Club 10 Mile TT – Club 10 mile Championship 2014 – 9th July 2014

An event for the Club 10 Championship for 2014. Club members times only count for the award.

It was a very blustery evening, although thankfully bright and dry,  with a cross wind that affected everyone.

Well done James Risk for an emphatic win!!  Full results below.

1James Risk0:22:51
2Dave Fearon0:23:32
3Geoff Mullett0:24:11
4Andy Wood0:24:39
5Iain Young0:25:11
6Nick Butterworth0:25:12
7Mark Dixon0:26:26
8Colin Walsh0:26:51
9Steve Malkin0:28:18
10Caroline Fearon0:28:51
11Elaine Mossman0:30:36
12Paul West0:31:09
13Karen Boyle0:31:45
14Andy Leather0:32:09
15Steve Fidler0:23:03
Mark Hassall

Club 10 Mile TT – Guardian Cup Round 6 – 2nd July 2014

Below results of the Guardian Cup TT on 2nd July. Some more fast times posted!

1Jacob Booth00:23:01
2Jim Duffy00:23:37
3Mark Hassall00:24:03
4Andy Wood00:24:33
5Craig Lee00:25:01
6Geoff Mullett00:25:04
7Richard Munro00:26:19
8Stu Ward00:26:34
9Mark Dixon00:27:29
10Greg Lambert00:27:42
11Steve Malkin00:27:48
12Nick Cox00:27:51
13Heather Clarke00:28:24
14Caroline Fearon00:28:29
15Paul Goldstraw00:29:01
16Dean Clarke00:29:05
17Alan Silver00:29:25
18Ian Mackman00:29:40
19Andrew George00:29:55
20James Ross00:29:58
21Elaine Mossman00:30:01
22Paul West00:30:55
23Andy Leather00:31:23
24Dave ReadDNF

Club 10 Mile TT – Guardian Cup Round 5 – 25th June 2014

As near to a floater of a night as you can get – hardly a breath of wind, but very warm and humid. Some good times posted tonight though.

1Jacob Booth0:22:57
2Matt Nowell0:23:49
3Geoff Mullett0:24:08
4Andy Wood0:24:49
5Iain Young0:25:12
6Colin Carthy0:25:35
7Dean Clarke0:26:47
8Adrian Japp0:26:51
9Stu Ward0:26:52
10Paul Goldstraw0:27:19
11Mark Dixon0:27:33
12Greg Lambert0:27:57
13Steve Malkin0:28:10
14Dave Read0:28:12
15Ian Macleman0:28:30
16Heather Clarke0:29:15
17Elaine Mossman0:29:38
18Alan Silver0:29:53
19Debbie Clarke0:33:21

Club 10 Mile TT – Two Up TTT – 11th June 2014

Results for the TT on another variation of our course!! :-)

Actual Time
1D.Fearon / C.Gilbertson / T.Rutherford / J.Duffy00:22:56
2M.Hassall / G.Bett00:23:37
3J.Booth / M.Howell00:24:18
4Geoff Mullett00:24:12
5R.Munroe / A.Wood00:25:22
6P.Goldstraw / G.Lambert00:25:42
7M.Jones / A.Burton00:26:40
9S.Howells / S.Malkin00:27:49
10B & A Stewart00:28:14
11A.Japp / E.Mossman00:28:17
DNFM.Buckley / C.Walsh

Guardian Cup points standings after 4 rounds

A couple of weeks with only a few riders and the points gaps are opening up a bit at the top!

Guardian Cup Round 4 - 4th June 2014 – points

Actual Time
Current PB
New PB
+/- Sec s
Guardian Cup Points
1Steve Fidler / Mark Hassall00:22:54
2Lee Suthard00:23:1800:22:2400:22:24-5420
3Geoff Mullett00:23:5800:24:0400:23:58625
4Andy Wood00:25:2200:25:0500:25:05-1721
5Colin Carthy00:26:0800:26:0100:26:01-723
6Craig Lee00:26:1600:25:21:0000:25:21-5519
7Ady Japp00:27:1400:24:5200:24:52-8217
8Steve Malkin00:28:2600:28:2200:28:22-424
9Caroline Fearon00:28:3200:27:3500:27:35-5718
10Simon Howells00:30:2800:27:5500:27:55-15316
11Eleanor Underhill00:31:2100:31:0800:31:08-1322

Guardian Cup Standings after 4 rounds.

Total Points Best 5
Counting Rides
Current Handicap
Race 1 14th May
Race 2 21st May
Race 3 28th May
Race 4 4th June
191Steve Malkin428:22:0022202524
264Andy Wood325.0521x2221
353Simon Howells427.551171916
448Geoff Mullett224.0423xx25
547Eleanor Underhill231.08x25x22
6=46Debbie Clark232.582521xx
6=46Heather Clarke229.12422xx
845Lee Suthard322.241213x20
941Colin Carthy226.01x18x23
10=36Craig Lee225.2117xx19
10=36Dean Clarke227.11917xx
1235Jim Duffy223.331619xx
13=32Chris Gilbertson224.362012xx
13=32Paul Goldstraw227.141814xx
1530Richard Munro225.1110x20x
16=24Matt Nowell124.32xx24x
16=24Julian Perrett225.03159xx
16=24Alex Stewart128.5x24xx
19=23Andy Leather131.55x23xx
19=23Stuart Ward128.02xx23x
19=23Adrian Japp224.52x6x17
22=21Elaine Mossman228.58138xx
22=21Andy Beswick129:37:00xx21x
2418Caroline Fearon127.35xxx18
2516Mark Dixon128.13x16xx
2615Greg Lambert127.57x15xx
2714Dave Fearon122.4414xxx
2811Nikki Cullis128.47x11xx
2910Derek Heine130.18x10xx
305Alan Silver127.37x5xx
-0Nick Butterworth025.16xxxx
-0Howard Clarke025.2xXxx
-0Chris Craggs026.58xxxx
-0Neil Drummond027.08xxxx
-0Paul Goldstraw027.16xxxx
-0Connor Goldstraw028.14xxxx
-0Bert Stewart029xxxx
-0Shelagh Stelfox034.11xxxx
-0Geoff Maddock029:08:00xxxx
-0Greg Lambert028:04:00xxxx
-0Mark Dixon028:35:00xxxx

* Non club members do not qualify for Guardian Cup points.

Club 10 Mile TT – Guardian Cup Round 4 – 4th June 2014

A breezy and difficult night after the rain of the day, and a few hardy (daft) souls turned out for a battering. Results below:

Actual Time
1Lee Suthard00:23:18
2Geoff Mullett00:23:58
3Andy Wood00:25:22
4Colin Carthy00:26:08
5Craig Lee00:26:16
6Adrian Japp00:27:14
7Steve Malkin00:28:26
8Caroline Fearon00:28:32
9Simon Howells00:30:28
10Eleanor Underhill00:31:21
11A. TaylorDNF
-Steve Fidler (2-up)00:22:54
Mark Hassall (2-up)

Guardian Cup Round 3 and current standings

Competition hotting up, but still plenty of chance for more changes!

Guardian Cup Round 3 – 28th May 2014 – points

Actual Time
Current PB
New PB
+/- Sec s
Guardian Cup Points
1Matt Nowell0:24:3224:59:0024:32:002724
2Andy Wood0:25:1225:05:0025:05:00-722
3Richard Munro0:26:4925:11:0025:11:00-9820
4Stuart Ward0:28:0228:10:0028:02:00823
5Steve Malkin0:28:2229:12:0028:22:005025
6Geoff Maddoch0:29:0829:08:0029:08:000Benchmark
7Simon Howells0:30:5927:55:0027:55:00-18419
8Andy Beswick0:31:0129:37:0029:37:00-8421
9Jon WhiteDNS
10Lee SouthardDNF

Guardian Cup Standings after 3 rounds.

Total Points Best 5
Counting Rides
Current Handicap
Race 1 14th May
Race 2 21st May
Race 3 28th May
167Steve Malkin328:22:00222025
2=46Debbie Clark232.582521x
2=46Heather Clarke229.12422x
443Andy Wood225.0521x22
537Simon Howells327.5511719
636Dean Clarke227.11917x
735Jim Duffy223.331619x
8=32Chris Gilbertson224.362012x
8=32Paul Goldstraw227.141814x
1030Richard Munro225.1110x20
11=25Lee Suthard222.241213x
11=25Eleanor Underhill131.08x25x
13=24Matt Nowell124.32xx24
13=24Julian Perrett225.03159x
13=24Alex Stewart128.5x24x
16=23Geoff Mullett124.0423xx
16=23Andy Leather131.55x23x
16=23Stuart Ward128.02xx23
19=21Elaine Mossman228.58138x
19=21Andy Beswick129:37:00xx21
2118Colin Carthy126.01x18x
2217Craig Lee125.2117xx
2316Mark Dixon128.13x16x
2415Greg Lambert127.57x15x
2514Dave Fearon122.4414xx
2611Nikki Cullis128.47x11x
2710Derek Heine130.18x10x
286Adrian Japp124.52x6x
295Alan Silver127.37x5x
-0Nick Butterworth025.16xxx
-0Howard Clarke025.2xXx
-0Chris Craggs026.58xxx
-0Neil Drummond027.08xxx
-0Paul Goldstraw027.16xxx
-0Caroline Fearon027.35xxx
-0Connor Goldstraw028.14xxx
-0Bert Stewart029xxx
-0Shelagh Stelfox034.11xxx
-0Geoff Maddock029:08:00xxx
-0Greg Lambert028:04:00xxx
-0Mark Dixon028:35:00xxx

* Non club members do not qualify for Guardian Cup points.

Guardian Cup Standings after 2 rounds

Here are the points so far. Early days yet, so plenty to go at for the rest of the season!

Guardian Cup Round 1 – 14th May 2014 – points

Actual Time
Current PB
New PB
+/- Sec s
Guardian Cup Points
1Steve Fidler *0:22:59
2Mark Hassall *0:23:26
3Lee Suthard0:23:3422:2422:24-7012
4Dave Fearon0:23:4622:4422:44-5814
5Geoff Mullett0:24:0424:54:0024:04:005023
6Chris Gilbertson0:24:3624:56:0024:36:002020
7Matt Nowell0:24:5924:59:0024:59:000Benchmark
8Jim Duffy0:25:0024:10:0024:10:00-5016
9Andy Wood0:25:0525:33:0025:05:002821
10Nick Butterworth0:25:1625:16:0025:16:000Benchmark
11Julian Perrett0:26:0025:03:0025:03:00-5715
12Craig Lee0:26:0125:21:0025:21:00-4017
13Richard Munro0:26:5125:11:0025:11:00-10010
14Neil Drummond0:27:0827:08:0027:08:000Benchmark
15Paul Goldstraw0:27:2627:16:0027:16:00-1018
16Dean Clarke0:27:3527:52:0027:35:001719
17Greg Lambert0:28:0428:04:0028:04:000Benchmark
18Nicholas Cox *0:28:10
19Mark Dixon0:28:3528:35:0028:35:000Benchmark
20Bert Stewart0:29:0029:00:0029:00:000Benchmark
21Dave Read *0:29:01
22Geoff Maddock0:29:2629:26:0029:26:000Benchmark
23Simon Howells0:29:2927:55:0027:55:00-9411
24Andy Beswick0:29:3729:37:0029:37:000Benchmark
25Steve Malkin0:29:5030:28:0029:50:003822
26Alex Stewart0:29:5529:55:0029:55:000Benchmark
27Heather Clarke0:29:5831:06:0031:06:006824
28Elaine Mossman0:30:0528:58:0028:58:00-6713
29Andy Leather0:32:4532:45:0032:45:000Benchmark
30Debbie Clarke0:33:4435:48:0033:44:0012425
31Shelagh Stelfox0:34:1134:11:0034:11:000Benchmark
32Colin CarthyDNF26:37:0026:37:000Benchmark

Guardian Cup Round 2 - 21st May 2014 – points

Actual Time
Current PB
New PB
+/- Sec s
Guardian Cup Points
1Lee Suthard0:22:2822:2422:24-413
2Steve Fidler / Mark Hassall (2 up)*0:22:31
3Jim Duffy0:23:3324:10:0023:333719
4Chris Gilbertson0:24:4324:36:0024:36:00-712
5Howard Clarke0:25:2025:20:0025:20:000Benchmark
6Julian Perrett0:25:4825:03:0025:03:00-459
7Colin Carthy0:26:0126:37:0026:01:003618
8Chris Craggs0:26:5826:58:0026:58:000Benchmark
9Dean Clarke0:27:1027:35:0027:10:002517
10Paul Goldstraw0:27:1427:16:0027:14:00214
11Adrian Japp0:27:4724.5224.52-1686
12Greg Lambert0:27:5728:04:0027.57715
13Mark Dixon0:28:1328:35:0028:13:001816
14Alex Stewart0:28:5029:55:0028:50:006524
15Dave Read *0:29:08
16Heather Clarke0:29:1029:58:0029:10:004822
17Steve Malkin0:29:1229:50:0029:12:003820
18Nikki Cullis0:29:1328.4728:47:00-2611
19Elaine Mossman0:29:5128:58:0028:58:00-538
20Simon Howells0:30:2527:55:0027:55:00-1307
21Derek Heine0:30:5030:18:0030:18:00-3210
22Alan Silver0:31:0227:37:0027:37:00-2055
23Eleanor Underhill0:31:0832:40:0031:08:009225
24Andy Leather0:31:5532:45:0031:55:005023
25Dave Wilkinson *0:32:07
26Debbie Clarke0:32:5833:44:0032:58:004621

Guardian Cup Standings after 2 rounds.

Total Points Best 5
Counting Rides
Current Handicap
Race 1 14th May
Race 2 21st May
1=46Debbie Clark232.582521
1=46Heather Clarke229.12422
342Steve Malkin229.122220
436Dean Clarke227.11917
535Jim Duffy223.331619
6=32Chris Gilbertson224.362012
6=32Paul Goldstraw227.141814
8=25Lee Suthard222.241213
8=25Eleanor Underhill131.08x25
10=24Julian Perrett225.03159
10=24Alex Stewart128.5x24
12=23Geoff Mullett124.0423x
12=23Andy Leather131.55x23
14=21Andy Wood125.0521x
14=21Elaine Mossman228.58138
16=18Simon Howells227.55117
16=18Colin Carthy126.01x18
1817Craig Lee125.2117x
1916Mark Dixon128.13x16
2015Greg Lambert127.57x15
2114Dave Fearon122.4414x
2211Nikki Cullis128.47x11
23=10Richard Munro125.1110x
23=10Derek Heine130.18x10
256Adrian Japp124.52x6
26=5Alan Silver127.37x5
-0Matt Nowell024.59xx
-0Nick Butterworth025.16xx
-0Howard Clarke025.2xX
-0Chris Craggs026.58xx
-0Neil Drummond027.08xx
-0Paul Goldstraw027.16xx
-0Caroline Fearon027.35xx
-0Stuart Ward028.1xx
-0Connor Goldstraw028.14xx
-0Bert Stewart029xx
-0Shelagh Stelfox034.11xx

* Non club members do not qualify for Guardian Cup points.

Club 10 Mile TT – Guardian Cup Round 2 – 21st May 2014

A very warm nice evening with a bit of a breeze saw a very smartly dressed pusher-offer with some unique bike holding methods in play,  oh and some very quick times…

1Lee Suthard0:22:28
2Jim Duffy0:23:33
3Chris Gilbertson0:24:43
4Howard Clarke0:25:20
5Julian Perrett0:25:48
6Colin Carthy0:26:01
7Chris Craggs0:26:58
8Dean Clarke0:27:10
9Paul Goldstraw0:27:14
10Adrian Japp0:27:47
11Greg Lambert0:27:57
12Mark Dixon0:28:13
13Alex Stewart0:28:50
14Dave Read0:29:08
15Heather Clarke0:29:10
16Steve Malkin0:29:12
17Nikki Cullis-Wilding0:29:13
18Elaine Mossman0:29:51
19Simon Howells0:30:25
20Derek Heine0:30:50
21Alan Silver0:31:02
22Eleanor Underhill0:31:08
23Andy Leather0:31:55
24Dave Wilkinson0:32:07
25Debbie Clarke0:32:58
26Mark Hassall0:22:31
Steve Fidler (2-up)

Club 10 Mile TT – Guardian Cup Round 1 – 14th May 2014

Results below for tonight’s event. Guardian Cup points to follow…

1Steve Fidler00:22:59
2Mark Hassall00:23:26
3Lee Suthard00:23:34
4Dave Fearon00:23:46
5Geoff Mullett00:24:04
6Chris Gilbertson00:24:36
7Matt Nowell00:24:59
8Jim Duffy00:25:00
9Andy Wood00:25:05
10Nick Butterworth00:25:16
11Julian Perrett00:26:00
12Craig Lee00:26:01
13Rich Munro00:26:51
14Neil Drummond00:27:08
15Paul Goldstraw00:27:26
16Dean Clarke00:27:35
17Greg Lambert00:28:04
18Nicholas Cox00:28:10
19Mark Dixon00:28:35
20Bert Stewart00:29:00
21Dave Read00:29:01
22Geoff Maddock00:29:26
23Simon Howells00:29:29
24Andy Beswick00:29:37
25Steve Malkin00:29:50
26Alex Stewart00:29:55
27Heather Clarke00:29:58
28Elaine Mossman00:30:05
29Andy Leather00:32:45
30Debbie Clarke00:33:44
31Shelagh Stelfox00:34:11
32Colin Carthy???