WVCC Club Hill Climb Champion!

As I’ve just processed the images taken by our Ian Dunning for uploading to the gallery, here’s focus upon the face of the man who was clearly determined to win the accolade above. The one and only Andy Newby racing to the time of 21:37.6.

Andy does his very best Jens Voigt facial impression for the waiting photographers...

As repeated from the forum, well done Andy!

1Andy Newby21:37.6
2Dave Fearon22:59.2
3Dane Walker24:05.6

WVCC Cat and Fiddle Hill Climb 2013 – Results

What a day! A fantastic and fast event this year!

Thanks must go out to all who helped in organising and running this year, and to the riders who came out and made some blistering times on a day that saw as near perfect conditions as you can get on the ‘Cat’!

It did look like a fast day from the start, and the first few recorded times of the day had already set the bar very high indeed. By rider number 8, Stewart Gregory, coming in with 21:07, I think we all expected some good times.

I don’t think anyone could have expected to have seen 4 event records being smashed today, with a very impressive win from Tejvan Pettinger knocking 14 seconds off the previous record, the team total time going under the hour by the combined excellent times from the top 3 from Buxton CC, and not one, but four ladies going under the previous record, which had stood since 2008! Peter Greenwood cannot go without a mention, by beating his last year’s record as an over 60’s Vet (by 3 minutes!!), and setting the bar very high for future years.

A great event again – so thanks to all the Weavers (and wives) who pitched in as usual to make the event a roaring success.

As I was busy beavering away at the HQ, I didn’t take any shots of the race (haven’t quite mastered the art of being in 2 places at once yet – I’m working on it for next year!).

Here’s Tejvan, getting his prize from Derek, MC FreeStyla on the Karaoke… :)

Tejvan smiles at the prize, and smashing the club record...



1144Tejvan PettingerSri Chinmoy Cycling Team36S18:16.8
2150Lee BaldwinBuxton CC31S18:59.6
386Adam KenwayTeam Zenith - www.buzzcycles.co.uk26S19:05.7
4111Ben GillespieSaddleworth Clarion27S19:09.2
5145Bhima BowdenBuxton CC25S20:06.3
6142Peter GreenwoodClayton Velo61V60+20:26.8
787Ashley ProctorSheffrec CC19S20:29.4
8147Chris MyhillPeak Road Club46V20:32.3
9143Sam ClarkeBuxton CC Sett Valley Cycles33S20:33.3
10121Steve StrangeMatlock CC35S20:37.2
11134Will CordenLyme Racing Club23S20:38.8
12125Jon WaddiloveCrewe Clarion Whs45V20:55.2
13148Nicholas LatimerRutland CC31S20:56.0
148Stewart GregoryNottingham Clarion CC48V21:07.7
15133Robert HayesManchester Wheelers Club26S21:10.2
1678Matthew CartlidgeStone Wheelers CC24S21:10.8
1765David CrawleyFibrax-Wrexham RC37S21:14.4
1896Sean DavenportSeamons CC17J21:17.2
1943Paul RobinsonLyme Racing Club50V50+21:20.7
20146Stuart StirlandEdinbugh RC29S21:32.3
21137Jon WoodCoventry CC48V21:35.0
22136Andy NewbyWeaver Valley CC39S21:37.6
23123James RiskSportcity Velo16J21:43.3
2417Oliver HumphreysShutt Velo Rapide36S21:55.7
2526Nick DeckerCongleton CC31S21:57.3
264Ben NorburyCongleton CC29S21:58.7
275Tony CopeLeek Cyclists Club40V22:00.8
28139Robert PollenAshley Touring CC/Withington Cycles Ltd.co.uk35S22:03.1
29107John EdmondsonManchester Wheelers Club28S22:08.7
30106Luke BeswickBuxton CC24S22:09.9
3166William BelcherClayton Velo52V50+22:10.1
327John SpearmanSeamons CC40V22:16.0
3355Andy R MooreLincoln Whs CC38S22:20.7
3461Bernard SwinnertonLyme Racing Club49V22:25.0
35132Chris WilcoxLyme Racing Club Swinnerton Cycles50V50+22:30.5
3621Ian GrimeEast Lancashire RC42V22:31.4
37117Joanne BlakeleyChampion System -Maxgear RT26L22:35.8
38118William NeillLeek Cyclists Club21S22:35.8
3922Daniel MinorLyme Racing Club15J22:43.0
40130Stuart BakerBuxton CC Sett Valley Cycles23S22:43.2
41108Richard CoghillLeek CC50V50+22:49.1
42128Vanessa WhitfieldVelo Club St Raphael35L22:50.9
43127Philip GayesLeek CC de Engels Belgian Bar43V22:53.3
4456Joe SwinnertonLyme Racing Club14J22:58.1
45129Dave FearonWeaver Valley CC49V22:59.2
4628Alex CoppLyme Racing Club15J23:05.2
47131Laurence JacksonWestmead Team 8830S23:05.8
4885Robert RhodesNewcastle Racing Club 2001/Vekta Velosport34S23:09.1
4911Chris LoxleyNorth Cheshire Clarion43V23:09.5
50105Andrew GraceCrewe Clarion Whs57V50+23:15.5
5113Mike JonesCongleton CC41V23:18.4
5235Keith MinorLyme Racing Club41V23:19.7
53113Helen EborallBorn to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles37S23:22.8
5420Julia MathesonNewcastle (Staffs) Tri Club50L23:23.2
5574Jon WhiteKidsgrove Wheelers30S23:23.2
56116Chris SharpMatlock CC39S23:35.8
5789David MurphyLiverpool Mercury Dolan CC16J23:35.9
586Jason HeathNewcastle Racing Club 2001/Vekta Velosport37S23:37.6
5957James RussellMacclesfield Wheelers51V50+23:40.3
6044Luke ThomasAshley Touring CC/Withington Cycles Ltd.co.uk17J23:52.4
61122Joe PattinsonLyme Racing Club Swinnerton Cycles17J23:54.7
62124Eliot PowellLyme Racing Club35S23:58.0
6350Mike IrvineWithington Wheelers38S24:00.1
64135Dane WalkerWeaver Valley CC28S24:05.6
6579Robert CannellNewport (Shropshire) CC55V50+24:07.4
6634Ivan PaulAshley Touring CC/Withington Cycles Ltd.co.uk16J24:16.0
67103Brian BoyleLiverpool Century RC60V60+24:20.7
6851Chris BaileyLyme Racing Club53V50+24:24.4
692Chris MeirPSUK Staffs Police45V24:25.3
7091John SwinnertonKidsgrove Wheelers37S24:32.5
7118David PrinceCrewe Clarion Whs66V60+24:40.0
72138Nicola SodenChampion System -Maxgear RT26S24:52.9
7354Jim DuffyWeaver Valley CC43V24:58.1
74101Kelvin MilwardCongleton CC51V50+24:58.5
7552Neil OliverLyme Racing Club38S25:06.4
7670Paul HaywoodLeek CC54V50+25:06.7
77126Jack FearonWeaver Valley CC20S25:12.1
7829Anthony BoothWeaver Valley CC49V25:14.7
79115Paul LawsonWeaver Valley CC43V25:16.6
80100Barrie WhittakerLyme Racing Club56V50+25:17.7
8198Connor FearonWeaver Valley CC16J25:22.5
8227Theo JefferiesAshley Touring CC/Withington Cycles Ltd.co.uk15J25:27.1
83110Jonathan BainesBuxton CC22S25:29.4
84140Jayne DickensStone Wheelers CC44L25:30.0
8563Mitchell CrossTeam Wheelguru17J25:30.6
86102John GreenLeek CC47V25:40.6
8776Alexander NurseLiverpool Century RC27S25:41.1
88114Joseph EarleyLiverpool Century RC23S25:46.0
8983Matt SmithLeek CC40V25:54.8
9081Dan OgdenShutt Velo Rapide39S25:56.6
9138Matthew OxbyLyme Racing Club31S25:59.2
9259Richard HuntLyme Racing Club60V60+25:59.8
9393Philip HutsonLyme Racing Club41V26:05.0
94112Michael BaskervilleLyme Racing Club30S26:07.3
9515Will PeggStone Wheelers CC39S26:13.9
9647Penny ThornWeaver Valley CC39L26:27.3
97109Ken RobertsGarstang CC64V60+26:29.4
9894Michael WilkinsonNorth Notts Olympic RC54V50+26:34.7
9992Malcolm FlanneryWarrington RC40V26:38.7
10060Chris CainAndover Whs40V26:51.2
10145Carol RobsonWeaver Valley CC46L27:20.4
10230James BrayfordLyme Racing Club15J27:27.2
10382Lee RylandsGlossop Kinder Velo40V27:28.9
10441Chris HallLyme Racing Club Swinnerton Cycles58V50+27:32.2
10537Isabelle DoucetNewcastle Racing Club 2001/Vekta Velosport36L27:37.2
10658John PottsKidsgrove Wheelers58V50+27:44.4
10712Alex MollartKidsgrove Wheelers41V28:27.5
10872Alex PowellLyme Racing Club30S28:28.6
10980Ellis ShufflebothamKidsgrove Wheelers73V60+28:34.7
11075Melanie ArmstrongShutt Velo Rapide31L28:51.1
11140Steven WalleyNewcastle Racing Club 2001/Vekta Velosport41V29:10.0
11264Dave HandyKidsgrove Wheelers68V60+29:20.6
11373Alan StobartCyclesport International59V50+29:25.2
11488David CartildgeLyme Racing Club72V60+29:31.9
11536Michael CoxAshley Touring CC/Withington Cycles Ltd.co.uk15J29:43.8
11633Michael StubbsNewcastle Racing Club 2001/Vekta Velosport66V60+29:56.7
11777Brian PowellLyme Racing Club62V60+30:00.8
11868Andrew BarrattKidsgrove Wheelers41V30:03.7
11916Aidan MorleyLyme Racing Club13J30:30.7
1209Peter HallKidsgrove Wheelers53V50+30:38.6
12149Paul JenningsLyme Racing Club66V60+30:48.5
12246David SteeleLyme Racing Club Swinnerton Cycles73V60+31:25.7
1231Simon HowellsWeaver Valley CC36S32:42.5
12414Paul WestWeaver Valley CC53V50+34:00.5
12567Sam PattinsonLyme Racing Club Swinnerton Cycles14J34:36.5
12619Sallie BirchallLyme Racing Club16J35:28.9
12724Sarah WalleyLyme Racing Club17J37:38.4
12832Hazel DeakinLyme Racing Club37L40:04.8
12925Aleshia MellorNewcastle Racing Club 2001/Vekta Velosport12J40:29.2
13071David HopwoodKidsgrove Wheelers53V50+47:06.1
104Benedikte JoergensenGlossop Kinder Velo39SDNF
42Declan ByrneMG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling20SDNS
62Melanie BaileySeamons CC28LDNS
69Graham HowellForza Cycles22SDNS
120Peter SesticKidsgrove Wheelers44VDNS
141Dan Evans4 Star Racing - Foreign (UCI registered)32SDNS
149Ian stottBlackburn & District CTC35SDNS
3Robert HowsonLeek Cyclists Club28SDNS Apol.
10Paul TowlerJanus RC46VDNS Apol.
23Jim StringerCrewe Clarion Whs45VDNS Apol.
31Cian O'LearyBase2Base Bikeshack34SDNS Apol.
39Joseph Myatt-WintertonNewcastle (Staffs) Tri Club19SDNS Apol.
48Karen Ledgerwww.zepnat.com RT40LDNS Apol.
53Chris Ledgerwww.zepnat.com RT51V50+DNS Apol.
84Glyn EdwardsLyme Racing Club50V50+DNS Apol.
90Kevin WhiteMatlock CC44VDNS Apol.
95Andrew PrinceCrewe Clarion Whs46VDNS Apol.
97Julian WilkieCyclesport International37SDNS Apol.
99Peter MiddlehurstCrewe Clarion Whs66V60+DNS Apol.
119George EdwardsLyme Racing Club18SDNS Apol.



1Chris MyhillPeak Road Club20:32.3
2John WaddiloveCrewe Clarion Wheelers20:55.2


Vets 50+

1Paul RobinsonLyme Racing Club21:20.7
2William BelcherClayton Velo22:10.1


Vets 60+

1Peter GreenwoodClayton Velo20:26.8
2Brian BoyleLiverpool Century RC24:20.7



1Joanne BlakeleyChampion System – Maxgear RT22:35.8
2Vanessa WhitfieldVelo Club St Raphael22:50.9



1Sean DavenportSeamons CC21:17.2
2James RiskSportcity Velo21:43.3
3Daniel MinorLyme Racing Club22:43.0



1Lee BaldwinBuxton CC59:39.2
Bhima Bowden
Sam Clarke
2Will CordenLyme Racing Club1:04:24.5
Paul Robinson
Bernard Swinnerton


Event Records

Tejvan Pettinger
*** New Record This Year
Ladies2013Joanne Blakely22:35.8*** New Record This Year
Vets2008Chris Myhill19:50.0
Vets 50+2005Peter Greenwood21:04.9
Vets 60+2013Peter Greenwood20:26.8*** New Record This Year
Juniors2004Adam Kenway19:50.4
Team:2013Buxton CC59:39.2*** New Record This Year


Attached is a PDF of the final results: WVCC Hill Climb 2013 Result Sheet

Cleish Hill Climb – WVCC climbing hills up north again…

Cleish Hill Clinb, (3 miles)

WVCC results from your representative north of the border. Conditions were ideal for racing on a warm and still evening. I was pleased to finish 22 seconds quicker than last season and I\’m already looking forward to next week\’s event up the much steeper Purin Den climb in the Lomond Hills. FCA events are very well organised – we even had an electronic timing board counting us down at the start!
Paul Lawson

Club name
Rider status
1Lewis GrieveSpokes Racing TeamFinished2nd00:05:52:0000
2Jack KingCormorant RTFinished4th00:06:03:0000
3Gary McCraeTeam Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers B...Finished3rd00:06:12:0000
4Andrew BruceKinross CCFinished3rd00:06:22:0000
5Jack CrombieSandy Wallace CyclesFinishedA00:06:23:0000
6Josiah KingCormorant RTFinished4th00:06:25:0000
7Robert CarsonTeam Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers B...Finished3rd00:06:35:0000
7Joseph Nallywww.Hardie-Bikes.comFinishedB00:06:35:0000
9John McCafferyTeam Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers B...Finished2nd00:06:37:0000
10James BellDunfermline CCFinishedN/A00:06:41:0000
11James TrevorHull Thursday RCFinishedN/A00:06:42:0000
12Andrew MacdonaldPlanet VeloFinished4th00:06:49:0000
13David CrombieDunfermline CCFinished3rd00:07:03:0000
14Robbie McLarenDunfermline CCFinishedB00:07:04:0000
15Robert Marshallwww.Hardie-Bikes.comFinished4th00:07:10:0000
16Adrian Walliswww.Hardie-Bikes.comFinished4th00:07:11:0000
17Alister OggVC Astar AndersideFinished3rd00:07:13:0000
18Stuart TurveySandy Wallace CyclesFinishedA00:07:18:0000
19Roland KitsonKinross CCFinished4th00:07:20:0000
20Andrew AllanTeam Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers B...Finished4th00:07:23:0000
21Brian ThomsonTeam Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers B...FinishedN/A00:07:29:0000
22Paul LawsonWeaver Valley CCFinishedN/A00:07:35:0000
23Stewart GordonDunfermline CCFinishedN/A00:07:40:0000
24Robert MurrayKennoway RCFinishedN/A00:07:42:0000
25James DavidsonPedal Power RTFinishedN/A00:07:43:0000
26David PritchardKennoway RCFinishedN/A00:07:47:0000
27Ronald MillTeam Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers B...FinishedN/A00:07:49:0000
28John ProudfootPlanet VeloFinishedN/A00:07:50:0000
29George CarrattFife Century RCFinishedN/A00:07:51:0000
30Steve WallaceDunfermline CCFinishedN/A00:08:04:0000
31Judith TurnerFinished00:08:09:0000
32Robert MiltonDunfermline CCFinishedN/A00:08:26:0000
33Craig BuchananDunfermline CCFinishedN/A00:08:38:0000
33James ReidDunfermline CCFinishedN/A00:08:38:0000
35Gavin LaffoleyFife Century RCFinishedA00:08:40:0000
36Alan SolwayFinishedN/A00:09:20:0000
37Sandy AllanTeam Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers B...FinishedN/A00:09:36:0000
38Alistair SpeedFife Century RCFinishedN/A00:09:44:0000

Further details: https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events/details/86132/FCA-Midweek-Series—Event-20—Cleish-Hill-Climb

Guardian Cup 2013 – Final Results!!

After a closely fought battle, Tony Booth pipped Simon Howells to the post by a mere 2 points!

A close fought competition this year. Well done to all who took part. :)

Full results below.

PosPointsNameCounting RidesCurrent H/cap15.0522.0529.0526.0603.0710.0717.0724.0731.0707.0814.08
1116Anthony Booth525.06X22227251816232422
2114Simon Howells527.552323X XX2525188X
3=111Jim Duffy524.1X102416X201423X2123
3=111Connor Goldstraw528.1415025 XX25XX2521
5108Paul Goldstraw527.1613112121X232011X2320
6107Dave McKay523.320XX25X22242016X
7106Jim Williams525.192124X12X22X2514X
8104Graham Saunders527.5425211622131418XX18X
9103Tim Rutherford524.242016131916202119X2318
1099Chris Gilbertson524.562420X2023512X11X
1196Andy Wood525.338X1217221716182212X
1292Elaine Mossman528.589615720211913XX17
1391Richard Munro525.111741791612814XX15
1489Nikki Cullis528.47X911 X2421X24
1588Craig Hewett528.53X14X232015X16XX
1686Julian Perrett525.03X18X1122181315XXX
1785Caroline Fearon527.35X82118X12X1915X
1884Lee Suthard422.24XXXXX22241325
19=82Paul Longley525.01191414 XX111721X
19=82Penny Thorn427.34XXXXXX2420X1919
2174Andrew Risk429.371119X XX24XX20X
2272Steve Thomas524.52512114X15X17X
2369Alistair Stanway523.29X6X131723XX10X
2458Craig Lee425.212214X1012XXXX
2555Dennis Hornby526.4212XXXX8810X916
2653Adrian Japp524.52XX103X73X15714
2748Dave Fearon322.441815X15XXXXX
2839Kevin Campbell325.37XXX8X13XX18X
2938John Keen525.24XXX2116118XXX
3034Carol Robson426.53XXX414106XXXX
3127Jon White227.1X18XXX9XXXX
3225Andy Pope131.59X25X XXXXXX
33=24Craig Bell130.55XX24 XXXXXX
33=24Alan Silver427.3763X5X10XXXX
3523Derek Heine230.18X7XXX16XXXX
3622Paul West230.59XXXX184XXXX
3720Jack Fearon324.22X2XXX99XXX
3814Nigel Woods125.214XXXXXXXX
3910Josh Morris128.2410XXXXXXXX
407Chris Buckley124.17XXXXXXXX
414Pete Williams125.074XXXXXXXX
-0Roy Morris029.58X0XXXXXXX
-0Richard Smith031.11X0XXXXXXX
-0Connor Fearon026.35XXXXXXXXX
-0Chris Craggs029.09XXXXXXXXX

Club 10 mile TT – Final Fling – 21st August 2013 – Results

The last club 10 of this year, just for fun(!)

Results below:

Conditions: Warm, breeze, a little bit easier down Penny’s lane than last week!!

1Lee Suthard00:22:19
2James Risk00:22:23
3Jim Duffy00:24:01
4Anthony Booth00:24:46
5Paul Longley00:24:47
6Dave McKay00:25:05
7Nick Butterworth00:25:14
8Rich Munro00:25:17
9Charlotte Baker00:25:38
10Chris Gilbertson00:25:42
11Andy Wood00:25:48
12T. Johnstone00:26:13
13Adrian Japp00:26:45
14Jim Williams00:26:55
15Dean Clarke00:27:35
16Chris Craggs00:27:41
17Mark Dixon00:27:51
18S. Handley00:28:14
19Stu Ward00:28:26
20Nikki Cullis Wilding00:28:53
21Andrew Risk00:28:55
22Elaine Mossman00:28:56
23Geoff Maddock00:29:09
24Connor Goldstraw00:29:11
25Alan Silver00:29:20
26Paul Goldstraw00:29:50
27Paul West00:29:55
28Heather Clarke00:30:22
29Debbie Clarke00:32:32
30Andy Leather00:32:42
31Shelagh Stelfoy00:33:42


Club 10 mile TT – Guardian Cup Round 11 – 14th August 2013 – Results

A bit of a head wind down Penny’s Lane meant that this was a slower night for some, but not all. The last round of the Guardian cup for this year!

Guardian Cup Event 11  -  14th  Aug 2013

Conditions: (Drizzly, warm, bit of a headwind down Penny’s Lane

Actual Time
Ave Speed (mph)
Current PB
New PB
+/- Sec s
Guardian Cup Points
1Lee Suthard22:2626.745922:3522:26925
2Jim Duffy24:11:0024.810424:10:0024:10:00-123
3Tim Rutherford25:04:0023.936124:24:0024:24:00-4018
4Anthony Booth25:19:0023.699825:06:0025:06:00-1322
5Charlotte Baker *25:48:0023.2558
6Howard Clark *26:18:0022.8136
7Richard Munro26:20:0022.784825:11:0025:11:00-6915
8Adrian Japp26:50:0022.360224:52:0024:52:00-11814
9Tim Johnstone *26:57:0022.2634
10Paul Woodfinden *27:10:0022.0858
11Dennis Hornby27:29:0021.831426:42:0026:42:00-4716
12Paul Goldstraw27:34:0021.765427:16:0027:16:00-1820
13Dean Clark *27:40:0021.6867
14Penny Thorn28:05:0021.364927:34:0027:34:00-3119
15Conner Goldstraw28:31:0021.040328:14:0028:14:00-1721
16=Steve Handley *28:47:0020.8453
16=Nicki Cullis28:47:0020.845328:53:0028:47:00624
18Elaine Mossman29:44:0020.179328:58:0028:58:00-4617
19Heather Clark *30:06:0019.9335
20Yvonne Clark *32:59:0018.191

* Second claim rider doesn’t qualify for Guardian Cup

Club 10 mile TT – Guardian Cup Standings after round 10

Really close at the top, with only one more week to scrap it out for the title…

Tot Best 5
Curr. H/cap
R1 15th May
R 2 22nd May
R 3 29th May
R 4 26th June
R 5 3rd July
R 6 10th July
R 7 17th July
R 8 24th July
R 9 31st July
R 10 7th August
1116Anthony Booth525.06X222272518162324
2114Simon Howells527.552323X XX2525188
3108Paul Goldstraw527.1613112121X232011X23
4107Dave McKay523.320XX25X22242016
5106Jim Williams525.192124X12X22X2514
6=104Graham Saunders527.5425211622131418XX18
6=104Jim Duffy524.1X102416X201423X21
8103Tim Rutherford524.242016131916202119X23
999Chris Gilbertson524.562420X2023512X11
1096Andy Wood525.338X1217221716182212
1190Connor Goldstraw428.1415025 XX25XX25
12=88Elaine Mossman528.589615720211913XX
12=88Craig Hewett528.53X14X232015X16X
1486Julian Perrett525.03X18X1122181315XX
15=85Richard Munro525.111741791612814XX
15=85Caroline Fearon527.35X82118X12X1915
1782Paul Longley525.01191414 XX111721
1874Andrew Risk429.371119X XX24XX20
1972Steve Thomas524.52512114X15X17
2069Alistair Stanway523.29X6X131723XX10
2165Nikki Cullis428.53X911 X2421X
2263Penny Thorn327.34XXXXXX2420X19
2359Lee Suthard322.35XXXXX222413
2458Craig Lee425.212214X1012XXX
2548Dave Fearon322.441815X15XXXX
2647Dennis Hornby526.4212XXXX8810X9
2742Adrian Japp524.52XX103X73X157
2839Kevin Campbell325.37XXX8X13XX18
2938John Keen525.24XXX2116118XX
3034Carol Robson426.53XXX414106XXX
3127Jon White227.1X18XXX9XXX
3225Andy Pope131.59X25X XXXXX
33=24Craig Bell130.55XX24 XXXXX
33=24Alan Silver427.3763X5X10XXX
3523Derek Heine230.18X7XXX16XXX
3622Paul West230.59XXXX184XXX
3720Jack Fearon324.22X2XXX99XX
3814Nigel Woods125.214XXXXXXX
3910Josh Morris128.2410XXXXXXX
407Chris Buckley124.17XXXXXXX
414Pete Williams125.074XXXXXXX
-0Roy Morris029.58X0XXXXXX
-0Richard Smith031.11X0XXXXXX
-0Connor Fearon026.35XXXXXXXX
-0Chris Craggs029.09XXXXXXXX

Club 10 mile TT – Guardian Cup Round 10 – 7th August 2013 – Results

Guardian Cup Event 10  -  7th  Aug 2013

Conditions: Dry, warm and still

Dry, warm and still, but a heavy night for some with a few times going back a little…

Actual Time
Ave Speed (mph)
Current PB
New PB
+/- Sec s
Guardian Cup Points
1Lee Suthard23:0426.011522:3522:35-2913
2Mark Hassall *23:2325.6593
3Dave McKay23:5525.087123:3223:32-2316
4Jim Duffy24:11:0024.810424:10:0024:10:00-121
5Alistair Stanway24:18:0024.691323:2923:29-4910
6Tim Rutherford24:24:0024.590124:25:0024:24:00123=
7Anthony Booth25:06:0023.904325:19:0025:06:001324
8Chris Gilbertson25:39:0023.391824:56:0024:56:00-4311
9Jimmy Williams25:46:0023.285825:19:0025:19:00-2714
10Kevin Campbell25:55:0023.151125:37:0025:37:00-1818=
11Charlotte Baker *25:56:0023.1362
12Andy Wood26:11:0022.915325:33:0025:33:00-3812
13Neil Drummond *26:28:0022.67
14Howard Clark *26:46:0022.4159
15Adrian Japp27:00:0022.222224:52:0024:52:00-1287
16Paul Goldstraw27:16:0022.004827:17:0027:16:00123=
17Paul Woodfinden *27:19:0021.9646
18Penny Thorn27:45:0021.621627:34:0027:34:00-1119
19Caroline Fearon28:00:0021.428527:35:0027:35:00-2515
20Dennis Hornby28:05:0021.364926:42:0026:42:00-839
21Graham Saunders28:12:0021.276527:54:0027:54:00-1818=
22Conner Goldstraw28:14:0021.251428:44:0028:14:003025
23Steve Handley *28:28:0021.0772
24Dean Clark *28:44:0020.8816
25Andrew Risk29:47:0020.145429:37:0029:37:00-1020
26Simon Howells29:51:0020.100527:55:0027:55:00-1168
27Nic Cox *30:15:0019.8347
28Will Frisk *30:30:0019.6721
29Heather Clark *31:06:0019.2926

* Second claim rider doesn’t qualify for Guardian Cup

Club 10 mile TT – Guardian Cup Standings after round 9

Latest postings, and the competition is hotting up as we go into the last two rounds….

Total Points Best 5
Counting Rides
Current Handicap
Race 1 15th May
Race 2 22nd May
Race 3 29th May
Race 4 26th June
Race 5 3rd July
Race 6 10th July
Race 7 17th July
Race 8 24th July
Race 9 31st July
1114Simon Howells527.552323X XX252518
2110Anthony Booth525.19X2222725181623
3104Jim Williams525.192124X12X22X25
4102Graham Saunders527.5425211622131418XX
5=99Tim Rutherford524.252016131916202119X
5=99Chris Gilbertson524.562420X2023512X
798Paul Goldstraw527.1713112121X232011X
897Jim Duffy524.1X102416X201423X
996Andy Wood525.338X12172217161822
1091Dave McKay423.320XX25X222420
11=88Elaine Mossman528.589615720211913X
11=88Craig Hewett528.53X14X232015X16
1386Julian Perrett525.03X18X1122181315X
1485Richard Munro525.111741791612814X
1582Paul Longley525.01191414 XX111721
1678Caroline Fearon527.35X82118X12X19
1772Steve Thomas524.52512114X15X17
18=65Connor Goldstraw328.4415025 XX25XX
18=65Nikki Cullis428.53X911 X2421X
2059Alistair Stanway423.29X6X131723XX
2158Craig Lee425.212214X1012XX
2254Andrew Risk329.371119X XX24XX
2348Dave Fearon322.441815X15XXX
2446Lee Suthard222.35XXXXX2224
2544Penny Thorn227.34XXXXXX2420X
26=38John Keen525.24XXX2116118X
26=38Dennis Hornby426.4212XXXX8810X
26=38Adrian Japp524.52XX103X73X15

Club 10 mile TT – Guardian Cup Round 9 – 31st July 2013 – Results

Guardian Cup Event 9  -  31st July 2013

Conditions: Wet roads, headwind at start

Actual Time
Ave Speed (mph)
Current PB
New PB
+/- Sec s
Guardian Cup Points
1Lee Suthard22:3526.568223:1522:354024
2Dave McKay23:4525.263123:3223:32-1320
3Dave Roberts *24:52:0024.1286
4Paul Longley25:09:0023.856825:01:0025:01:00-821
5=Anthony Booth25:19:0023.699825:21:0025:19:00223
5=Jimmy Williams25:19:0023.699826:19:0025:19:006025
7Andy Wood25:33:0023.483325:34:0025:33:00122
8Steve Thomas25:57:0023.121324:52:0024:52:00-6517
9Adrian Japp26:42:0022.471924:52:0024:52:00-11015
10Caroline Fearon28:09:0021.314327:35:0027:35:00-3419
11Simon Howells28:36:0020.97927:55:0027:55:00-4118
12Craig Hewett30:18:0019.801928:53:0028:53:00-8516
13James Ross *31:32:0019.0274
14Graham SaundersDNF (puncture)

* Second claim rider doesn’t qualify for Guardian Cup