace 3 27th MayRace 4 3rd JuneRace 5 24th JuneRace 6 1st JulyRace 7 15th July
1118Jim Williams524:4918252522211125
2105Matt Sayle528:082522x20172018
399Steve Marlow527:1923xx19222312
498Neil Drummond524:59192024xx2312
594Nigel Woods427:0424x23x24x23
687Craig Lee524:181317x16161622
785Colin Carthy525:16141521x201514
882Ady Japp526:1117xx18181316
976Stu Ward424:402315xxx2414
1069Andy George429:14521x23xx20
1162Stephen Lucas427:4110xx211912x
1162Dave Fearon423:242019x9x14x
1361Geoff Lovelady429:11xxx0231919
1459Steve Malkin426:311214x1716xx
1459Mark Dixon525:521113x713x15
1657Dennis Hornby328:462124x12xxx
1749Paul West330:5516xx15xx18
1749Lee Suthard321:17xxx10x1821
1947Jamie Wilson226:19xx2225xxx
2043Dan Robson426:270xx81421x
2142Graham Gregory328:10x0xx2517x
2239Geoff Mullett323:33x16x1112xx
2335Andy Beswick228:59xxx25xx10
2428Caroline Fearon228:2715xx13xxx
2525Patrick Lucas130:54xxxxx25x
2624Iain Young124:15x24xxxxx
2624Emily Martin129:19xxxxxx24
2820Simon Howells229:29812xxxxx
2918Jim Duffy123:33x18xxxxx
3014Colin Walsh126:38xxx14xxx
319Andy Wood124:139xxxxxx
327Nikki Cullis-Wilding129:137xxxxxx
336Alan Silver128:196xxxxxx
340Kevin Campbell127:00xxx0xxx
340Alex Chaffey Green128:43xxxx0xx
340Anthony Thomas127:21xxxxx0x
340Dave Read128:05xxxxx0x
340Andy Boyle129:14xxxxxx0
340Karen Boyle131:59xxxxxx0
340John Hassall127:29xxxxxx0

Club 10s – Club 10 Mile TT Championship – 8th July 2015

A fast night for many, but none as fast as Lee Suthard, who just smashed it to clinch the 2015 Club 10 Championship. 2nd was Iain Young and 3rd Dave Fearon, and 3rd, whilst coming up in 4th, well on form this year – Craig Lee.

Results in the table below.

1Lee Suthard0:22:29
2Iain Young0:23:35
3Dave Fearon0:24:53
4Craig Lee0:25:19
5Stu Ward0:25:57
6Neil Drummond0:26:11
7Colin Carthy0:26:14
8Nick Butterworth0:27:53
9Dan Robson0:28:09
10Steve Marlow0:28:23
11Anthony Thomas0:28:38
12Mike Wilkinson0:29:03
13Emily Martin0:29:53
14Caroline Fearon0:30:00
15Geoff Lovelady0:30:39
James Lovelady*0:28:03

* Non-club members do not qualify for championship.

Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 6 – 1st July 2015 – and overall positions

A very hot and humid night had all the riders sweating away, and as the wind had dropped to a barely perceptible level, it was going to be a fast night for most..

Big winners were recorded with many more PBs again this week. Apart from the humans racing, Lee Suthard (who cannot be considered human due to his speed), came romping across the line at around 35mph to record the fastest time of the night at 21:25(!)

Patrick Lucas took maximum Guardian Cup points for the event, knocking a huge amount of time off his previous PB.

In the overall standings, Matt Sayle again took time out of his previous PB to edge closer to Jim who is still at the top of the table. Steve Marlow and Neil Drummond were also big winners in the overall points table this week.

We’re now 6 rounds in out of 10, and a few riders have already posted 5 event times. For those riders, it’s all about big time differences to improve on their best point scores.There is still time for big shifts at the top of the table, with the maximum amount of points to be scored across the series being 125 (5 x 25 point maximum scores).

A break from the Guardian Cup now for a week – but not a break from a club 10, as next week’s TT is the Club Championship, so come along and take part – you may well be in contention for a medal at the next club dinner!

PositionRiderTimeCurrent PBNew PBPB Date 2014/15+/- Sec sGuardian Cup Points
1Lee Suthard21:2521:5121:2501-Jul-20152618
2Dave Fearon23:3723:2423:2413-May-2015-1314
3Craig Lee24:3824:5024:3801-Jul-20151216
4Stu Ward24:4026:0024:4001-Jul-20158024
5Neil Drummond24:5925:5124:5901-Jul-20155223
6Colin Carthy25:2025:1625:1624-Jun-2015-415
7Ady Japp26:2726:1126:1124-Jun-2015-1613
8Dan Robson26:2727:1526:2701-Jul-20154821
9Jim Williams27:0725:4525:4524-Jun-2015-8211
10Steve Marlow27:1928:1127:1901-Jul-20155223
11Anthony Thomas27:2127:2127:2101-Jul-2015BenchmarkNo points
12Dave Read28:0528:0528:0501-Jul-2015BenchmarkNo points
13Matt Sayle28:0828:4628:0801-Jul-20153820
14Graham Gregory28:1028:3328:1001-Jul-20152317
15Stephen Lucas28:4027:4127:4124-Jun-2015-5912
16Geoff Lovelady29:1329:4529:1301-Jul-20153219
17Patrick Lucas30:5432:3230:5401-Jul-20159825
PlaceTotal Points Best 5NameCounting RidesCurrent HandicapRace 1 13th MayRace 2 20th MayRace 3 27th MayRace 4 3rd JuneRace 5 24th JuneRace 6 1st July
1111Jim Williams525:45182525222111
2104Matt Sayle528:082522x201720
387Steve Marlow427:1923xx192223
486Neil Drummond424:59192024xx23
585Colin Carthy525:16141521x2015
678Craig Lee524:381317x161616
771Nigel Woods327:3524x23x24x
866Ady Japp426:1117xx181813
962Stephen Lucas427:4110xx211912
962Dave Fearon423:242019x9x14
962Stu Ward324:402315xxx24
1259Steve Malkin426:311214x1716x
1357Dennis Hornby328:462124x12xx
1449Andy George329:21521x23xx
1547Jamie Wilson226:19xx2225xx
1644Mark Dixon425:521113x713x
1743Dan Robson426:270xx81421
1842Graham Gregory328:10x0xx2517
1842Geoff Lovelady329:13xxx02319
2039Geoff Mullett323:33x16x1112x
2131Paul West230:5516xx15xx
2228Lee Suthard221:25xxx10x18
2228Caroline Fearon228:2715xx13xx
2425Andy Beswick128:59xxx25xx
2425Patrick Lucas130:54xxxxx25
2624Iain Young124:15x24xxxx
2720Simon Howells229:29812xxxx
2818Jim Duffy123:33x18xxxx
2914Colin Walsh126:38xxx14xx
309Andy Wood124:139xxxxx
317Nikki Cullis-Wilding129:137xxxxx
326Alan Silver128:196xxxxx
330Kevin Campbell127:00xxx0xx
330Alex Chaffey Green128:43xxxx0x
330Anthony Thomas127:21xxxxx0
330Dave Read128:05xxxxx0
Lee Suthard - he is not human.

An Alien

Lee Suthard.

Lee Suthard.